AllianceSee Raptor
Start Priestess Thaalia
End Priestess Thaalia
Level 10-30
Category Northern Stranglethorn
Experience 2,200
Reputation +250 Exodar
Rewards 22s
Previous B [10-30] Mind Vision
Next B [10-30] Mind Control, A [10-30] Nighttime in the Jungle
For the Horde version of this quest, see H [10-30] See Raptor.


Speak with Priestess Thaalia at Fort Livingston to participate in the Mind Vision ritual.

  • Mind Vision complete


We have the feathers, yes.

We have the <class>, yes.

Speak with Priestess when you are ready.


Your vision not Ohgan'aka's, no.

You are not ready.

Gossip I am ready for the Mind Vision ritual, Thaalia.

The player connects with Ohgan'aka and sees through her eyes just as Bloodlord Mandokir leads her up and through the Hakkari Grounds, turning to her when he speaks directly to her.
Bloodlord Mandokir says: Welcome to Zul'Gurub, little one. It might not look like much now, but give it time...
Bloodlord Mandokir says: Ahh... it's good to be home.
Bloodlord Mandokir says: There's plenty others of your kind here, but I wouldn't worry about competition. You're from the bloodline of Ohgan, my oldest friend. You see... our souls are intertwined, yours and mine.
Mandokir walks on to the area where his pyramid stands.
Bloodlord Mandokir says: Here we are. Get ready for your training, little one. I recommend you forget about that worthless <race> <class> and start thinking about your duties here in Zul'Gurub.


What did Priestess tell you?

The raptor is daughter of Ohgan, heir to Mandokir's seat.



  1. A [10-30] Just Hatched
  2. A [10-30] I Think She's Hungry
  3. A [10-30] Favored Skull
  4. A [10-30] A Nose for This Sort of Thing
  5. A [10-30] A Physical Specimen
  6. A [10-30] Bloodlord Mandokir
  7. A [10-30] Priestess Thaalia
  8. A [10-30] Mind Vision
  9. A [10-30] See Raptor
  10. A [10-30] Mind Control
  11. A [10-30] Be Raptor
  12. A [10-30] Ghaliri
  13. N [35] An Old Friend


You will receive: 22s

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