See Raptor (Horde)

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HordeSee Raptor
Start Priestess Hu'rala
End Priestess Hu'rala
Level 27 (Requires 24)
Category Northern Stranglethorn
Experience 2200
Rewards 22s (or 13s 20c at max level)
Shareable Yes
Previous H [27] Mind Vision
Next H [29] Mind Control


Speak with Priestess Hu'rala at Bambala to participate in the [Mind Vision] ritual.


We have the feathers, yes.

We have the <class>, yes.

Speak with Priestess when you are ready.


You will receive: 22s (or 13s 20c at max level)


Your vision not Ohgan'aka's, no.

You are not ready.


After accepting the quest, Priestess Hu'rala has the dialogue option:

Gossipgossipicon.png I am ready for the Mind Vision ritual, Hu'rala.

Clicking it transports the player's vision inside Zul'Gurub, where it quickly zooms into Ohgan'aka's tiny body. It is first person from then on, low to the ground and swaying back and forth slightly as it moves. Mandokir is next to the young raptor, and leads it up a ramp. As Mandokir walks, he talks to Ohgan'aka:

Bloodlord Mandokir says: Welcome to Zul'Gurub, little one. It might not look like much now, but give it time.
(Mandokir pauses at the top of the ramp and dances a little jig.)
Bloodlord Mandokir says: Ahh... it's good to be home.
(Mandokir continues along the path, past high level elite trolls and raptors all about. He pauses again.)
Bloodlord Mandokir says: There's plenty others of your kind here, but I wouldn't worry about competition. You're from the bloodline of Ohgan, my oldest friend. You see... our souls are intertwined, yours and mine.
(Mandokir leads Ohgan'aka on into his "room" in the complex. He turns and gets low, his face close to hers.)
Bloodlord Mandokir says: Here we are. Get ready for your training, little one. I recommend you forget about that worthless <race> <class> and start thinking about your duties here in Zul'Gurub.

The vision ends there.


What did Priestess tell you?

The raptor is daughter of Ohgan, heir to Mandokir's seat.



  1. H [25] The Defense of Grom'gol: Raptor Risk
  2. H [25] A Lashtail Hatchling
  3. H [25] I Think She's Hungry
  4. H [26] Favored Skull
  5. H [26] A Nose for This Sort of Thing
  6. H [26] Who's a Big Troll?
  7. H [26] Skullsplitter Mojo
  8. H [26] Bloodlord Mandokir
  9. H [27] Priestess Hu'rala
  10. H [27] Mind Vision
  11. H [27] See Raptor
  12. H [29] Mind Control
  13. H [29] Be Raptor
  14. H [29] Surkhan
  15. N [85] An Old Friend

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