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Cairne Bloodhoof

Bloodhoof was a highly populated PvE realm from September 2006 until 2012-2013, at which point most highly progressed guilds had left it for other realms. The server was opened on February 11th 2005, and is part of Battlegroup Blackout. The Alliance outnumbers the Horde 2:1.

Community Information

The Blacksmithing created dagger: Dirge, is daily spammed in the trade chat on the Alliance side of the factions. For what reason is unknown.

The legend of Yooj!

Yooj! Quite possibly the most famous name ever to appear on Bloodhoof pre-TBC was a Tauren Shaman! Grinded for High Warlord at level 60. PUGed his way through most of it. Was also one of the nicest people on Bloodhoof ....... when he spoke!

With over 190,000 lifetime kills and having grinded 1,100,000 honour points in his last week of grinding to High Warlord he truly was deserving of the rank...... mostly due to his gold farmers and "personal ho's"! His chinamen would log on and go straight into the BG's for a ay of rice earning and boredom.

His most notable triumph however was probably when he finally got past rank 12 which many of us suspect was when he actually hired his honor power leveling bitches and decided to watch lots of pr0n instead.

This was all before the days of cross server battlegrounds and understandably Yooj was known, revered and loved by almost all the Alliance on the server who had ever set foot into a level 60 battleground, although that was mainly due to premades dedicated to farming him for kills. Often recieving forum posts from Bloodhoofs finest trolls he became probably the most respected player on Bloodhoof although on reflection that probably isn't a good thing.

It used to be said if you did not know who Yooj was then you were not a true Bloodhoofian (well he was part of the furniture and i still cut myself to sleep patiently awaiting his return). Sadly the player behind the legend has stopped playing the character Yooj who can still be viewed from the armory at level 70! Some say he has made a new character and kept his true identity secret except from his closest friends to avoid the constant fan boi spam! The only person who knows whether this is true or not however, is Yooj himself!


Rank 14 PvPers

These are some of the players who have reached the coveted ranks of Grand Marshal and High Warlord.

Alliance  [Grand Marshal] rank, Alliance
Horde  [High Warlord] rank, Horde
Alliance Alliance

Wilddevil - Druid

Sepiroth - Rogue

Elfmageddom - Rogue

Silencer - Hunter

Rohit - Warrior

Monosogui - Mage

Maidokilla - Paladin

Masfryn - Warrior

Winona - Warrior

Julanissen - Rogue

Horde Horde

Payne - Priest

Imotep - Mage

Bullgates - Druid

Magicbull - Shaman

Voilak - Shaman

Yooj - Shaman

Reem - Hunter

Dwarfhorror - Warrior

Adebisii - Hunter

Mardak - Shaman

Wozer - Shaman

Madshadow - Rogue

Exokiller - Warrior

Bloodhoof Milestones
February, 11th, 2005
The server opened its door to the public at the release date of World of Warcraft in Europe
June, 7th, 2005
Onyxia downed by Gatekeepers
August, 18th, 2005
Molten Core cleared by Gatekeepers
December, 12th, 2005
Blackwing Lair Cleared by Gatekeepers
March, 1st, 2006
The Gates of Ahn'Qiraj have been opened by AllianceAvion (Gatekeepers) and AllianceFensi (Imperial Alliance)
May 23rd, 2006
Temple of Ahn'Qiraj Cleared by Gatekeepers
September, 2006
Bloodhoof became a highly populated realm.
February, 17th, 2007
Karazhan cleared by Versus. One of the few server firsts not by Gatekeepers.
August, 22nd, 2007
Mount Hyjal cleared by Novus Ordo Seclorum.
October, 12th, 2007
Black Temple cleared by Novus Ordo Seclorum.
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