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This article is an information page for the Executus realm (server)

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Executus US (PvP)

Executus Forum

Executus IRC: #executus : keyloggers and viruses have been known to be sent from certain users on this IRC channel. so connect at your own risk.

Executus is a Horde dominating realm consisting of roughly 14,000 players as of 10/17/2010. Approximate Horde population is 11,500 players (10/17/10). Approximate Alliance population is 2100 players (10/17/10). Horde to Alliance ratio is roughly 5.4(H):1(A)

Server Firsts

HordeRopetown holds the title for all server first kills. Scarab Lord title was achieved by Flutter AllianceExodus, Blatt HordeTindi Losi, And Pseudonym HordeTindi Losi

Guild List

Alliance Crest Alliance »

Aftermath Web ElinkIcon-armory.pngArmory
Band of Brothers ElinkIcon-armory.pngArmory
Blood Reign ElinkIcon-armory.pngArmory
Brew City ElinkIcon-armory.pngArmory
Eye Candy Web ElinkIcon-armory.pngArmory
Fallen Exiles Web ElinkIcon-armory.pngArmory
Grim ElinkIcon-armory.pngArmory
Nameless Web ElinkIcon-armory.pngArmory
Rave ElinkIcon-armory.pngArmory
Rocket Surgeons ElinkIcon-armory.pngArmory
The Totally Rad Guild Web ElinkIcon-armory.pngArmory
Verity Web ElinkIcon-armory.pngArmory
Final Sanctuary ElinkIcon-armory.pngArmory

Horde Crest Horde »

iHorde ElinkIcon-armory.pngArmory
DaKor Web ElinkIcon-armory.pngArmory
Durator All Stars ElinkIcon-armory.pngArmory
GLA Web ElinkIcon-armory.pngArmory
Heretic Web ElinkIcon-armory.pngArmory
Juevos ElinkIcon-armory.pngArmory
Maelstrom Web ElinkIcon-armory.pngArmory
Months Behind Web ElinkIcon-armory.pngArmory
Retrospect ElinkIcon-armory.pngArmory
Ropetown Web ElinkIcon-armory.pngArmory
Semper Tyrannis ElinkIcon-armory.pngArmory
Shadow Templars Web ElinkIcon-armory.pngArmory
s p o o k s ElinkIcon-armory.pngArmory
The Vaunted Web ElinkIcon-armory.pngArmory

TBC Progression

The following tables represent the progression of the server. The bosses listed are the bosses you have downed not bosses you are currently working on. Italics indicates that the guild killed bosses out of order and has only killed the bosses listed.

Information gathered from WoWJutsu and the Progression List on the WoW forums.

25 Man

Sunwell key art.jpg



Undone.gifGruul's Lair

Undone.gifMagtheridon's Lair

Undone.gifSerpentshrine Cavern

Undone.gifThe Eye

Undone.gifHyjal Summit

Undone.gifThe Black Temple

Undone.gifSunwell Plateau

Alliance Alliance
Guild Gruul's Lair Magtheridon's Lair Serpentshrine Cavern The Eye Hyjal Summit The Black Temple Sunwell Plateau
Alliance Aftermath Farm Farm Farm Farm Farm Farm
Alliance Eye Candy Farm Farm Farm Farm Farm Farm Kalecgos
Alliance Nameless Farm Farm Farm Farm Farm Farm Farm
Alliance Rocket Surgeons Farm Farm Farm Farm Azgalor Gorefiend
Alliance Verity Farm Farm Farm Farm Farm Farm

Horde Horde
Guild Gruul's Lair Magtheridon's Lair Serpentshrine Cavern The Eye Hyjal Summit The Black Temple Sunwell Plateau
Horde Da'Kor Farm Farm Farm Farm Farm Farm Felmyst
Horde GLA Farm Farm Farm Kael'thas Sunstrider
Horde Heretic Farm Farm Farm Farm Farm Farm
Horde Ropetown Farm Farm Farm Farm Farm Farm Felmyst




Karazhan - Main

Karazhan - Optional

Karazhan - Animal Bosses (Servant Quarters)

Karazhan - Opera Event


As of 10/22/07, there are currently 44 guilds on Executus that are either in or have cleared Karazhan.