The Senate of Ironforge (or simply the Senate[1] and the council of Ironforge[2]) is an assembly that serves as part of the government of Ironforge. Along with the Council of Three Hammers, it constitutes the primary current ruling body of dwarven society throughout the kingdom. It has been in existence since at least the time of the War of the Three Hammers.[3]

Governmental role

The presence of a senate is common to dwarven societies, as evidenced by Ironforge's Senate existing since the days of Madoran Bronzebeard, and the Dark Iron clan forming their own Shadowforge Senate based in the Imperial Seat of Blackrock Depths after they were exiled from Ironforge.

The council has been shown to have been slightly out of touch with regional affairs, many being in denial that Dark Iron dwarves had a presence in Dun Morogh, for some time.[4]

The Senate has had no tangible role in the events surrounding King Magni Bronzebeard's "death" and the formation of the Council of Three Hammers; at these times, Advisor Belgrum seems to have been directly under the king. Thus, the Senate has traditionally not interfered with major political events transpiring within the capital.

The Senate's exact role in government is unclear, but their field of issues includes investigating and eliminating possible threats to Ironforge,[5] keeping the production of the Dun Morogh mines optimal,[6] and setting funds aside for defense issues.[7] Senators frequently either visit threatened locations themselves or send special envoys,[8] such as the brothers Senir and Grelin Whitebeard.



After taking control of Ironforge in the War of the Three Hammers, and due to his clan's close ties with the Anvilmar family, Madoran Bronzebeard offered the deposed Anvilmar prince and his descendants a permanent seat on Ironforge's senate as a token of reconciliation,[9] and so these dwarves may be senators:

Special envoys