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The Serpent's Heart under construction.

The aftermath.

Serpent's Heart[48, 61] is a jade statue for the Jade Serpent in the Jade Forest. Nearly complete, it has taken three generations of stonecarvers a century to get to this point.[citation needed]  Around the great statue is an orange grove. The statue, when completed, will be used by Yu'lon to transfer her life essence into it in order to have a new guardian born.

After the Horde established a truce with the Forest Hozen, Horde members scouted the area, finding and capturing a Young Alliance Soldier here.[1]

Before the statue was completed, however, the site turned into a battleground between the Alliance-aligned jinyu and the Horde-aligned hozen. The violence and hatred quickly broke the seal that the statue protected releasing the sha and destroying the great statue in the process.

After the dust cleared, it was revealed that everyone that was at the site either died or was knocked unconscious. It was during all this chaos that Anduin Wrynn managed to escape the Horde's captivity.

After the events of Mists of Pandaria, Fenella Darkvire and pandaren masons were trying to rebuild the statue.[2]

Notable NPCs

Before B [10-35] Last Piece of the Puzzle

Notes and trivia

  • After B [10-35] Last Piece of the Puzzle, the sha attack and the area changes forever.
  • It's unknown if the workers building the statue manage to flee the area before the battle started or were killed during it. However, there are no dead pandaren lying on the grounds like the hozen and jinyu.
  • During the Mists of Pandaria beta, this area was called Serpent's Spine and Serpent's Shrine.



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