Image of Senegos
Gender Male
Race Blue dragon (Dragonkin)
Level ?? Elite
Reaction Alliance Horde
Affiliation(s) Azurewing, Blue dragonflight
Location Azurewing Repose, Azsuna
Status Alive
Relative(s) Stellagosa (granddaughter), Emmigosa (great-great-great-great-great granddaughter)

Senegos is a blue wyrm who is apparently the oldest non-Aspect dragon left alive and is so old he does not have much time left.[1] He is the leader of the Azurewing, the Azsunan brood of the blue dragonflight, watching over them at the Azurewing Repose. Apparently at-peace with his age, Senegos is a calm, wise, and jovial individual. He has little patience for those he considers untrustworthy, but seems to enjoy the company of mortals.

He and his brood clash with the Withered during the Azsuna storyline and aids champions in unlocking Artifact appearances later on.



Adventurers first meet Senegos in N [10-45] Journey to the Repose, where they find his granddaughter Stellagosa, along with Archmage Khadgar, laying in a large mana pool that is sustaining him. After temporarily stabilizing his condition, Khadgar asks the blue dragon if he can help find the  [Tidestone of Golganneth]. Senegos strikes a deal that he will help if they help drive back the Withered, mana-starved exiles from Suramar, who are attacking his brood. He conjures an arcane projection to direct the counterattack personally. Senegos begrudgingly agrees to work with the exile Runas the Shamed to take down a shal'dorei prince leading the withered, Ael'Yith.[2] They destroy the prince's mana feeders, allowing more mana from the ley lines to be directed toward Senegos' mana pool, causing the dragon to feel stronger. However, Ael'Yith escapes and leads the withered on one last charge against the Azurewing Repose, riding atop a massive arcane golem called Orbyth. With help from Khadgar and the adventurer, Ael'Yith and his forces are killed and Senegos, now empowered by the leyline's mana, claims that he has never felt better.[3] He then directs them to the Court of Farondis to continue searching for the tidestone.

Higher knowledge

Kalecgos and the class champion arrive at the Repose to increase the potency of their artifact. Kalec is grateful to see the elder blue dragon alive and well. Senegos replied he may well not have been if not the efforts of the adventurer. He believed how to help them by telling the class champion to obtain the  [Heart of Zin-Azshari] alongside of picking up the  [Vainglorious Draught] from Veridis Fallon. Senegos also mentioned to take caution; for Azshara's minions will not relinquish the Heart easily. When the hero returned to the Repose, it was time to delve deep into the Nightmare but starting light. Upon returning, Kalec start channeling the essence obtained from Darkheart Thicket. Unfortunately one is not simply enough he said. Senegos laughs and says that they are just beginning for now the adventurer must delve deeper into the Nightmare itself. He asks them to bring him essences from the Emerald Nightmare and regarding that few have returned after journeying so deep into the dark.[4] Upon returning once again, the three channel the Corrupted Essences using the Heart and was a success. Senegos could only do so much that is all he can do for the adventurer. If they seek more power, they must look elsewhere.


Artifact questline
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Objective of

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<The great dragon pulls in ragged breaths. He is in pain.>


  • I am the oldest of my kind.
  • The Blue Dragonflight is but a shadow of its former glory.
  • Come closer, little one. My eyes are not what they used to be.
  • I believe we can help each other.
  • Though I am weak, I will do what I can.
  • Must you act like a child?
  • Have you no respect for your elders?!
  • I can use my [Frost Breath] more than three times a day, you know!
  • In all my millennia, I have never met one as impertinent as you!
  • Get off my lawn... no... ISLAND!
  • Do what you must to save the world, hero.
  • May the wisdom of the Titans guide you.
  • The Dragonflight's will rise again.
  • I believe it is time for a nap.
  • There is great power within you. Use it wisely.


  • Senegos is voiced by David Shaughnessy.
  • One of Senegos' pissed quotes, "I can use my [Frost Breath] more than three times a day, you know!" is a reference to Dungeons and Dragons, where most dragons can only use their breath weapons a limited number of times per day.
  • Senegos' name likely comes from the word "senile", referring to his old age.

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