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Alleria Server's patron character: Ranger-Captain Alleria Windrunner

One of the original release day servers, Alleria has a strong PvE base and a predominantly Alliance population, with the ratio of Alliance to Horde characters being roughly 2:1. Nevertheless, many successful PvE guilds have been founded on Alleria, and the community consists of many WoW veterans. Alleria is the server of the blood elf warlock Nyhm, who is known for his Weird Al-like parodies of famous songs. Nyhm's parodies touch several themes of the World of Warcraft such as goldfarming, PuGs, the supposed "overpoweredness" of warlocks and much more.


Sister to Vereesa Windrunner and Sylvanas Windrunner, Alleria Windrunner, Ranger of Quel'Thalas, followed Turalyon and Khadgar into the Twisting Nether onto Draenor in an attempt to exterminate all of the Orcs. Alleria was a fabled Ranger for the Alliance during the Second War, but never realized fully just how dangerous the Orcs were until she saw the ruins of Quel'thalas, and searched for her family in what was left of it.

Alleria's thirst for vengeance caused her to create a cadre of Rangers who was solely dedicating to hunting down any free Orc left in Azeroth and eradicate them. Alleria's quest led her straight through the Dark Portal on the heels of Khadgar and the Bleeding Hollow Clan.

Alleria fought valiantly against the forces of Ner'zhul, but in the end, she knew the sacrifice she would have to make, and assisted in closing the Portal from Draenor, sacrificing her way home. Last heard, she was lost within the Twisting Nether and will be an NPC in World of Warcraft: Burning Crusade.

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