NeutralSef Iwen
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Gender Female
Race Drust (Undead)
Level 25-50
Class Druid
Reaction Alliance Horde
Affiliation(s) Thornspeakers
Location Various
Status Deceased

Sef Iwen is a Drust ghost located in Drustvar. She was once a druid member of the Thornspeakers.


Iwen's ghost and the golem.

Iwen was alive at the time of the arrival of Gilnean settlers that would eventually come to form the nation of Kul Tiras. Threatened by them, Gorak Tul ordered the Drust to initiate raids and attacks upon the humans that had come to Kul Tiras, though Sef spoke out against it, believing it to be unnecessary and that the Drust and Humanity could live in harmony. Given an ultimatum, to attack the humans or to live in the woods forever, Sef chose the latter; believing Tul simply meant to exile her. Instead, she was murdered by Gorak Tul and her soul torn from her body then shackled to the remains; forcing her to live as a spirit forever in the woods that would eventually become the Glenbrook Hunting Grounds, her death meant as an example to those who would seek to work with the humans.[1] This, amongst the other atrocities that Gorak Tul would commit against the humans, eventually led to Sef's fellow Thornspeakers rebelling against Gorak Tul and aiding the humans.

Sef remained as a spirit until the arrival of an adventurer who was skilled in the art of enchanting. Having heard her whispers upon the wind, the adventurer trekked into Drustvar and met with Sef's disembodied spirit. Telling them that she wished to walk amongst the living once again, though was unwilling to possess a living creature as the other Drust had been doing, she wished for the enchanter to help her create a golem with which to animate. With this done, she could guard the forests of Drustvar once again and keep the innocent safe from harm. After having her remains cleansed and destroyed by the enchanter and the various pieces required for her new body collected; Sef Iwen sent the enchanter to power a soul core with the spirits of the vengeful Drust who haunted Gol Koval. Powering up an old Drust shrine within Gol Koval that took the two to her abandoned sanctum in the mountains, Sef, unfortunately, realized too late that the souls she had trapped were more powerful than anticipated. Rather than be used as fuel for her new body's soul core, the souls managed to animate the golem and attempted to take vengeance upon Iwen and the enchanter; forcing the latter to destroy the golem before Sef was consumed. With her new body destroyed, Sef briefly mentioned the idea of trying again, though took the failure as a sign that she was meant to move on. Gifting the enchanter who had aided her with her knowledge, Sef's spirit passed on to the afterlife in peace.


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Notable appearances
Location Level range Health range
Iwen's Sanctum 120 42,552


  • Inv misc eye 03.png  Ghostly Sight — Able to see the spirits in Glenbrook Forest. 



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  • *Sigh* These woods used to be filled with joyous spirits. But now... let me show you what I see...
  • I was alive when the mainlanders first landed on our shores. Gorak Tul was threatened by their presence and ordered raids against their villages. I wanted nothing to do with it. As a Thornspeaker, a guardian of the wilds, I knew that we could live in harmony if we tried.
  • Tul was furious. He decided to make an example of me. "You can fight these invaders or you can hide in the woods forever. Which is it?"
  • Thinking that he would just banish me, I chose to hide in the woods. Instead... he tore my soul from my body, leaving just enough of a connection that I couldn't stray too far from it.
  • The next century is foggy, as I wandered these woods, alone and afraid. All I remember is him saying that as long as my spirit is bound to my body, I can never know rest.
  • I was buried near one of these trees, the ones with red leaves and white bark. Follow me.


  • Unlike other Drust, Sef Iwen is able to pass on to an afterlife. Due to Gorak Tul's usage of the realm of Thros, the Drust are damned to have their souls trapped within it upon their death. Her immunity to this may be due to the fact that she either died before Gorak Tul made this pact, or because she was not a part of his loyalist forces, and as such, is not bound to the same fate as her kin.
  • Despite having worked against Gorak Tul and having died before he tapped into the powers of Thros, Sef Iwen's magic and methods are shown to use the same black and blue color scheme as the magic from the area.
    • This may mean that the Drust either had some sort of rudimentary usage of Thros' power without realizing what it was before Gorak Tul bound them to it.

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