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The Secrets of Ulduar trailer is the official trailer for World of Warcraft Patch 3.1: Secrets of Ulduar. The trailer shows the meeting in Dalaran about a new threat.



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Brann Bronzebeard is seen running in panic out from Ulduar, evading Kologarn's eye beams and finally jumping on his gryphon to escape to Dalaran. Brann is seen conversing with Rhonin and a mage in the Violet Citadel.
IconSmall Rhonin Rhonin: How? How could we have missed this until now?
Jaina clears her throat to attact Rhonin's attention before stepping aside to reveal King Varian Wrynn and his retinue.
IconSmall Rhonin Rhonin: Ah, King Varian. Thank you for coming on such short notice.
IconSmall Varian Varian: What's this all about, Rhonin?
Jaina walks out on the Violet Citadel's balcony to look down on Dalaran.
IconSmall Rhonin Rhonin: I've... I've called you here to ask for your help. While our efforts against the Lich King press on, Brann here has brought us frightening news of the horrors beneath Ulduar... and of its dark prisoner.
IconSmall Brann Brann: Prisoner? Hah. With its bindings shattered, its influence unchecked, it's gonna come after us, and WE'RE gonna be the prisoners.
Jaina notices Thrall and Garrosh Hellscream arriving and walking into the Violet Citadel.
IconSmall Jaina Jaina: Oh no...
IconSmall Rhonin Rhonin: You can see now what we're up against. If this evil is not stopped, then the armies of the death god will march on our doorstep.
IconSmall Jaina Jaina: You'll have to excuse me.
Jaina teleports away.
IconSmall Varian Varian: Hmph. What do you propose we do?
Jaina teleports into the bottom chamber of the Violet Citadel just as Thrall and Garrosh are entering.
IconSmall Jaina Jaina: Thrall, what are you doing here so soon?
IconSmall Thrall Thrall: The summons sounded dire, Jaina. What's happened?
The camera shifts to show the expedition to Ulduar and their battles with the monsters within.
IconSmall Jaina Jaina: Brann Bronzebeard's forces assaulted the gates of Ulduar. They battled the iron lords and their cursed minions. He... he won't stop talking about this... presence he felt, permeating the great halls, stirring in their minds, chilling their blood. He said the horror the titans imprisoned so long ago — Yogg-Saron — has awakened.
IconSmall Thrall Thrall: Hmm...
IconSmall Garrosh Garrosh: I want to see this... dwarf.
IconSmall Thrall Thrall: Garrosh...
IconSmall Garrosh Garrosh: To see the fear in his eyes. Then we'll know if he's telling the truth.
Thrall and Garrosh begin walking up the stairs to the top of the citadel.
IconSmall Jaina Jaina: No... no, wait!
Jaina teleports into the tower chamber just as Thrall and Garrosh walk in.
IconSmall Rhonin Rhonin: We're going to need all the help we can get if we are...
IconSmall Jaina Jaina: Thrall!
IconSmall Varian Varian: What? What are they doing here?
IconSmall Rhonin Rhonin: Let me explain!
IconSmall Garrosh Garrosh: I thought I smelled the stench of Alliance pigs!
Garrosh unsheaths his axes.
IconSmall Thrall Thrall: Control yourself!
Varian unsheaths Shalamayne.
IconSmall Varian Varian: You want my blood?! Come then, dog!
Garrosh roars in anger and charges towards Varian.
IconSmall Varian Varian: He's mine.
Garrosh and Varian engage in a brief but furious battle.
IconSmall Jaina Jaina: Stop it!
Rhonin begins casting a spell.
IconSmall Rhonin Rhonin: We have all LOST...
An explosion of magic pushes Varian and Garrosh apart to opposite sides of the room.
IconSmall Rhonin Rhonin: ... a great deal in this conflict, but we stand to lose EVERYTHING if we do not STOP FIGHTING and WORK TOGETHER!
IconSmall Garrosh Garrosh: A true warchief would never partner with cowards.
Garrosh turns to leave.
IconSmall Varian Varian: At the Wrathgate, the Horde's "partnership" killed more of our men than the Scourge! I'm done with your Horde. May this "death god" take you.
Varian and his retinue teleport out.
IconSmall Thrall Thrall: You disappoint me, Garrosh.
IconSmall Garrosh Garrosh: Hrm.
Garrosh walks out. Some time later, Brann, Rhonin and Jaina are once again alone in the chamber.
IconSmall Rhonin Rhonin: The Old God is laughing, toying with us.
IconSmall Jaina Jaina: Who will be our hope?
IconSmall Rhonin Rhonin: Who will stand to face Yogg-Saron?


  • This cinematic was unofficially remastered on December 29, 2019, by IKedit, using updated models while also keeping the exact same scenes.