NeutralSeeing Where Your Loyalties Lie
Start Yancey Grillsen
End Yancey Grillsen
Level 10-30
Category Cape of Stranglethorn
Experience 3,600


Obtain the Head of Fleet Master Seahorn in Booty Bay.


Thar be just one thing...

Yancey hears things. A few o' me hearties were pretty deep in their cups when they told me about some <race> <class> that came a-rollin' through the Southern Command lookin' for charts and orders. Even ran a couple o' good pirates through, <he/she> did.

Like I said, they were up to their eyeballs in grog, but still... a buccaneer's gotta trust his ears. So I've just got one small task for ye, one sent down from Firallon hisself...

Bring me the head of Fleet Master Seahorn.


Firallon special-ordered this one himself. Said the tauren's too much of a risk.


Well blow me down! Now there's something ya don't see too often.

<Yancey reaches out and shakes your hand.>

Welcome aboard, <name>. Plunder and booty await ye.


You will receive: 35s



Do not go at war with Booty Bay to actually kill Seahorn! He won't drop the quest item. Instead, talk to him. He will offer N [10-30] Looks Like a Tauren Pirate to Me, which will give you what you need.


  1. N [10-30] The Bloodsail Buccaneers
  2. N [10-30] Bloodsail Treachery
  3. N [10-30] The Baron Must Be Told
  4. N [10-30] Details of the Attack
  5. N [10-30] Getting In With the Bloodsail
  6. N [10-30] Seeing Where Your Loyalties Lie
  7. N [10-30] Your First Day as a Pirate
  8. N [10-30] Swabbing Duty & N [10-30] Cannonball Swim & N [10-30] The Bane of Many A Pirate
  9. N [10-30] Attracting Attention
  10. N [10-30] Ol' Blasty
  11. N [10-30] Drive-By Piracy
  12. N [10-30] The Damsel's Luck
  13. N [10-30] Making Mutiny & N [10-30] Sinking From Within & N [10-30] The Brashtide Crew
  14. N [10-30] Call of Booty
  15. N [10-30] Doublerum
  16. N [10-30] Return to Revilgaz
  17. Complete all of:
    • Revilgaz's quest chain
    1. N [10-30] Prepare for Takeoff
    2. N [10-30] The Final Voyage of the Brashtide
    • Seahorn's quest chain
    1. N [10-30] Seeking Seahorn
    2. N [10-30] Turning the Brashtide & N [10-30] The Damsel's (Bad) Luck
  18. N [10-30] Bloodsail's End

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