For the other Shadowlands location referred to as 'Sepulcher', see Sepulcher of the First Ones.

The Sepulcher of Knowledge.

The Sepulcher of Knowledge[42.4, 24.5] is a library tower located at the northern end of a fungal valley in north-northwest Maldraxxus. It contains records of mortal souls who have arrived in Maldraxxus,[1] histories of great battles, weapons, and combatants,[2] and—most valuably—the military writings of the greatest tactical minds to have ever served among the necrolords.[3][4] The oldest tomes are reserved for the eyes of the Primus alone. The tower used to be guarded by liches,[2] but in the present day none can be found here.

After the Primus' disappearance, the Sepulcher was magically sealed.[3] The Primus placed five guardians in the area around the facility, each connected to a runestone and embodying the virtues of one of the five houses of Maldraxxus,[5] and the door was sealed with an elaborate magical lock controlled by a pair of obelisks that will only open the door after being fed with anima.[6]

The swamp surrounding the tower.

The valley surrounding the Sepulcher has been turned into a swamp by the slime flowing from Akarek's Tears and has become infested with devourers attracted to the remnants of the power in the facility.[3] In addition to entrances from the south and northeast, the area is also connected via mountain tunnels to Spider's Watch in the west and the Forgotten Wounds in the east. The broker Ta'eran, located next to the entrance of the Spider's Watch tunnel, enlists Maw Walkers to help him gain access to the tower and the writings within. Later, Huln Highmountain and a Maw Walker enter the tower in search of information about Khaliiq, a former Night Warrior.[1]

The Anima Conductor point to the House of Eyes for the Necrolord Covenant is located here.

Valley inhabitants

The tower

The interior of the Sepulcher proper only becomes accessible after opening the tower door during N [54] Slaylines, or temporarily during N [60] The Blade in the Night if the player has not completed Slaylines. The tower's floors are initially protected by various traps and defenses: Tomes of War, Defense Protocol beams, Spinning Bookshelves, and Library Traps. The latter two despawn or become inactive after completion of N [54] A Complete Set. During The Blade in the Night, only Tomes of War are active.

The tower contains the following books:

The top floor is inhabited by the Archivist and supposedly holds the tower's rarest volumes. However, upon defeating the Archivist, Ta'eran and the player discover that this is not the case[7] and that the location of the rare books is actually hinted at by the Archivist's last words: "Victory only belongs to those brave enough to fall."[8]

The hidden library

Below the valley floor is a hidden library[45.3, 32.1] storing the Volumes of Victory, the most important of all of the Sepulcher's writings.[8] The chamber first becomes accessible during N [54] Trust Fall when Ta'eran and the player jump off the top of the tower and are teleported into the room. Players can subsequently use the Library Teleporters to travel between the chamber and the surface.

The chamber contains the following Volumes of Victory: