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NeutralSecutor Mevix
Image of Secutor Mevix
Title <House of the Chosen>
Gender Male
Race Maldraxxus skeleton (Humanoid)
Level 54 - 60
Reaction Alliance Horde
Affiliation(s) House of the Chosen, Undying Army
Location Unfallen's Sanctum, Spearhead, House of the Chosen, Spider's Watch, and Bleak Redoubt, Maldraxxus; Enclave, Oribos
Status Active

Secutor Mevix is a skeleton of the House of the Chosen and a recurring quest giver in Maldraxxus. He represents the Necrolord Covenant in Oribos.


After the Maw Walker arrived at the House of the Chosen, Baron Vyraz tasked them with delivering his orders to his soldiers. Mevix, who was drilling a group of Chosen vanguards in the Unfallen's Sanctum, was ordered to march west[1] to the Spearhead, where the Chosen were mounting a defense against the House of Constructs' vanguard. Vyraz later moved to the Spearhead to personally command the defense and advocated for a reckless full-scale assault on the Constructs, although Mevix preferred to minimize casualties.[2] The Maw Walker and Mevix managed to push back the Constructs and secure a forward position, from which they launched an attack on the Construct commander General Alver and killed him. Afterward, Vyraz ordered Mevix and the Maw Walker to launch a direct assault on the Constructs' stronghold, ignoring Mevix's protest that they needed more reinforcements.[3]

The attack resulted in most of Mevix's soldiers being killed and the secutor being wounded. Mevix decided on a change of strategy and told the Maw Walker to play dead so that the Constructs would collect them for parts while he created a diversion and allowed himself to be captured by the Construct soldiers.[4] Inside the House of Constructs, the Maw Walker encountered the kyrian Aspirant Thales and helped him rescue both his allies from Bastion and Secutor Mevix, who had been imprisoned in the Hall of Chains.[5] The secutor noticed that the Constructs had started using new production methods for their abominations and tracked down the disciples of Surgeon Stitchflesh responsible for these efforts while the Maw Walker distracted the Constructs.[6] With the help of a salvaged praetor, the Maw Walker and their allies broke into the Flesh Stitchery[7] and killed First Apprentice Malkrex and Sharrex the Fleshcrafter while they were working on a soulfused construct made out of kyrian bodies. Mevix wanted to destroy the construct,[8] but Thales protested that the souls of his brethren still existed within it. The group instead took control of the abomination and used it to wreak havoc on the Construct forces, including by killing Baron Halis, before fighting their way out to Spider's Watch, where the Maw Walker's display of power awakened the Rune of Might on the runeblade they carried. Mevix recognized the weapon as having been forged by the Primus[9] and left to report back to Vyraz before joining up with the Maw Walker's allies at the Seat of the Primus, saying that he wanted to witness the hero's legend for himself.[10]

After Vyraz was revealed to be a traitor and sent his forces to attack the Seat, Mevix was among those who defended it.[11] The secutor subsequently traveled to the Enclave in Oribos to represent the Necrolords and point Maw Walkers who wished to join the covenant in the direction of the Seat of the Primus.[12]


Maldraxxus storyline



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  • Maldraxxus honors you.
  • My blades are at your command.
  • Something to report?
  • Stand strong.
  • Do not forsake your allies.
  • Our might is without equal.
  • Show no weakness; offer no mercy.
  • We follow the will of the Primus.


The Spearhead
Many will fall before the day is done.
Accompanying the player in the Spearhead
Let's keep moving.
Spearhead forward position
Well fought, <name>! Give the order, and we will launch the next assault!
House of Constructs
Perhaps not all is lost. We can still deal a severe blow to the House of Constructs!


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