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Elune is an Eastern Time PvE server, and one of the handful of realms that opened on release date. Although not quite as popular as other realms, it has had its share of spotlight moments.

One of the largest drawbacks of this realm remains its imbalance. While the Horde:Alliance ratio plagues nearly all realms, Elune is one of the worst (according to Warcraft Realms census). This is clearly visible when you play on this realm. Since the inception of paid transfers and the collapse of many high-end Horde guilds, many people have left the Horde. Nevertheless, Elune remains a great realm full of unique people and always something new to talk about. Any Horde player looking to join Elune would only find that there are no raiding guilds and the game is difficult to enjoy.

Realm Connection

On January 6, 2014, Blizzard announced the Elune would be merging with fellow launch-day server Gilneas.[1] On March 7, 2014, Blizzard announced that the merger of Elune and Gilneas was postponed until a future time.[2]`

On Thursday, July 24th, 2014, Elune was connected with Gilneas.


Some of the following information may be out of date as guilds merge, disband, and are created on a daily basis. Guild list was original compiled from (10man listing) on August 12, 2010.

Ui-charactercreate-factions alliance.png Alliance Guilds

Guild Name Armory Website Notes
Aegis Doxa Armory Web
Afraid of Elementals Armory Web
Alliance of Azeroth Armory
Amnesty Armory Web
Antithesis Armory
Axis Armory Web
Better Part of Valor Armory Web
Cataclysmic Armory Web
Celestial Vanguard Armory Web
Chambers of Shaolin Armory Web
Chaotic Illusion Armory
Circle of Valor Armory
Conspiracy Armory Web
Crucify Armory
Ctrl Alt Elite Armory
Damnation Armory Web
Dark Skies Armory
Demagog Armory Web
Desperate Measures Armory Web
Die By The Sword Armory
Dimensional Death Armory Web
Disenchanted On The Spot Armory
Divinus Veritas Armory
Dragonlords Armory
Elunatic Armory
Eluneminati Armory
Emerald Dream Armory
Entropy Armory
Evident Armory Web
Exiled Alliance Armory
Failure Armory Web
Fidelis Armory
Fight Armory Web
Forbid Armory
Force of Will Armory
Forgotten Souls Armory
From Accounting Armory Web
Fusion Armory Web
Guardians of Fire Armory
Guilty as Charged Armory
Heart of the Monkey Armory
Heretics Armory Web
Heroes of Fallen Kingdom Armory
Holy Crit Armory
Homeless Armory
Inner Focus Armory Web
Insert Guild Name Here Armory
Intervention Armory
InvalidTarget Armory Web
Ironwood Guild Armory
Is Shifty Armory
Just Crusade Armory Web
Kings of the Stone Age Armory
l Silver Dragons l Armory
ll Mythica ll Armory
La Fin du Monde Armory Web
Logic Armory
Midnight Cartel Armory Web
Night Runners Armory
Noctambulists Armory Web
Order of Akasha Armory
Phoenix Fury Armory Web
Plan B Armory
Poison Arrow Armory
Power RNGers Armory
Purgatorial Armory
Questers Run Armory
Raider Armory Web
RaidersoftheLostTavern Armory
Remains of Light Armory
Remedium Armory
Revivification Armory
Rising Storm Armory Web
Royal Cerastae Armory
SOK Armory Web
Sanctify Armory
Segmentation Fault Armory Web
Serenity Armory Web
Serious Business Armory
Shadow Dragon Knights Armory
Stargazer Clan Armory Web
Strength In Numbers Armory
Subtlety Armory
Suppression Armory
The House Armory
The Lords of Aggro Armory
The Redlite District Armory
The Silver Triads Armory Web
The Sinister Twelve Armory
Triton Armory
Twilight Crusaders Armory
Undefined Armory
Undying Resolution Armory Web
United Forces Armory
United Order of Virtue Armory Web
Unyielding Loyalty Armory
vanguard Armory
Vindication Armory
Wanderlust Armory
WarHammers Armory
With Majesty Armory

Ui-charactercreate-factions horde.png Horde Guilds

Guild Name Armory Website Notes
Catalyst Armory
Chaotic Patterns Armory
Common Affliction Armory Web
Dark Legacy Armory
Double Vision Armory
EZ Company Armory
Felsteel Warriors Armory
Forbearance Armory
Fugitives of Ro Armory
Hellfire Empire Armory Web
Kind of a Big Deal Armory
Myth Armory Web
Pinnacle Armory
Refugees of Luclin Armory
Regulators Armory
Requiem of Hellscream Armory Web
Silastic Armorfiends Armory
Sythegore Reborn Armory Web
Titans Exodus Armory Web
Unrepentant Armory Web
Wardemons Armory Web


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Elune in general

In spite of being a release-day server, Elune's PvE progression is something less than impressive, and has had a continuing problem keeping Horde guilds together and functional enough to progress in content. Player activity is still relatively high, and even low-level areas can still see enough traffic for viable game play.