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Archimonde is a Central Time PvP server that came online on November 23, 2004, making it one of the first World of Warcraft realms. It was also one of the four realms that needed to be taken offline for four days after the first night due excessive character creation (which led to the obliteration of the player cap).

Archimonde players chat on IRC in #archimonde on (Click here to connect if you have mIRC or another IRC client installed.)


Since Archimonde was one of the first servers to be opened, the population fluctuates from Low to Medium as new servers are opened. As of January 2008, population is listed as Medium according to the official World of Warcraft Realm Status Page
According to, there are approximately 11,605 characters on Archimonde (as of 12/30/2009) and the faction ratio is about 1 : 0.78 in favor of the Horde (and apparently they're all Blood Elf, zomg).


Archimonde was the place all the big PVP guilds from other games were going to come to have a "dream server" for PVP. It was the first PVP server that started with "A" so all the guilds knew to come to Archimonde. This led to it blowing up the servers and being down for four days in the first week which cause some guilds to move. Many stayed though which caused server problems for a year so that a lot of them left when given the opportunity to move. Many remain to this day. Prior to the introduction of patch 1.12 and Cross Realm Battlegrounds, players on our realm took great pride in bubble hearthing, "frawst" shocking, and exploiting each other in battle. Many great friendships between Horde and Alliance players were born and have remained. Of all the many launch day guilds to come to Archimonde, only seven remain; Corporation, Oinland, Berserk, Sacred Silver Blades, The Fremen Knights, TAO, and UDL. This list comprises of those guilds formed either on 11/23/2004 or 11/27/2004 (the first day after the initial crash of the server).

Queue times varied depending on level with Alterac Valley having the shortest wait times and 30-39 Warsong Gulch and Arathi Basin having the longest wait times. However, since the introduction of patch 1.12, we have been added to Battlegroup 5.

More information can be found here:

PvE Progression

Archimode Burning Crusade Progression

Guild Listing


  • <Republic of Corea> | | GM: Siyeon | Central Time, Korean Speaking

Horde Horde

  • HousE ForsakeN (website) | GM: Laminad, Jambo | Central Time
  • <Souls of Mischief> | GM: Fauste

Guild list last updated Saturday, January 5, 2008. Is in accordance with Archimonde Guild List (

Archimonde Recruiting

A directory of guilds and players looking to play together is here: