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This article is an information page for the Chromaggus realm (server)

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Oceanic servers

Chromaggus (US PvP)

For information on the European Chromaggus server, go to Server:Chromaggus Europe.

This PvP Server was created on November 30th, 2005.

Official Chromaggus Forum

This server is noted for consistently low population (as shown by the server choice dialog), and a faction imbalance favoring the Horde.

IRC Channel

Channel: #chromaggus-pvp

Join many of the top players in the Chromaggus Community by logging into the official Chromaggus IRC channel! This channel is a resource for communication among many members of the server.

Raid Progression

For information on guild progression through the raid instances, see the Chromaggus Guild Progression page.

Alliance CrestAlliance Guilds

Horde CrestHorde Guilds

  • Masquers - Website
  • Ars Raid Squad
  • Wiping on Trash

Rare Enchants/Crafts

Looking up crafters on the server's wiki seems particularly suboptimal, but for those who want to list their rare recipes for others to look up, here's the place.

Trade alchemy.pngAlchemy

Flasks AllianceAlliance HordeHorde
 [Flask of Relentless Assault]

Trade blacksmithing.pngBlacksmithing

Trade engraving.pngEnchanting

Trade engineering.pngEngineering

Inv misc gem 02.pngJewelcrafting

Trade leatherworking.pngLeatherworking

Trade tailoring.pngTailoring