This article is an information page for the Argent Dawn realm (server)

The contents herein are entirely player made and in no way represent official World of Warcraft history or occurrences which are accurate for all realms. The information and events listed are of an independent nature and applied for roleplaying, fictional, speculative, or opinions from a limited playerbase only.

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This article is about Argent Dawn, the European roleplaying realm.
See also Argent Dawn (faction) and Argent Dawn US.
Argent Dawn (Europe) is a roleplaying (RP) realm where player versus player (PvP) is optional, not mandatory. The realm has a high quantity of roleplayers based on both the Alliance and Horde factions, and is known for being one of the first roleplaying realms.

About Argent Dawn (Europe)

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Argent Dawn (Europe) is a European RP realm. Realm time is the same as Paris, or UTC+1 (UTC+2 during Daylight Savings). To further explain this, 12:00 noon in London would be 13:00 realm time (Paris,) and 14:00 in Istanbul.

The Argent Dawn for which the realm is named after, is an organisation of Holy Light zealots. Whilst the Argent Dawn are not as extreme as the Scarlet Crusade, they are known for their aggressive stance against the Burning Legion and undead Scourge.

As a roleplaying realm, Argent Dawn is subject to special rules that do not apply on Normal or PvP realms. New players are expected to adhere to these rules, as they are enforced by Blizzard. These rules include (but are not limited to):

  • You must use a roleplaying name (no abusive language, ThreeWordNames or movie references.)
  • You must not go Out of Character (OOC) in /say /yell or /emote.
  • You must not disrupt or harass roleplayers at roleplaying events.

Further information about the Argent Dawn realm can be broken down into three categories:

History of Argent Dawn (Europe)

At the launch of World of Warcraft in Europe, Argent Dawn was one of the first European roleplaying realms, the other being Earthen Ring. Argent Dawn was officially opened on February 11th, 2005EU_English_Realms_Info and has since celebrated it's second year in service. Players on Argent Dawn were offered a free transfer to Steamwheedle Cartel on January 9th, 2006EU_English_Realms_Migration.

In season one of the Arena Ladder, Argent Dawn was noted in the World of Warcraft Armory Hall of Fame for not having a single team in the top ten for any of the three categories of the Bloodlust battlegroup.

Whilst all realms share one common storyline and history, they all deviate slightly because of player created storylines and content. Every single realm is theoretically an alternative world; where the timeline, whilst having key points (eg. Blizzard-created events,) still has unique Player-created events, stories and adventures that only exist on that single realm. This makes each realm special in it's own right, and Argent Dawn (Europe) is no exception.

Communities of the Dawn

Players on Argent Dawn are encouraged to create small scale and realm-wide communities that help to foster a good roleplaying environment with an inclusion of all players.

Many people consider Argent Dawn to be one of the premiere roleplaying realms in the World of Warcraft game. It is unquestionable that Argent Dawn (Europe) is home to many excellent roleplayers, and that the players in general are working towards a strong and friendly community. However, the players must stay strong and work together (welcoming new players) if a community atmosphere is to become fruitful. The community is also victim to a split between the individual opinions of the many roleplayers. A case here would be that people want to keep their own roleplay traditional, whereas others want their's as well. An agreement does not seem to be within reach, and many roleplayers take up their fights to the public forums in attempt to force out those with different opinions.

A good way to check on the current status of communities, groups and guilds for RP would be looking at the realm forum, asking in public channels (such as GuildRecruitment) or simply scouting around.

Public Channels

The following channels are open to any player on Argent Dawn and are primarily concerned with helping the community to some description. If you know of any additional public channels, feel free to add them to this list. To join a new channel, type /join ChannelName.

  • OSR - Alliance-based. For players over level 60 looking for PUGs to old raiding instances (eg. Zul'Gurub, Onyxia, etc.)
  • AntiHorde - Alliance-based. For players looking for a group to participate in Player versus Player.
  • LFRP - The Horde and Alliance LFRP contain roleplaying and lore discussions, which have been increased with the coming of Wrath of the Lich King.
  • MCCeless - A Horde raiding community. Players over level 60 looking for pre-TBC raiding instances are here looking for PUGs.

The Argent Archives


The Argent Archives (also known as AA), maintained by Alabast and his team, provide the realm with roleplaying resources. Registered characters are allowed to have their own character pages, upload screenshots and drawings and also are allowed to publish articles, adventures, documents and more. Guild masters are allowed to create pages for their guilds with the guild's information, recruitment status and more.

Addons used by AD players

Raiding Communities

Alliance Crest Alliance | Horde Crest Horde

The following organisations are defined as raiding communities. A raiding community usually comprises of two or more independent guilds, and/or individual members. Raiding guilds are listed in the guild tables further down this page.

If you wish to add your community to this list but are unsure how to safely edit the list, please refer to the Editing Help page. If you wish to link to your community website, do this via your Guild Name.

  • Remember to add your community in alphabetical order.
  • Do not edit other communities information without consent.

The following list may be out of date.

Alliance Raiding Communities

Community Name Recruitment Status RP in Raid? Contact
Azeroth Guild Alliance Open No Prail
The Black Order Raiding Community Holy Priest x 1 (nothing else) No Hanstrom
Bloodfire Legacy Open No Greenwize
The Chosen Open Unknown Forum
Dark Star Alliance Closed Unknown Unknown
Dragon Raid Group Unknown Unknown Unknown
InHeritance Open No Unknown
Maiev Open Unknown Hedi
New Order for Azeroth Unknown Unknown Unknown
Rising Star Alliance Closed Unknown Unknown
Seventh Flight Open Unknown Unknown
The Silver Raiders Unknown Unknown Unknown
Valthonis Open Unknown Igemoni

Horde Raiding Communities

Community Name Recruitment Status RP in Raid? Contact
Élysium Open No Znol or Rupture
Suicidal Venture Closed Unknown Gimfain
C.O.B.R.A. Open No Tarbh, Phoenixaras, Elelereth, Thron, Barokk

Community Resources

Tabard of the Argent Dawn

Argent Dawn has become a very creative community with many people creating resources, projects, artwork, stories and beyond, all in the name of or relation to Argent Dawn. It is those contributions that help to create and inspire a community to build upon the realm, and the resources in this section are in no way a completely exhaustive list of every contribution ever made.

  • The Argent Dawn Content Wiki was a collection of articles specific to the Argent Dawn (Europe) realm, including official Warcraft lore and player generated content. The wiki appears to be down at this point in time.
  • The Snap Sisters have been providing a Gnomish insight into the world of Azeroth for a long time, including their excellent photography skills. Their site is primarily a roleplaying weblog with photographs of famous events and locations. The site has unfortunately not been updated since late 2008.
  • Chronicles of the Flaming Ruby was a regularly updated comic based on the World of Warcraft. The comic is the brainchild of Chidori and frequently featured members of the Argent Dawn community. Unlike many other Warcraft comics, Chidori's are hand drawn, giving them a much more personal touch. The site now appears down.

Wiki-Bootse.jpg Bootse - A clerk at the Argent Archives

Guilds of the Dawn

Alliance Crest Alliance | Horde Crest Horde

The following is a list of guilds based on Argent Dawn (Europe), if you wish to add your guild to this list but are unsure how to safely edit the list, please refer to the Editing Help page. If you wish to link to your guild website, do this via your Guild Name.

  • Remember to add your guild in alphabetical order.
  • Do not edit other guilds information without consent.
  • Valid Guild Types are: RP, RP-PvP, RP-PvE, PvP, PvE, RP-Mixed, Casual and Other.

Alliance Guilds

Guild name Abreviation Location Type Races Contact
Army of Darkness AoD Unknown RP Unknown Unknown
Atomic Battle Critters ABC Unknown PvE All Saara, Seilyn, Lidiya
Berserk B Unknown PvE Unknown Unknown
Blood of Heroes BoH Unknown Casual Unknown Unknown
Bloodfire Legacy BL Unknown PvE All Greenwize
Cado Vir CV Unknown PvE All Dyne, Wrath
Clan Serendipity CS Unknown RP Unknown None.
Custodes Fati CF Unknown RP-Mixed Unknown Unknown
The Flaming Ruby TFR Unknown RP-PvE Unknown Unknown
The Gigaflux Guard TGG Ironforge, Stormwind RP Gnomes, Dwarves Beepblaster, Tirrypin, Eugene, Falkireohan
Guns 'n Blades GnB Unknown Other Unknown Unknown
Heroes of Old HoO Unknown Other All Waldo, Uthor, Anchalf, Somnabulus
The High Guard THG Unknown RP-Mixed All Calaron
House Dragonic HD Unknown RP Unknown Unknown
Impact Impact Unknown RP-PvE Unknown Unknown
Insight I Unknown Other Unknown Unknown
Knights of the Rose KotR Stormwind RP All Silverne, Geonosus, Deledrian
The Iron Hand IH Ironforge RP-Mixed Dwarf Brintac
Kaboom! K! Ironforge RP-Mixed All Foosh
The Kirin'Dal TKD Dalaran RP Humans, Gnomes Valven, Kreyja, Arcaneite, Glod, Celewen, Dalar
Knights of St George KoSG Elywnn PvP/PvE/RP All Taaln,Kaldorie,Giraya,Kornath
Knights of the Rose KotR Stormwind Rp All Silverne, Geonosus, Deledrian
Lakeshire Mercenary LM Lakeshire RP Unknown Unknown
The Last Flight TLF Unknown PvE Unknown Unknown
Lux Mundi LM Stormwind Helping All Nihung
Midnight Storm MS Unknown RP-PvE Unknown Unknown
Odyssey ODY Unknow PvE All Efestìone, Archady, Corvo
Orden de la Medianoche OdlM Darnassus RP Night Elf Amröd
Order of the Steel Fist OotSF Shattrath City PvE All Lytte, Axuun, Lidena
Paragons Of Thunder PoT Unknown Other Unknown Unknown
Protectors of Light PoL Unknown PvE Unknown Unknown
Redridge Fusiliers RF Redridge Mountains RP Humans Ellard
Renegades Ren Active PvE All Bouaza, Flows, Savaric
Requiem in Ignis RiI N/A Casually Hardcore/PvE All Rustsprocket, Sacheverel or Khredaryn
Serenity S Unknown Casual/PvE All Iceickle
Seventh Flight SF Unknown PvE Unknown Unknown
Shadow Storm SS Unknown PvE All Horricee, Alerel, Jonasii, Dobbelsteen
Silvereye (defunct) SE Unknown RP Night Elf -
The Skullguard SKG New Avalon Ruins RP Death Knight Rauikos
Stormwind City Watch SCW Stormwind RP All Darsol, Banyl, Carinia, Kiachideon, Kyrisha
Talespinner's League TL Unknown RP All Jhona
The Templar Order TTO Stormwind RP-PvE All Alberon, Ghira, Halya, Leonhart
Valthonis Val Unknown Mixed All Greimir,Elvaras,Gonture
Yingyang Eagles YYE Unknown PvE All Unknown

Horde Guilds

Guild name Abreviation Location Type Races Contact
Battlehorn Unknown PvE All Brounor
Burning Blade BB Unknown PvE All Selanight, Lunabane, Lutzen
Congregation of Souls CoS Unknown RP Unknown Unknown
Crimson Spades CS Unknown PvE All Aroden
Cult of the Raptor COTR Sen'jin Village RP Trollish Adnaw
Dark Tide DT Unknown PvE All Zolah
Echo Echo Unknown PvE All Unknown
Eclipse ES Unknown PvE All Unknown
Dead Man Fellowship DMF Unknown Other Unknown Unknown
Ghastly Condemned GC Unknown RP-PvE Unknown Manbane
Legion of Lemmings LoL Unknown PvE Unknown Unknown
The Darkspear Tribe DST Sen'jin Village RP Trollish Tsathoggua
The Skullguard SKG New Avalon Ruins RP Death Knight Maravian
Northern Keep NK Unknown Other All Unknown
Mask of Sorrow MoS Unknown RP-Mixed All Unknown
Mog Nogu MN Unknown PvP/Casual All Woriagathus, Coriandra
Shadows Of Dream SoD Unknown PvE All Vestos,Tuur
Sacred Dawn SD Unknown Mixed Casual All Azcryon,Kixzle
The Merry Berries Berries Sen'jin Village RP All Raewyn
Plainrunner Tribe PT Thunderbluff RP All except Undead Evan
The Red Branch RB Fray Island All All Tarn, Macha
Requiem R Unknown PvP Unknown Unknown
The Tauren Kindred TK Unknown RP Unknown None.
Democulus Demo Unknown PvP/PvE All Triangr
Green Machine GM Orgrimmar RP Horde Heporc
Echoes of War EoW Orgrimmar Twink 29/39 All Tazius / Zaill
The Spirit Wolves TSW Nomad RP-PvP Tauren-Only Caerake, Auma