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Server History

Burning Blade was one of the original World of Warcraft European English servers when WoW went live on February 11th 2005. The server was highly populated and often experience queues and lag/disconnects. Raiding progress began to suffer which began to annoy the large population.

Major Alliance Guilds included:

  • Balance
  • Ex Vi Termini
  • HoD
  • Norwegian Legion (Gief Epix)
  • Royal Blood
  • Remorseles

Major Horde Guilds included:

  • Afternoon Delight
  • Fluffy Kitties
  • Brutality
  • One Vision
  • Refusion
  • The Valor Legion
  • Delirium
  • Ephorate

Migration to Grim Batol

On May 15th 2006, Blizzard began Free Migration to Grim Batol. The current population of Burning Blade began arranging plans for migration. All Major Alliance and Horde Guilds began the exodus with smaller guilds and individuals following suit as nobody wanted to play on a dead realm.

After Migration

Blizzard eventually retrofitted the realm, but by then it was too late. However since then Blizzard has used Burning Blade as a migration destination realm and has since seen a healthy influx in players. With the addition of Cross-Realm Battlegrounds, PvP queues remain quick across all realms.

Before WoW: The Burning Crusade

One of the best guilds the server had was called Taint. Taint members came from Sylvanaar, and formed a very strong Blackwing Lair (BWL) raiding guild.

Before the expansion (TBC), there were very few end game guilds, that were actually progressing. BWL was out of reach for most of the guilds, except Twilight (Alliance). Twilight (lead by Moonlet) cleared BWL and started wiping in Naxxramas. The guild's name didn't change after the release of TBC, although many core people have either joined Mindblast/Lux Ferre or left server because lack of serenity.

There were many guilds, but most of them were wiping in Molten Core (MC), trying to progress. One of the most important guilds from the server was Sha'Tar (Alliance), lead by Degradator. They started from the bottom, from a level 10 guild to become one of the enthusiastic, disciplined and dedicated guilds this server had to offer. The core of the guild was formed by few real life Romanian players, who leveled very fast, and started clearing ZG. Once both MT(Degradator) and the OT(Salemkd) got geared, the guild cleared Zul'Gurub (ZG) in a matter of days. The guild farmed ZG for a few months, then started real encounters. When the officers voted to start MC, a problem occurred. They were facing many slackers, so they decided to 'remake' the guild, with another name, but with all core people (50% of the guild). They renamed it from Requiem, to Sha'Tar. They cleared MC in two weeks (although half of players have never been in the instance). It was all about team-work, dedication, and discipline. Ruins of Ahn'Qiraj was the second instance cleared by the guild, as well as most of the world bosses. When Sha'Tar cleared the first two bosses from BWL and were preparing for a victorius march through the instance, The Burning Crusade was released, forcing the members to stop focusing on BWL and start leveling instead. The guild is now-a-days called Lux Ferre, and is the best Alliance guild side on the server.

Many Serbian players migrated to Burning Blade just before the release of the TBC and created a new raiding guild called United. Most of the players had Naxxramas experience, so the expectations were high. They reached Gruul's Lair and couldn't go further then High King Maulgar which lead to disbanding, some of the raiders joined Revenant others migrated away or stopped playing.

Glorious was a very old guild from the server, that cleared BWL once. After the clearing of BWL, they faced new problems that struck the guild, forcing them to start wiping in MC all over again, trying to gear their members. Most of the dedicated guild raiders joined after TBC from the guild Mindblast.

Valhallas was also a very good alliance guild, who killed few bosses in BWL. Later, they changed their name to Sains. After TBC Sains and United merged. Few weeks later United disbanded, and most of the members joined Revenant.

Insomnia was another important MC raiding guild, that had very little progress. They migrated after TBC to Ragnaros server (due to lack of tanks/healers), where they disbanded a few weeks later.

Current Times

After "The Burning Crusade" was released, the server suffered because of lack of dedicated hardcore people, which is the reason why progress was made later. Mindblast (Alliance) was the first guild who cleared Karazhan, and to reach Lady Vashj, but in the end they disbanded, and the members either migrated on different servers, or quit the game. Other Alliance guilds were at that time only clearing Gruul/Magtheridon, and staring on SSC/TK.

The horde guilds were doing worse than the Alliance guilds. At the time Mindblast disbanded, best Horde guild Delirium had only killed Magtheridon, and the 2nd best horde guild was wiping on Gruul. However, even though the odds were against them, Delirium has made amazing progress and killed 5 bosses from SSC and 2 from TK in a matter of weeks, becoming number one guild on the server.

On the Alliance side, Revenant and Lux Ferre were progressing fast, killing bosses in SSC/TK within a week of each other, with Revenant taking lead. When Revenant disbanded after two weeks of wiping on Lady Vashj, Lux Ferre took the spot of the server's best Alliance guild.

On the Horde side, Delirium migrated and The Brotherhood took over the PvE progress, them and Lux Ferre almost daily interchanging on the position of the server guild number one.

Today, Lux Ferre is leading suit, having cleared Mount Hyjal and The Black Temple. The Brotherhood is keeping close second, attempting on Illidan, while a few other guilds like the Horde's Dark Side, and Alliance's AMBER and Twilight, are making good progress in MH, as well as on BT's first bosses.

As of 27th July 2008, however, Lux Ferre Migrated to Grim Batol, for Population reasons. Despite their leaving, many other guilds have risen to the occasion and are making great Raid progress. Guilds like eXplict, Saints and Final Breath on the Alliance side are still doing T6 Raids, meanwhile guilds like Good Times, Magyar Mentalitás and Awakening are still doing other such raids.

The release of Lich King has brought much prosperity to Burning Blade! Within a month of Lich King's release, the following Guilds have progressed through Naxxramas Final Breath (Server First, both Normal and Heroic) with Awakening getting Horde first on Normal, and Horde Second for Heroic Naxxramas. The Brotherhood (Disbanded) Completed Naxxramas on Heroic first. Other guilds completing Naxx on Normal include Paha Setä, illuusio, GodMode, Magyar Mentalitás, Keelhaul, Shaken Edge, Good Times, Ashes, eXplicit, Saints, Celestia, Vandetta.

Just when the little server on the edge of the universe started to get back to the good tracks happend a moment that pretty much changed the way Burning Blade looked for the last 2 years. There was one in the many of migration open to the Burning Blade, but this time there was an organized migration from Drak'thul server to Burning Blade. About 5 hardcore guilds plus others transfered and all of them were CZ/SK which brought in the begining a lot of anger from the core population due to abuse of their native language in the public channels. After few weeks the situation cooled down, they more or less accepted our ways and old population got used to some CZ/SK talking. Never the less, that migration brought to Burning Blade something it was waiting for years - former glory.

Many guilds cleared everything that game has to offer so far and we are all waiting for Ulduar.

Ulduar came, Trial of Crusader came and finaly what we been waiting for came also, Icecrown Citadel. Some things changed on BB during last year. CZ/SK guild made couple of really strong guilds and they are pretty much running the Alliance show. Equilibrium is best guild and they have pretty good score on worldwide scene, they did everything on the menu. Few more CZ/SK guild are doing good like Renovation, Eternal Abyss, Motion and Rise of Elders. Final Breath changed side and went Horde. While Burning Blade was always more Alliance server, the Horde side has only few more good guilds like Dystopia and Disturbed (who also moved from alliance side to horde). From older guilds that were doing good few disbanded or migrated like Celestia and Paha Setä, rest like Saints, eXplicit and Amber are still alive and kicking. And now lets see the Lich King.

Guild Listing

Horde Guilds

  • Cowboys from Hell | Website: N/A | Guild Type : PvP/PvE
  • The Edamned | Website: n/a | Guild Type: PvE Based, PvP intrested

Alliance Guilds

  • ßoys on the ßizzle | Website: Not available At The Moment | Guild Type : PvP/Organised world pvp raids.

  • Ðisturbed | Website: no | Guild Type: PvE Guild
  • Unreal | Website : not up yet | Guild Type: PvE Guild