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Lightsworn seeker by Sandara Tang

Seekers are feral creatures resembling a cross between an owl and a cat that have been infused with the Light by the titans. They used to be the mounts of the titanic watchers.[1] Though Azeroth was once home to numerous herds, their great numbers were gradually reduced to a mere three specimens after millennia of defending against planetary threats.[2]


  • IconSmall Seeker.gif Abyss Seeker
  • IconSmall Seeker.gif Diligent Seeker
  • IconSmall Seeker.gif Lightsworn Seeker


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The finest specimens of seekers were selected from herds by the Pantheon and trained to serve the watchers, speeding them to sites of corruption in accordance with containment protocols. Invasive corruptive entities have bombarded Azeroth since its shaping. Attrition due to combat fatalities gradually reduced the numbers of Seekers. Now, only three are known to remain, kept within the Primordial Observatory.

During the third invasion of the Burning Legion, Azeroth's world-soul contacted her Speaker, Magni Bronzebeard, to tell him about the Primordial Observatory so that he would find the seekers. One of the three had been touched by the Void, and Magni realized that Azeroth wanted him to find the seekers before the entire vault was overtaken by the Void. He knew, as Azeroth knew, that the High Priest of the Conclave would protect the seekers and use them in service of the Light.[1]

As a mount

The [High Priest's Lightsworn Seeker] is the priest class mount. It is a reward from N Priest [45] The Sunken Vault. Its color-scheme changes depending on the player's specialization.

In Heroes of the Storm

Seeker mount in Heroes of the Storm.

Heroes of the Storm This section concerns content related to Heroes of the Storm and is considered non-canon.

Seekers appear as mounts with diffrent colorations with a backstory: "In a faraway realm untouched by the Burning Legion, herds of feral Seekers still roam Azeroth's golden plains."

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  • It is not mentioned where the Seekers come from or whether they are native to Azeroth or not. The fact that the Seekers were stated to "battle the corruption of the cosmos" implies there were more beyond Azeroth. Azeroth being one such place of corruption, with its Old Gods, the finest seekers of their herds were selected by the Pantheon and sent to serve the titanic watchers on Azeroth.
  • Based on their appearance, the seekers may be related to gryphons. Much like wyverns share a common ancestry with both dragons and gryphons,[4] if seekers are related to gryphons this may refer to titanic influence.


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