Secrets of the Axes

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NeutralSecrets of the Axes
Start Master Smith Helgar
End Master Smith Helgar
Level 98 - 110 (Requires 98)
Category Artifact
Rewards  [The Arcanite Bladebreaker]

This quest unlocks  [The Arcanite Bladebreaker], the hidden artifact appearance for Arms Warriors. It has a daily chance of being available for the day for each region, and is available to everyone in that region. Talk to Master Smith Helgar next to the forge in Skyhold, and if the quest is available today, a dialog option will appear, saying "Is there an axe equal to Strom'kar?". Follow that line of dialog to unlock the quest.


Search the Broken Isles for the greatest axe wielding warrior you know.

  • Find the warrior with the axe
  • Speak with Saurfang
  • Speak with Helgar
  • Duel Saurfang
  • Speak with Helgar and Saurfang


Battlelord, I have a request. Find me inspiration! An axe whose form has seen a truly astounding amount of battle, wielded by one of the world's most powerful warriors. Both weapon and owner forged together in the crucible of war. Find this hero and their weapon, and convince them to come here.


You will receive:
Inv axe 2h artifactarathor d 06.png [The Arcanite Bladebreaker]


You've found them?


Thank you, Battlelord. The Valarjar will be even better equipped once I've made my adjustments.

It has also inspired me to think of your weapon. The Blade Breaker. In my mind's eye, the axe is called that.


Varok Saurfang is located right next when the landing zone when you leap down from Skyhold to Dalaran. Meet him in the Arena of Glory in Skyhold and duel him; when he reaches 50% he will concede.

Varok Saurfang
Sometimes it is best to get out into the field and get a person view of the war. The war could be going better.
Gossip You are one of the greatest warriors the Horde has ever fielded. Your  [Arcanite Reaper] is feared by all of your foes.
I do not do what I do for praise. I'm here to save Azeroth and the Horde. I sense you have a purpose here. What do you want?
Gossip <Tell Saurfang of Helgar's request.>
HordeHigh Overlord Saurfang says: I am honored you and he think so highly of me. It is true I have seen no small amount of battle.
HordeHigh Overlord Saurfang says: You have seen much battle as well, perhaps it is time to see how far you have come. Let us duel and I will aid your smith.
HordeHigh Overlord Saurfang says: When you are ready, send your messenger for me. I will come.
AllianceHigh Overlord Saurfang says: While I am not interested in helping your Alliance become stronger, the Legion is a threat to great to not take every possible action against.
AllianceHigh Overlord Saurfang says: I know of your exploits, but I must see the them firsthand before I give you what you want. Let us duel.
AllianceHigh Overlord Saurfang says: When you are ready, send your messenger for me. I will come.
Master Smith Helgar
You look pleased. You have found your warrior?
Gossip <Tell Helgar of Saurfang and his request.>
Master Smith Helgar says: We have a place for that. Make your way to the Circle of Glory. I will send a val'kyr to bring this Saurfang.
High Overlord Saurfang yells: I am here. Let us not waste time!
High Overlord Saurfang says: Enough! You have proven your ability. I will grant your request.

Meet Saurfang by Master Smith Helgar.

Master Smith Helgar says: A fine fight I saw! Master Saurfang, I believe <name> chose correctly with you. Now, may I see you and your weapon together?
High Overlord Saurfang says: Fine, though I have never seen a smith work in such a manner.
Saurfang raises his weapon for Helgar to inspect.
Master Smith Helgar says: A smith with enough knowledge can see the details. The scratches on the blade, the wear of the haft tell of battle stresses and where it hits most often. See how easily you balance the heft. The comfort of your grip shows years of experience. While that cannot be forged, I can improve a new weapon in the right places so its wearer strikes more true and lives to earn those years.
Master Smith Helgar says: Masterful, your weapon and experience show even the valarjar can learn from the younger races. There are new enemies and new ways of fighting that I haven't seen in my many years. You have given me a great deal to work with, thank you.

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