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|align="center"| 15.04.08 <!-- Battle for Mount Hyjal -->
|align="center"| 15.04.08 <!-- Battle for Mount Hyjal -->
|align="center"| 14.07.08 <!-- Black Temple -->
|align="center"| 14.07.08 <!-- Black Temple -->
|align="center"| 0/6 <!-- Sunwell Plateau -->
|align="center"| 2/6 <!-- Sunwell Plateau -->
<!-- World Bosses -->|| Kazzak
<!-- World Bosses -->|| Kazzak

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Realms.gif  Aggramar EU (PvE)
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Aggramar is one of the original launch servers. It was known as "Laggramar" for quite some time, until a hardware upgrade in late 2006 fixed the lagspikes. So far, free character transfer has never been open away from this server, which means that unlike many of the other "old" realms, Aggramar never experienced an exodus.

Aggramar is known to have a friendly atmosphere, and even on the offical forums Alliance and Horde get along quite well. The population mostly consists of Scandinavians, Dutch, Balkan and English people, with some others scattered within.

According to the Official Server Status page, the realm is not full. We do sometimes experience lag in battlegrounds though.

Iron maaan!

The namesake for our realm is the male Vanir Titan Aggramar, who became the champion of the Pantheon after the corruption of Sargeras.

Crafter's lists

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Main article: Server:Aggramar Europe/Crafters
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32px Alliance guilds

Guild Armory Website IRC Note
Catastrophe Armory Yes No Newly formed guild
Alternate Reality Armory Yes No
Anathemas Armory Yes No
Auditor Fortuna Juvat Armory Yes No
Brotherhood of Set Armory Yes No
Calaquendi Armory Yes No
Chaotic Illusion Armory Yes No
Coercion Armory Yes No
Dark Matter Armory Yes No
Dark Portal Praetors Armory Yes No
Dawnguard Armory Yes No
Deeprun Pest Control Armory Yes No
Definition Armory Yes No
Disciples of the Watch Armory Yes No
Eternal Hope Armory Yes No
Ex Infernis Armory Yes No
Fallen Soldiers Armory Yes No
Final Equilibrium Armory Yes No
For President Armory Yes No
Harvesters of Light Armory Yes No
Hubris Armory Yes No
Immortal Guardians Armory Yes No
Immortals Armory Yes No
Is Eating Your Pie Armory Yes No
Knights of Yore Armory Yes No
Koma Armory Yes No
Last Crusaders Armory Yes No
Merged Armory Yes No
MUD Armory Yes No
Nova Armory Yes No
Ordo Lucis Armory Yes No
Outlanders Armory Yes No
Rebscum Armory Yes No
Roadrunners Armory Yes No
Russian Peace Dukes Armory Yes No
Seal of Fate Armory Yes No
Shadow Slayers Armory Yes No
Silver Sirens Armory Yes No
Soldiers of Azeroth Armory Yes No
Strawberry Tigers Armory Yes No
Tempest Dawn Armory Yes No
The Bunny Clan Armory Yes No
The Emerald Knights Armory Yes No
The Inevitable Armory Yes No
The Toothless Donkeys Armory Yes No
Tomb Raiders Armory Yes No
Trucido Vulgus Armory Yes No
Uberpug Armory No No
Unforgiven Armory Yes No
Vis Honor Armory Yes No

32px Horde guilds

Guild Armory Website IRC Note
Catastrophe Armory Yes No Newly formed guild
Boys From The Horde Armory Yes No
Bury Your Dead Armory Yes No
Deathcore Armory Yes No
Destroyers Of Azeroth Armory Yes No
Hells Grannies Armory No No
Immortal Technique Armory No No not raiding anymore
Is Hard Armory No No
Nihilism Armory No No
No Pressure Armory No No
Phoenix Armory Yes No
Rising Armory Yes No
Sunken Temple Pilots Armory Yes No
The Ascension Armory Yes No
The Awakening Armory Yes No
The Danish Horde Armory Yes No
The Dominion Armory Yes No Not raiding anymore.
The New World Horders Armory Yes No
The Obsidian Order Armory Yes No
Total Nutters Armory Yes No
Unbreakable Armory No No not raiding anymore
Unleashed Chaos Armory Yes No
Victrix Armory No No not raiding anymore
Warseeker Tribe Armory Yes No

See also: Disbanded guilds

PvE raiding progress (Top 20)

Note: Last update: 29.09.08
Pos Guild SSC TK MH BT SP World Bosses
1 18px Deeprun Pest Control 10.09.07 22.10.07 10.12.07 28.01.08 4/6 Doomwalker, Kazzak
2 18px The Dominion 24.06.07 16.07.07 30.08.07 16.10.07 2/6 Doomwalker, Kazzak
3 18px Merged 18.09.07 02.11.07 20.01.08 03.04.08 2/6 Doomwalker, Kazzak
4 18px The Obsidian Order 23.10.07 02.12.07 03.02.08 11.03.08 2/6 Doomwalker, Kazzak
5 18px Rising 06.01.08 31.01.08 24.06.08 17.06.08 1/6 Doomwalker, Kazzak
6 18px VIS HONOR 31.01.08 18.02.08 10.04.08 04.06.08 1/6 Doomwalker, Kazzak
7 18px Unleashed Chaos 28.10.07 29.11.07 24.02.08 24.06.08 1/6 Doomwalker, Kazzak
8 18px Final Equilibrium 10.01.08 11.02.08 15.04.08 14.07.08 2/6 Kazzak
9 18px Boys From The Horde 07.01.08 26.02.08 21.05.08 09.09.08 0/6 None
10 18px Soldiers of Azeroth 12.02.08 05.05.08 28.09.08 16.09.08 0/6 Doomwalker, Kazzak
11 18px Definition 27.08.07 30.08.07 29.11.07 7/9 0/6 Doomwalker, Kazzak
12 18px Phoenix 19.01.08 12.02.08 4/5 6/9 0/6 None
13 18px The Emerald Knights 24.09.08 07.09.08 24.08.08 5/9 0/6 Doomwalker
14 18px Seal of Fate 13.05.08 28.07.08 4/5 5/9 0/6 Doomwalker
15 18px Chaotic Illusion 26.02.08 3/4 4/5 5/9 0/6 Doomwalker
16 18px Koma 5/6 3/4 4/5 5/9 0/6 Doomwalker, Kazzak
17 18px The Awakening 15.07.08 3/4 4/5 4/9 0/6 Kazzak
18 18px Bury Your Dead 5/6 3/4 4/5 4/9 0/6 Doomwalker, Kazzak
19 18px MUD 08.06.08 25.08.08 4/5 3/9 0/6 None
20 18px Last Crusaders 17.04.08 23.09.08 3/5 3/9 0/6 None
Info: Guild ranking is based on the following
  1. Total number of boss kills in the current hardest instance.
  2. If (1) is equal, number of boss kills in the next hardest instance (and so on).
  3. If (1) and (2) are equal, the exact time the last boss was killed determines which is ranked before the other.

See also: TBC Raid Progression Thread by Drazuz.

PvP progress

Grand Marshals & High Warlords

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