This article is about the Vol'dun subzone. For the ship in Borean Tundra, see The Serpent's Maw.

The Serpent's Maw

The Faithless encampment

The interior of the cave

The Serpent's Maw[56.2, 38.8] is an area located at the eastern end of the Slithering Gulch in Vol'dun, on the northwest side of the Brine Basin. Although its most striking feature is a pair of enormous serpent statues flanking the entrance into the Slithering Gulch, the subzone mainly consists of a Faithless sethrak encampment surrounding the entrance to a cave. The subzone continues a short distance northeast before terminating on the northern rim of the Brine Basin.

The swarming sethrak here attacked a group of vulpera scavengers from the nearby Vulpera Hideaway and captured two of them, Hakasi and Kipp.[1][2] In addition, the camp contains many of the vulpera knickknacks that were stolen during the sethrak raid on the Abandoned Burrows.[3]


In the northeastern parts of the subzone:

In the encampment and cave:


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