Serpents and Poison

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AllianceSerpents and Poison
Start Livingston Marshal [53.2, 65.9]
End Livingston Marshal [53.2, 65.9]
Level 85 (Requires 85)
Category Rise of the Zandalari
Rewards 16g 54s
Previous A [85] To Fort Livingston
Next B [85] Spirits Are With Us


Kill Jungle Serpents and inspect the poisoned adventurers to allow Bwemba to heal them.


Because of the emissary's warning we were able to gather more adventurers to help defend. But we thought we were going to be fighting trolls.

Instead we found ourselves overwhelmed by serpents!

They seem to have come from everywhere. We are barely able to hold on, and I only suspect it's going to get worse.

Help us and eliminate the serpents and perhaps your troll friend here can use some magic to cure the poisoned.


It doesn't look like there is an end to these serpents.


Thanks for the help, <name>. These serpents, there doesn't appear to be an end to them.


"Adventurers" in this case means poisoned NPCs, some of whom are merely Fort Livingston Adventurers, some of whom are named: Wulfred Harrys, Daniel Roberts, Priestess Thaalia, Robert Rhodes. Note that since Fort Livingston is in a new phase, so is the surrounding area. So don't spend forever in camp waiting on respawns. Branch out away from camp to kill serpents and heal poisoned NPCs.

Get close to a poisoned NPC and wait until Bwemba gives a tracking buff, then speak to her:

Bwemba be watchin' you, young one.

Gossip I need your help to remove the poison from these adventurers.

Bwemba cleanses the poisoned unit nearest the player.

Then the NPC can say any of:

  • Thank you for saving my life.
  • I thought I was going to die in this awful jungle.
  • You saved my life!
  • The serpents overwhelmed us.
  • Bwemba, is that you? Thank you.
  • I had just about given up hope.


Optional breadcrumb: A [85] The Troll Incursion / H [85] The Zandalari Menace

  1. B [85] Bwemba's Spirit
  2. A [85] To Fort Livingston / H [85] To Bambala
  3. B [85] Serpents and Poison
  4. B [85] Spirits Are With Us
  5. B [85] Nesingwary Will Know
  6. B [85] Track the Tracker
  7. B [85] The Hunter's Revenge
  8. B [85] Follow that Cat
  9. B [85] Mauti
  10. B [85] How's the Hunter Holding Up?
  11. B [85] Bury Me With Me Boots...
  12. A [85] Warn the Rebel Camp / H [85] Warn Grom'gol
  13. A [85] Defend the Rebel Camp / H [85] Defend Grom'gol
  14. A [85] To the Digsite / H [85] To Hardwrench Hideaway
  15. B [85] Voodoo Zombies
  16. B [85] Bad Supplies
  17. A [85] Making Contact / H [85] Making Contact
  18. N [35H] Booty Bay's Interests
  19. N [85H] A Shiny Reward

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