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Sergeant Calvin

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AllianceSergeant Calvin
Image of Sergeant Calvin
Gender Male
Race Human (Humanoid)
Level 35-50
Reaction Alliance Horde
Affiliation(s) Storm's Wake
Occupation Sergeant
Location Brennadam Square, Stormsong Valley
Status Alive

Sergeant Calvin is a human located at Brennadam Square in Stormsong Valley.




  • Brennadam is my home, and I will protect it.
  • Greetings!
  • Welcome to the valley!
  • Stormsong will endure!
  • I hope you bring fair news.
  • There's treasure everywhere in Stormsong!
  • Be careful. This land is no longer safe.
  • Have a stupendous day!
  • Tides guide you.
  • Safe travels.
  • Hobbs and I would go on all sorts of adventures when we were children!
  • Sometimes we would ride down the hills of a valley in a wagon! (Slight chuckle) We used to pretend Hobbs was a TIGER! (Laughing)
  • My parents always said I had an overactive imagination.


Deal Farmstead

Even the militia would never go into the kraul... maybe that was our mistake.

Briarback Kraul initial

I took a shortcut. When we're done here, I'll show you the way!


I just want to wish you good luck. We're all counting all on you.


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