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Fastriders was created in January of 2007 for over-populated servers to transfer to. People came from places like Earthen Ring, Cenarion Circle, and other high population servers.

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Guild Listing

Alliance Guild Listing

Aegis - Raiding - Aegis is one of the top ranked raiding guilds on the server for both 10 and 25 man content.

Night Shift - Raiding - Night Shift is one of the top ranked raiding guilds on the server for both 10 and 25 man content. Night Shift's raid hours are late night from 11 p.m. server to 2 a.m. server.

The Shadow Hall - Heavy RP/Casual raid - The Shadow Hall is among the oldest and most respected guilds on the Farstriders server. Ura has led the guild for over three years now, and the Hall is wildly considered the largest RP guild on the server. The shadows are a safe haven for those that have no where else to turn and follow the motto "Protection for Loyalty." Raiding and PVP aren't unheard of, and the Hall boasts both a 10 man endgame group and several PVP teams. They require an application, which can be reached at the provided link.

Last Call - PvE/Raiding/RP/Social

The Seven Kingdoms - PVE/Social/Light Raiding - Raiding, PVE and occasionally RP Seven Kingdoms provides for all aspects of the game.

Royal Constabulary - RP - The Constabulary are the good guys of the Alliance. Upholding the law and protecting the peoples of the Alliance!

University of Azeroth - Heavy RP - The University of Azeroth is a guild dedicated to exploring, learning of and teaching the peoples of Azeroth. Adventure required!

Evil Tree - Raiding/Casual/Occasional PVP - The Evil Tree is a mature guild with a casual atmosphere.

Einherjar-Causual Raiding- Established November 4, 2008. Youtube channel: EinherjarVision

Horde Guild Listing

Heretic Blades - PvE/Raiding

Silvermoon Dragon Guard - PVE/RP

Damnation - PvE/Raiding - Damnation is a family-style casual raiding guild.

Silvermoon Swordmaidens - RP/PvE/Light PvP - The Silvermoon Swordmaidens was one of the first established roleplaying guilds on the Farstriders server, and continues to offer a friendly environment where new and experienced roleplayers can participate. In addition to roleplaying, this guild participates in light PvP as well as PvE on a moderate level (the guild is presently working on 10 man Ulduar 1 night a week). The only requirement for membership is that your character be a Female Blood Elf and have the basic knowledge of RP or a desire to learn. Events and meetings are optional, but highly encouraged. Applications are available on the website listed above. In game interviews will be conducted by the current Mistress, Adry, or an officer of the guild. Contact the Swordmaidens in game, or via the above site for more information.

The Darksun Tribe - RP/PvE/Social - The Darksun Tribe is a new guild on the server, and is focused heavily on RP and chatting with each other out-of-character. In-game interviews are required to join the guild, and there are no restrictions on race, class, or gender. All we ask is that somehow you contribute to the founding ideal of the guild, healing. You can be someone who needs healing in some way, or someone that heals another somehow. The website contains all the rules, as well as an overview of the guild's personal lore. Interpersonally, the guild feels that everyone has a say in what goes on within the "tribe". Even the newest recruits' opinions are valued. The Darksun Tribe also raids current content on a weekly basis (one day a week in ICC, extending the lockout unless Marrowgar is the weekly raid boss) alongside their allied guilds. Contact Sahare, Faesona, Penitent, or any member of the Tribe in game for further information.

Good Spirits - RP/PvE/Social - Good Spirits, celebrating their 3rd birthday in May of 2010, is a friendly moderate-to-light RP guild with interests in PvE and some PvP. As players, they're all friends, regardless of what their character relationships are. Members of Good Spirits log in to have a good time, and they certainly do ensure that a good time is had. Their parties are known among the RP community as some of the best events possible. They've also spent a lot of time fostering growth on the server and attend or host several of the monthly RP events within the community. All in all, their name speaks volumes about the character and quality of the guild and its leadership. They really are good spirits. This guild also raids current content, alongside The Darksun Tribe and Silvermoon Swordmaidens. They currently raid ICC once a week, extending the lockout unless the weekly raid boss is Marrowgar. To join, apply at the link above.

Guilds Open to Recruitment

(Section added to help resolve server population issues) Obviously not all available guilds are listed.

<Demiurgic Empire? - PVE/PVP/Crafting/Social - No class or level restrictions, we enjoy running old and new world content.

Heretic Blades - Visit their website at and fill out the application form.

Silvermoon Swordmaidens - See description above. Application available at under the forums.

Evil Tree - Alliance - Always on the lookout for good people. Visit the forums at for more information.

A Bit About Us

Farstriders has been talked about in some online newspapers thanks to many of its folks doing some cool things. Such as a video of a paladin tank pulling 109 mobs at once in the Black Morass and a single mage dropping them all in 20 - 40 seconds. The cast from that video are our own Rookz,Trillien,xetroV,Nyteshaid, and Prodicator.

Even though it is an RP server, a little bit of PVP is not unheard of. We have an excellent amount of twinks in a multitude of brackets. Some of our twinks even heal. OMG! Healing Twinks? There are usually Pre-Made alliance and horde teams running any number of battlegrounds. Don't think "Its an RP server.. theres no PVP there.. " because in reality there's PVP on every server.

As this is an RP server, there are a few RP additions to accomdate Roleplayers.

There is an OOC channel on both sides of the server for RPers. These are mainly utilized by various guild leaders to facilitate RP, and it isn't uncommon for spontaneous RP to be announced via these channels. Note: These channels are NOT a Guild Recruitment channel. If you continually ask for a guild via these channels, you likely won't get one. Ask Brillinara ingame for the channel name Horde side. Ask Ura or anyone from The Shadow Hall ingame for the channel name Alliance side.

/TheRest is a Hordeside IC channel set in the Wayfarer's Rest in Silvermoon City. Maturity is as always a requirement.