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This article is an information page for the Azjol-Nerub realm (server)

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Server Information

Azjol-Nerub, named for fallen and ancient underground Kingdom of the insectoid Nerubians.

Population Statistics

According to the Warcraft server population-tracking website Warcraft Realms, results may be unreliable due to too few Horde entries for Azjol-Nerub. Horde of Azjol-Nerub may help by submitting data to warcraft realms.

As of Feb 2, 2009:

By Race: By Class:

Alliance Alliance: 14, 962 (46%)

Horde Horde: 17, 903 (55%)

Active Account Ratio: 1Alliance : 1.2Horde
Alliance/Horde Ratio (10-70): 3.5Alliance : 1Horde
Alliance/Horde Ratio (68-70): 2.2Alliance : 1Horde
Total Population: 32 865

Classes Level 78-80:


Guild sites

AllianceAlliance Horde Horde
  • ÃßandoneÐ
    Contacts: Rathh
  • Ashen Shade
    Contacts: Saltycracker
  • Arcanus
    Contacts: Meros, Fenix, Nightrun
  • Animosity
    Contacts: Artera, Sshera
  • Bleach
    Contacts: Naturesown or Toshie
  • Carpe Diem
    Contacts: Babyrogue
  • Cobra Kai-CK
    Contacts: Scalbur, Oafadin, Mistrescoit, Dendrolis, Tankzalot, Sayon
  • ChildrenofTheGods
    Contacts: Peghandis and any officer listed on the Roster on the Website
  • Chunky Salsa
    Contacts: Etoh, Mallius, Lumirron, Nitengale, Tullock, Wolfloper, Zeppelin
    Contacts: Dieliana, Chrism, Macatack
  • Diablos Asylum
    Contacts: Necrinamican, Smokeyz, Shogy, Kenshun, Goochtastic, Tbar
  • Exalted Legacy
    Contacts: Teneel, Prillin, Ladylilac, Shadowgrace, Johnny
  • F R E E M A N
    Contacts: Acctspayable, Acctsrcvable
  • Guardian Heroes
    Contacts: Yeros, Kostas
  • Guardians of Azeroth
    Contacts: Markarius, blesslight
  • Guardians of The Faith
    Contacts: Barog, Ravenhair
  • Infusion
    Contacts: Agoren, Tanithe, Jainzar, Wickin
  • Jaded
    Contacts: Alabast, Poofty, Lileyana, Risk
  • Knights of Redemption
    Contacts: Poetofwar, Crimsonmage, Brualstad
  • Legacy
    Contacts: Melanie, Jadea, Joelle, Niamh, and Sanzo.
  • Oathsworn
    Contacts: Rasp, Faelynn, Rylas, Swoop, Tallin, Algol, Bjarni
  • Øblivion
    Contacts: Southernbell, Mastaleet, Nipul, Sithas
  • Obsolete
    Contacts: Caladina, Breadman, Deneir,
  • Our Souls
    Contacts: Stormwizard, Angeltruist, Oten
  • Phoenix Rising
    Contacts: Shinza, Esia, Analura, Morganmk
  • Primoris
    Contacts: Erosenin, Echoria, Snuders, Strydaris, Civics, Tonedeaf or anyone really.
    Guild Type: Raiding
  • Prototype
    Contacts: Gotheal, Fathersnow, Herbalizer, Ouroboros, Jaraneva, Desparado
  • Renewal
    Contacts: Ezera, Xylina, Keela, Adelora,Jantara
  • Revenant
    Contacts: Maharet, Beryce, Cylerra
  • Sactified
    Contacts: Toymaker, Serenetie, Underoathh
  • Silent Crusaders
    Contacts: Empentara, Elismira, Kamilar, Potentlight, Theofilus, Viperg
  • Trepidation
    Contacts: Demondriven, Maelixa, Madmx, Phox, Rosanne, Lilnope
  • TBD
    Contacts: Persias, Tyraelos, Maritime
  • The Anzacs
    Contacts: Ravenlight, Gotyerback, Magibon
  • The Dark Legion
    Contacts: Darkknight, Vegasstyle, Caydence, Garin, Daggorath, Pshhk, Kyllen, Fightinirish
  • Veni Vidi Vici
    Contacts: Xyrith, Cesear, Kyti, Mechizar, Mardu
  • Vestra Mater
    Contacts: re:Application: Nightedge (after website); re:Guild: Gaxme, Farquin, Nightedge, Cadbury, Aamaranth, Serethra

  • B Team
    Contacts: Cowjuice, Stinkfinger, Zanvyl, Ucky
  • Blackheart
    Contacts:Clockwerk, Zuliss, Eurydice, Magua, Viva, Desastre, Novasolan, Brittlepally
  • COCs
    Contacts: Akhenabi, Duilius, Camulus, Alhazrad, Narria
  • Conclave Veneficus Erus
    Contacts: Sleathar, Synlitte, Rhaidho, Aerysenali, or anyone else listed in the Roster, on the Website
  • Reflex
    Contacts: Lacredame, Lacredom, Twistedlogic
  • Shard
    Contacts: Poena, Corpowne, Valerinde, Roadkill

  • The Art of War
    Contacts:Chiirykazza, Drahma, Bovynee, Feverdreams, Cromdar
  • The Horde
    Contacts: Ironhoof, Buzzap, Rockhand
  • [The Stoppable Force]
    Contacts: Fizzbang, Lawrencebob, or any guild member.
  • Incruentus
    Contacts: ConstantLne, Coldsteel, Pisajerk,

Azjol-Nerub Crafting

All crafting available on Azjol-Nerub are listed on the crafting page.

Azjol-Nerub Expansion Raid Progression

Expansion raid progression on Azjol-Nerub is listed on the raid progression page