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Azshara is a North American PvP server. Azshara Forum


Azshara Server Race & Class Breakdown
*Note: The above image along with the information shown in the image is from Warcraft Census - Azshara

  • Open Date: November, 2005
  • Type: Player vs. Player (PvP)
  • Populations: Low (Lowest North American Server as of 4-21-07)

  • Total Characters: 6,531

Total Alliance: 2,458 - 38%
Total Horde: 4,073 - 62%
A to H Ratio: 1 : 1.7
Information from Warcraft Census - Azshara

  • Battlegroup: Shadowburn - (Realms within the Battlegroup: Agamaggan-PvP, Azshara-PvP, Dark Iron-PvP, Detheroc-PvP, Emerald Dream-RP-PvP, Greymane-Normal, Kalecgos-PvP, Lightninghoof-RP-PvP, Maelstrom-RP-PvP, Malfurion-Normal, Moonrunner-Normal, Sargeras-PvP, Staghelm-Normal, Twisting Nether-RP-PvP, Ursin-PvP, Wildhammer-PvP.)

The offical Shadowburn forums: Battlegroup Shadowburn

  • Want to learn more about the Queen our server is named for? Follow the link: Queen Azshara
  • Where can you find Azshara on every server? Follow the link: Azshara

Realm Transfer

Blizzard offered free character moves from selected high population realms to other, lower populated realms to assist in population dispersal. The ability to move a character on the selected source realms became available on Friday, December 21 at 12:01 PM PST, and ended Friday, December 28 at 12:01 PM PST. Azshara was chosen as a destination realm and recieved a number of individual transfers but only a few full guilds.

Blizzard highly recommend that if you were planning to transfer that you had done so at your earliest convenience.

The realms chosen consist of source realms with the highest sustained queues, and destination realms with the lowest population. The numbers gathered are directly from Blizzards' data, and depict the realms in most need of these transfers. Blizzard will be continuing to monitor all realms and open additional free transfers in the future where necessary.

Source Group: Arthas, Warsong, Mal'Ganis, Illidan

Destination Realm: Azshara

Notable Guilds

Alliance Alliance

Section on Notable past and present Alliance guilds: (Last Updated 11/15/2009)

Prominent Alliance Guilds
(past and present)

In Memorian
The Old School
Molten Core
Team GG
Ghosts of War
Je Me Souviens
Angry Mob
Muerte y Destrucción
Team Lobster
Fallen Kings Riven

The Old School- Recently Resurfaced

The Old School is one of the original guilds from the very first months of the servers beginning. It started as a breakoff guild from "Flurry United" a guild that came over from Star Wars Galaxies in response to the Combat Upgrade and ruination of the game itself. Started by "WookieLuv" it expanded from 15 players to over 375 in the summer of 2007. Wookieluv took a 3 month hiatus and came back to over 450 members. At that time it was decided to split the guild into 2 "Old School" guilds. Thus, "The Old School Academy" was born. (TOSA) TOSA was aimed at players under level 40 and needing help with quests etc. The Old School (TOS) was for 40+ onto level 70's. It's a very laid back, casual guild that emphasizes cooperation, mutual respect and having a life outside the game. Currently TOS has 130 very active members and TOSA is closing in on the 400 member mark.

Kentucky Fried Troll- Dead / Inactive

Kentucky Fried Troll (KFT) is fairly new and consists of a wide variety of players but contains and was formed by many long time Azshara residents. KFT was previously known as Naga Please and contains many former Dark Legion members. KFT is highly active in all forms of PVP and end-game raiding, but they are known to be laid back and emphasize having fun.

Molten Core- Dead / Inactive

Molten Core was the first MC raiding guild on the server and the first to fall apart as well. Known for their highly unimaginative guild name.

Letalis- Dead / Inactive

Letalis was the most progressed guild on the server, responsible for opening AQ on Azshara (e.g. Nerion's "great cross-faction linen drive") and driving PvE competition on both sides. Led by Nerion, Letalis is sorely missed by horde and alliance alike. It was the guild everyone loved to hate.

Team GG- Dead / Inactive

Team GG was Pjizzle's alliance PvP guild. Initially horde, Pjizzle found the twink bracket WSG matches too easy and rerolled alliance for a challenge. Team GG became a top performing PvP guild in short order, due to the sheer skill of its members (and despite Pjizzle's lack of social graces).

Angry Mob- Dead / Inactive

Angry Mob has been around a long time and seems to still be going strong. Rumours abound that the current incarnation is not the same guild as it was, however.

Muerte y Destrucción- Dead / Inactive

Very aggressive, these folks play like they're on a PvP server.

ChannelFourNewsTeam- Dead / Inactive

Another aggressive alliance guild, although not very skilled.

Reflex- Dead / Inactive

Reflex is a small PvP guild, only mentioned here because their guildmaster Mace is a cool guy. Footnoted in Azshara history, Mace had a hunter named Esekiel whom was once the subject of a rather scandalous tryst in the Southshore Inn. During an old-school world PvP battle in Hillsbrad, Two horde (Cong and Epoxy) discovered Esekiel in a room in the Southshore Inn, laying on the bed alongside a naked female nightelf. While not the first WoW player to be caught having cybersex by the opposite faction on a PvP server, Esekiel handled it quite sportingly.

Je Me Souviens- Dead / Inactive

An old-school guild made up of French-speaking Canadians, they were extremely aggressive in world PvP and were the nemesis of the horde guild ZERG. When a member was spotted by either faction in any zone, reinforcements were usually called in on both sides until a full-on war erupted.Disbanded recently proof that the old Azshara is gone

Fallen Kings- Dead / Inactive

Fallen Kings was a casual gaming guild that wasn't really into endgame but is mentioned here because at its height it had 462 members, making it the largest guild on Azshara at the time. It was disbanded when its guild master Anuschka left to start an endgame guild.

Elysium- Dead / Inactive

Elysium was a casual guild that wasn't really serious in guild progression just wanted to keep an all around real life friends guild that PvE a little bit, making it one of the small PvE guilds on Azshara to date. It was disbanded when its guild master Arcantis left to start an end game guild on another realm following a new alias. Existing PvE players moved to a new guild known as TDK which was started by a former officer Kaiyrae of Elysium and the guild was disbanded in January 2009.

Avenge- Dead / Inactive

Avenge is a newer guild on Azshara. They have begun 25 man content and are quite happy to PVP as well. Membership is continuing to grow and end game progression is the goal.

Riven- Dead [See **Fresh**]

Riven is the returned Ascendancy to Azshara. They were a transfer guild originally from Blackrock and have since came back to Azshara for the remaining time in TBC and Wotlk. They're currently the farthest progressed Alliance Guild, having obtained the first Alliance Illidan Kill and the first alliance Archimonde kill as Ascendancy. PvE progression is their primary goal. Riven broke up in mid to late September. With members spreading amongst the horde via faction change or server transferring. The remaining members formed reformed Fresh.

Dispel- Dead / Inactive

Guild Master: Mikaru
Dispel was a transfer guild from Arthas which moved to Azshara late 2008 in preparation for the Wotlk expansion release. They're currently the farthest progressed Alliance guild in which raids late night server time (1am until 6am CST) also lead by Australian players hence the late night raiding times. PvE is there primary progression target.

**Fresh** - Active

Guild Master-Nikram
Officers- Imakewater, Animals, Chrissie, Torran, Freaya, Kastaan, and Jachyra
Website- [1]
A casual guild that raids 1 day a week. Currently in a tie with <Murder>, <Reported> and <Elite Few> in 25m ToGC progression. With a more relaxed outlook from it's counterpart beginnings as Riven. The main focus of Fresh is 10-man content with a friend based core. Several of the members enjoy competitive arena.

Horde Horde

Notable Horde guilds past or present: (Last Updated 11/15/2009)

Prominent Horde Guilds
(past and present)

The Naked Legion
Blood Lords
Blue Garter
Death Minions
Dire Malice & EndE
Dungeon Team Extreme
Elements of the Void
Gypsy Syndicate
Like A Fish
That Just Happened
The Wet Bandits
Thirty One Flavors
Together We Are Terrific

The Naked Legion- Active

Guild Leader: Nakedreborn
Officers: Nakedsnakpak, Nakedbeef, Nakedshield
Status- Most Naked Guild

Guild History: The Naked Legion is a closely-knit, cult-like guild originally formed on the server Medivh-US in the Alliance before coming to Horde Azshara. Almost every member has the prefix "Naked-" before their name, making this guild easily recognizable. The "Legionnaires" seem to fight for one another to the death, and then rezz Legion members before all others. Currently, The Naked Legion is starting and running Vault of Archavon and ICC 10-man raids. 9 level 80's make up their main numbers, as well as some alts and low level members. Members are currently being recruited and transferred from other servers, and are beginning to work on becoming geared so that a 10-man ICC team can be created. The Naked Legion usually can be spotted by their frequently used battle-shout, "THE NAKED LEGION!!!" If any one member decides to yell it, all other members are required to reply as soon as possible.

Armistice- Active

Guild Leader: Lottadots
Officers: Noctem, Bolrat, Angellfish and Cheesypoofs
Status- Server 1st

Guild History: Armistice was born from a merger of Lights Out (LO) and Grand Lethal (GL) on 9/30/2007. Both guilds had very different raiding backgrounds, and different leadership structures. While GL was consistently raiding, LO was not due to lack of participation from their raiders. LO also raided 2-3 hours earlier then GL. Opposites apparently attracted in this merger, and the guild has been successful from the start. While some people question a guild that has both casual and hardcore raiders, it has worked quite well. Recently Armistice celebrated its 2 year anniversary. Armistice is a PvE raiding guild that is currently leading progression on Azshara in 25 Man Content. It has realm first kills of several encounters in 25 Man Heroic ToGC and 25 Man Ulduar.
Website: [2]

Blood Lords- Dead / Inactive

Guild Leader: Milane
Blood Lords is a fun and relaxed guild, we have many real life friends and family. We enjoy raiding in a social environment and plan to soon enter into 25 man raids. We also have a Guild Day twice a month where the guild gets together to duel, play various games, and raid the Alliance.
Website: Blood Lords

Blue Garter- Server Transferred

Guild Leader: Arvlol
Blue Garter was the most progressed guild on Azshara on either faction, and as of November 9, 2007, was the only guild to have downed Illidan. However, Blue Garter transferred to Mal'Ganis around Dec. 1, 2007. They disbanded as a raiding guild in 1-2008 and many prominent members joined a guild called Aurora if they chose to continue raiding and still some others returned to Final Fantasy Online for the time being. Quite a few simply retired from raiding and/or WoW until Wrath of the Lich King release. A lot of former members came back to make Blue Garter a casual raiding guild. BG became a 2 day raiding guild that still would reach the end of progression in raids. To this day, BG is still as successful as they were during their time in Azshara.
Website: [3]

Crucial- Dead / Inactive

Broke up in early 2008. Absorbed several other guilds, including many Alliance rerolls. Highly sucessful and respected raiding guild under the leadership of Fric, who is one of the most highly respected players on the server. Fric resigned for real life after leading the guild from MC all the way through TBC content finishing up in BT, just short of Illidan. Most of the guild has either left for Magtheridon to form the guild Run Out or went to Sargeeras to form the guild Parry Mechanic. Both factions are reported to be doing well in PVE progression.

Death Minions- Active

Guild Leader: Bossform
Currently the oldest raiding guild on the server comprised of it's oldest(rl age) members. An adult raiding guild lead by Bossform. Founded in December of 2005 this guild is still going strong as a casual raiding guild. Oldest actively raiding guild on Azshara.
Website: Death Minions

Delusion- Dead / Inactive

Guild Leader: Erison
Created February 2007, Delusion provides a casual raiding environment to it's members. With Karazhan and Gruul on farm, they now pursue more of the 25 man content. Delusion is very active and plans on remaining a progressing part of the server. One of the lesser known raiding guilds, Delusion still remains on the server in a ghost sense, with many members transferring off to a higher population server waiting for the release of WLK. A handful remained on Azshara and now run in Leather Lace and Steel under the leadership of Angelkissed and Antonious.
Website: Delusion

Dire Malice & EndE- Dead / Inactive

Guild Leader: Klockwerk
Officers: Dravon, Fyx, Damusupre
Dire Malice / EndE can trace it's roots back to the server Arthas (alliance). With members running with the likes of Maydie (Pre-BC legendary PvP Warrior) and guilds Ret, Hidden and Security. With a quite a few members with Illian experience (farm) pre-nerf. After becoming dissallusioned with the turmoil that comes with Alliance on Azshara the members rerolled Horde and never looked back. We are an up and coming guild with 4 server firsts already under our belts in our short existance. Recently added more to our ranks with the addition of the Fatal(RIP) and Devious Empire(RIP) GM's and members. Currently regrouping after Klockwerk and a few other members took a break from Azshara. But as of April 20th 2009 EndE has reunited the majority of the core Dire Malice members.
Website: EndE

Elements of the Void / Active

Guild Leader: Lionlight
Officers: Shameister, Sular, Deleanquent, Invisibull
Elements of the Void is a raiding guild known for it's fun and friendly atmosphere. They raid often and work hard towards climbing the progression ranks. One thing to note that separates Elements of the Void from other raiding guilds is they do not use any type of DKP looting system. Their guild members are great people and fun to raid with. The guild has been around on the server for a while, though the guild has only really taken off and gained popularity since about the middle of 2009.
Website: Elements of the Void

Invictus- Dead / Inactive

Guild Leader: Entrance
Officers: Tazzo, Chotok, Jarbs, Xeg, Velton
Invictus started from four best friends who wanted to raid together, Entrance, Tazzo, Chotok, and Jarbs. The guild started out small, raiding Karazhan every week. After a few weeks, Invictus was able to recruit more core members to start the 2nd Karazhan raid. The First Karazhan group was controlled by Sade and Jarbs, the Second by Tazzo, Chotok and Xeg. After a few more weeks, Invictus was finally ready to start the 25-man content. Invictus started out strong in the start of its 25-man content, defeating Grull, Magtheridon, and Void Reaver easily. Although Invictus was doing really well, the guild fell apart due to its officers moving to college. Entrance (now known as Sade) and Tazzo switched servers to Laughing skull, both were very successful in TBC. Now, they both reside in the US Server Drak'tharon. Velton, after the break up of Invictus made Fatal. Chotok, Jarbs, and Xeg all quit WoW after the guild fell apart.

Fatal- Dead / Inactive

Guild Leader: Velton
Officers: Eyrthstone, Cyrk, Bakios, Kaylla, Worlam, Foos, Holyhorde
First of the current active Azshara guilds to have fully cleared Serpentshrine Cavern, Tempest Keep, Mount Hyjal and Black Temple both on the Horde and Alliance. The guild of Fatal was formed in the Fall of 2007, when the older Azshara guilds of Invictus and Trilogy merged together to create a formidable raiding team. At the time Invictus was suffering from a lack of members, and Trilogy had multiple issues with its leadership, but the members and officers of both guilds were dedicated to the game and to progression, allowing for the merger to not only be succesful but to plant the seeds which allowed for Fatal to become the guild it has. Fatal prides itself on its small size where the only members in the guild are also the core raiders that it fields in progression every night it raids. While the focus of the guild is PvE, raiding only takes up three nights of the week allowing for its players to either delve into other aspects of the game or into real life. However the main reason for Fatal's success lies behind the teamwork and dedication of each and every member in the guild, and now, Illidan lies dead, and Sunwell lays on the horizon. On August 19th 2008, Eliminatè made a deal with the guild leader Velton, that if Shawn Johnson won the gold medal in Gymnastic he would xfer out of the server in spite for China. and so he did.
Update: Fatal broke apart in Dec. 2008 with members joining Dire Malice - Ende and the remaining members founding the guild Corruption.
Website: Fatal

GreyHand- Dead/Inactive

Guild Leader: Zfellwar
GreyHand originated on the Gurubashi server a couple of months after the WoW release. The guild has been through several mergers in the process of putting together a viable raiding force, but has always ended up back as 'GreyHand'. Zfellwar and Zuggi take turns leading the guild. GreyHand transfered to Azshara in April of 2008, and after a successful move, had some successful progression in BC. Wotlk spelled demise for the guild when due to players absent from raids, guild's leadership over-elitism, and overall incompetence made many of the players chose to not attend raids or leave guild.
Website: Grey Hand

Gypsy Syndicate- Pseudo Active

Guild Leader: Anegative
Officers: Bloodydeathh, Healsofdeath, Papastevesey, Steiner, Tydoris
Gypsy Syndicate originated on the Mal'Ganis server eons ago and the original guild is still there. An idea of one of the owners was to create an all "Rogues" guild "Ghost GS" (Ghost Gypsy Syndicate), pun intended, that would basically be the lead guild for all Gypsy raids. The Rogues would go in and stealth in place with Gypsy not far behind. The Rogues would then appear and sap, getting the raid started. The Gypsy guild had members that transferred servers to Altar of Storms. On Altar of Storms, they created another Ghost GS, but one that was not just Rogues. In July of 2008, 3 Members that helped build Ghost GS on Altar of Storms, transferred to Azshara and created Gypsy Syndicate here. We are a laid back leveling and raiding guild with over 200 members, that wants people to have fun and see content. The three founding members of Gypsy Syndicate on Azshara (Anegative, Healsofdeath and Steiner), have all seen end game content on Altar of Storms and hope to bring their guild to the same here on Azshara with the new expansion WotLk.
Website: Gypsy Syndicate

Like A fish- Dead / Inactive

Guild Leader: Yoya
Like A Fish was formed by the players Easypk, Damaga, and Ayquefrio. The guild is a prominent PvP guild on Azshara, currently working to recruit the best PvP'ers that this server has to offer. Be it a battleground or in the Arena, Like A Fish will prove to be a formidable opponent for any Alliance seeking some easy honor.
Website: None - as of 05/22/08

Pandemônium- Dead / Inactive

Guild Leader: Shnygut
Officers: Chupacabras, Mclovein, Herkule, Reigner, Fozzie, Michira, Valkas, Benadryl, Mq
Currently progressing into the Tempest Keep and Serpentshrine Cavern, Pandemônium has rapidly made its way onto the raiding scene of Azshara. Starting on March 11, 2008, their Guild Leader Shnygut has truly created a worthy adversary for the instances of the Outland. Incredibly successful guild. In beginning of 2009 guild leader went inactive and guild members went to Aeon and Cynical.
Website: Pandemônium

That Just Happened- Dead / Inactive

Guild Leader: Gorish
The guild That Just Happened is a Horde PvP focused guild which is committed to the destruction of the Alliance whether they must work alone or band together with other guilds on the server. While PvP is the number one priority, every now and again for fun they band together for some casual PvE. They consist of a collection of guildies ranging back to some of the oldest guilds on Azshara, and are always looking out for a gifted PvP'er.
Website: None - as of 05/22/08

The Wet Bandits- Dead / Inactive

Guild Leader: Wilferal
The Wet Bandits have been a part of Azshara for quite some time, progressing through Karazhan only to then face the ominous preassure of progressing into 25 man raids. Despite opposition, and a break in raiding, many of its core members have pushed to bring back the guild, and under the leadership of Darthbrooks, The Wet Bandits are PvE focused and currently raiding Karazhan and Zul'Aman, with a desire to possibly push onwards.
Webstie: None - as of 05/22/08

Together We Are Terrific- Dead [See **Dungeon Team Extreme**]

Guild Leaders: Mudflaps
Officers: Trivvium, Syphus, Bornforexile, Thulrang, Missmudflaps, Darkdevìl
Guild History: Together We Are Terrific was a transfer guild from Arthas that came to Azshara on November 2, 2008. They were Ascendancy on Arthas and accepted the realm transfer and re-named. Upon transferring to Azshara they quickly progressed through content and are the guild they are today. It's a friendly environment and they enjoy raiding as well as the challenges that come with it. Website: [4]

Unrelenting- Dead / Inactive

Guild Leader: Aysaa
Raid Leaders: Macfury and Nakago
Officers: Displayname, Fandros, and Sirwestcott
Guild History: Unrelenting is a pve raiding guild who have been together since May 2008. They made the jump to Azshara from Mal'ganis in November 2008 and have never looked back. Their main goal is to maintain an organized, fun, low-drama environment that can progress through as much content as possible!! They strive to find others who have great skill, attitude, and commitment.
Website: [5]

ZERG- Something, we aren't quite sure

Guild Leader: Cong
Unknown Info - 05/22/06.

**Dungeon Team Extreme**- Dead / Inactive

Guild Leader: Mudflaps
Guild History: See Together We Are Terrific. Blizzard decided that Together We Are Terrific or TWAT as many knew the guild as was an inappropriate acronym, forcing them to name change the guild. To mock Sensations, a new school forum troll, they named the guild Dungeon Team Extreme. The story behind this is, Sensations applied for a world ranked guild <Exodus> on Ysdondre- US, and in his public application they told Sensations he should apply for a guild named Dungeon Team Extreme because of his gear. The guild was just as successful with the newly acquired name, but eventually attendance became an issue. Mudflaps decided to take the guild elsewhere, leaving few behind. The server and guild in which the went to will be posted shortly.

Bloodthirst- Dead / Inactive

Guild Master: Ktrlaltdel
Officers: Tufflove
Guild History: Originally descendants of Stormreaver- US. Bloodthirst began as a reroll guild and as the rerolls began to level 80, the roster began to grow. Bloodthirst is infamously known for starting a forum war with Death Minions, and for having "the best warrior on the server." Bloodthirst had many attendance issues and was commonly hit with a coined phrase: "10m." This was because in Ulduar Bloodthirst was the first guild to see Yogg-Saron but it was on 10-man difficulty, because the lack of raiders.

Aeon- Active

Guild Master: Ringbearer
Officers: [Needs Updating]
Status: Server 2nd
Guild History: Currently Server 2nd. To be continued...

Thirty One Flavors- Active
Guild Master: Tufflove
Officers: Senslol, Paranemme, Meiosis
Status- Server 3rd
Guild History: Infamously known as a Bloodthrist rebuild. Several of the founding members left Death Minions, Bascas / Alderno being the leading person. After a short two weeks as a guild Bascas took a severe break from WoW, leaving the guild without a guild master. Tufflove assumed Guild Master and the guild took flight. A merger took place between the guild and Uprising which was lead by Buu. All and all in the end the merger turned into a divorce with several Uprising members remaining in the mix. The guild has continued to grow and gain reputation on the realm of Azshara.

Spitfire- Dead / Inactive
Spitfire was one of the most progressed guild before TBC, notably being one of the only two horde raiding guild downing C'thun in AQ40(Blue Garter the other). The guild was sadly renamed Reforged and broke up in mid 2007 due to Enjin marrying a cow.

Guild Progression

To view the PvE progression of all guilds on the realm simply follow the link: Guild Progression


See Crafting for a detailed crafting list. (Current crafting list seems to be out of date and needs desperately to be updated. Should any inhabitants of Azshara desire to take this role upon themselves please do so. If you desire help please contact Haemonculi - currently working to update the server page but would be glad to assist with the crafting one as well)