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This article is an information page for the Eonar realm (server)

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Server Information

Eonar is a mature, EST PvE server featuring several elite Horde and Alliance guilds, the server has a slightly unbalanced Horde:Alliance ratio, with the majority playing Alliance. Eonar also hosts a wide variety of vibrant personalities and friendly folk. This server also hosts many pugs.

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Eonar Server Firsts

04/16/09 - Kologarn- Ascension (H)
04/16/09 - Iron Council- Computus Demum (H)
04/16/09 - XT-002 Deconstructor- Computus Demum (H)
04/15/09 - Razorscale- Ascension (H)
04/14/09 - Flame Levithan- Ascension (H)
04/02/08 - Kalecgos- The Dark Carnival (H)
10/15/07 - Illidan- The Dark Carnival (H)
10/08/07 - Illidari Council- The Dark Carnival (H)
09/25/07 - Mother Shahraz- The Dark Carnival (H)
09/16/07 - Essence Of Souls- The Dark Carnival (H)
08/23/07 - Archimonde- The Dark Carnival (H)
08/13/07 - Azgalor- The Dark Carnival (H)
08/13/07 - Kaz'Rogal- The Dark Carnival (H)
08/12/07 - Anetheron- The Dark Carnival (H)
08/12/07 - Gurtogg Bloodboil- The Dark Carnival (H)
08/06/07 - Teron Gorefiend- The Dark Carnival (H)
07/26/07 - Shade of Akama- The Dark Carnival (H)
07/26/07 - Supremus- The Dark Carnival (H)
07/25/07 - Naj'entus- The Dark Carnival (H)
07/23/07 - Rage Winterchill- The Dark Carnival (H)
07/19/07 - Kael'Thas- The Dark Carnival (H)
06/15/07 - High Astromancer Solarian- The Dark Carnival (H)
06/11/07 - Al'ar- The Dark Carnival (H)
06/07/07 - Lady Vashj- The Dark Carnival (H)
06/03/07 - Lurker Below- The Dark Carnival (H)
05/31/07 - Leotheras The Blind- The Dark Carnival (H)
05/??/07 - Void Reaver - The Dark Carnival (H)
??/??/07 - Fathomlord Karathress - The Dark Carnival (H)
??/??/07 - Morogrim Tidewalker - The Dark Carnival (H)
??/??/07 - Hydross - The Dark Carnival (H)
11/02/06 - Gothik the Harvester - Reign (A)
10/16/06 - Loatheb - Reign (A)
10/08/06 - Heigan the Unclean - Reign (A)
10/01/06 - Thaddius - Reign (A)
09/22/06 - Gluth - Reign (A)
09/11/06 - Viscidus - The Dark Carnival (H)
09/03/06 - Grobbulus - The Dark Carnival (H)
09/03/06 - Patchwerk - The Dark Carnival (H)
08/15/06 - Ouro - The Evil Empire (A)
08/06/06 - Maexxna - The Evil Empire (A)
07/26/06 - Grand Widow Faerlina - The Evil Empire (A)
07/11/06 - Noth the Plaguebringer - The Evil Empire (A)
06/27/06 - Anub'Rekan - The Evil Empire (A)
06/25/06 - Instructor Razuvious - Guardians of Dawn (A)

Eonar's Most Memorable Legends

These people are great Eonarians, by how they raid or pvp...not how they run their mouths in trade chat.

-Otep- nominated by anonymous Otep, who is on the alliance, is one of the greatest mages I have ever seen. He's been a mage since thick and thin, and does a great job at it. Keep up the good work, man.

-Neoptalomas- nominated by anonymous Before you ran off, you were a mighty fine healer. Wherever you roam now, you'll always be from Eonar.

-Yoda- nominated by anonymous Never have I seen anyone give it to the alliance like you, dude. After you quit wow, PvP just wasn't the same. GL to you wherever you be.

-Bilcosby- nominated by anonymous You always knew how to make an obvious wipe wipe in style. Thanks for all the years put into making raids a more fun filled experience.

Guild Listing

Alliance Crest Alliance

Horde Crest Horde


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Alliance Champions of the Dawn Website
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Alliance Distortion Website
Alliance Easy Company Website
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Alliance The Exalted Website
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Alliance Gloria Et Lumina Website
Alliance Hegira Website
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