A Great Worm From Beyond

Serpents of N'Zoth[1] are huge, flying, worm-like aberrations associated with the Old God N'Zoth. The black serpents of N'Zoth are the harbingers of the Old God's ultimate vision becoming reality.[2]

Despite the name, these creatures are not unique to Azeroth: several massive serpents were among the Void forces that invaded the Shadowlands realm of Bastion in the past.[3] The Curious Slime Serpent is a similar-looking but probably unrelated creature found in Maldraxxus.


As a mount


  • They share animations with shadow serpents and most of the animations of cloud serpents.
  • The cloud serpents' idle animation shows them scratching themselves behind their ears with their claws, but since the serpents of N'Zoth lack both ears and limbs, the animation looks rather awkward.