Seedbearers of Bad News

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AllianceSeedbearers of Bad News
Start Rangari Erdanii [46.3, 66.7]
End Rangari Erdanii [44.9, 64.0]
Level 93 (Requires 92)
Category Gorgrond
Experience 14100
Rewards 18g 90s
Previous A [93] Rage and Wisdom
Next A [93] We Have Company


Burn 5 Ancient Seedbearer corpses.

Provided item:  [Torch]


When these seedbearers are slain their seeds survive. From them spring new seedbringers, not over years, but hours.

Leaving their remains here would soon cause the outpost to be overrun.

We have learned that burning their remains prevents this from happening.


You will receive: 18g 90s


These creatures employ unusual tactics.


The ancients should not be a problem for your outpost for some time.


  • 14100 XP


Pick up A [93] A Harsh Reminder before heading out.

Kill gronnlings and burn dead Draenor ancients. Once done with both, find Erdanii stealthed on a rock in the middle of the quest area.


  1. B [93] Rage and Wisdom
  2. Complete both:
  3. B [93] We Have Company
  4. N [93] Cauterizing Wounds
  5. Complete both:
  6. B [93] Is This One of Yours?
  7. Complete all of:
  8. A [93] What's Under There? / H [93] Xuk It!
  9. Complete all of:
  10. N [93] Eye in the Sky
  11. B [93] Chains of Iron

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