Image of Serrik
Gender Male
Race Sethrak (Humanoid)
Level 35-50
Reaction Alliance Horde
Affiliation(s) Devoted
Location Zul'Ahjin and Sanctuary of the Devoted, Vol'dun
Status Deceased
Companion(s) Serrik's Pterrordax

Serrik is a sethrak and one of the Devoted. He is initially encountered at Zul'Ahjin in Vol'dun, where he has been poisoned by scorpid venom and his friend Julwaba asks for help in healing him.[1] After Kiro and an adventurer saves his life, Serrik sends the latter into the ruins to retrieve a special stone,[2] after which he, the adventurer, Bladeguard Kaja, and Warguard Rakera travel to the Sanctuary of the Devoted.[3] Serrik is later killed when General Jakra'zet and his troops attack the Sanctuary in order to steal the keystones of Atul'Aman.[4]



Gossip at the Sanctuary of the Devoted
The Faithless will not take this temple.
Gossip Who are the Faithless?
The Faithless are a force of militant sethrak, led by Emperor Korthek.
Long ago, we all lived as one, as Sethraliss would have wanted.
Since Korthek's betrayal, the Faithless have brought war upon these lands.
They will not stop until they have conquered the world.
Gossip Who is Sethraliss?
Sethraliss is our beloved loa.
When Mythrax ravaged our lands and threatened to wipe us from existence, it was she who stopped him, giving her life to save ours.
Unlike the Faithless, we still feel her presence, and believe that one day she will be returned to us.
Gossip Who is Korthek?
He calls himself Emperor Korthek, but long ago he was one of the Keepers, entrusted to protect the tomb.
His hunger for war goes against everything our loa stands for, yet he denounces and defies her by raising an army that plans to conquer all of Zuldazar.
Gossip Who are the Keepers?
The Keepers were the most powerful among us, charged with sealing Mythrax's corpse within the great pyramid.
Sulthis was the founder, but he could not seal the tomb alone.
He asked Vorrik and Korthek for their help, and together, they cast a barrier around the great pyramid, sealing the corpse of Mythrax within.


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