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Frostmane is a PvP server in the Central Timezone, US. Originally released in February 2005, the transfers from the Frostwolf realm greatly changed the dynamic of the server in August 2005. For the first six months of its existence, Frostmane was predominantly populated by Horde, leading to a severely outnumbered Alliance. The influx of transfers from Frostwolf to Frostmane drastically increased the amount of Alliance players and pushed the Alliance/Horde ratio to an estimated 3:1.

Originally, the guilds Disband (Horde) and Resolution (Alliance) dominated the Frostmane PvE scene. After the initial server transfer from Frostwolf to Frostmane, both the PvE and PvP aspects of the game were led by Vicious Cycle (one of the Top 5 guilds on June 12th, 2006). However, on August 30th, 2006 they transfered to Kil'jaeden to join Battlegroup 9. Dragonfiight and War Front are now the Alliance PvE progression leaders and Kinetic is the leader in PvE progress on the Horde side.

PvP on Frostmane is extremely intense and fiercely competitive. Before ranks were obsolete, achieving the highest ranks required months of dedication, and have been accomplished almost exclusively by organized PVP teams.

Also known as

  • "Crashmane"
  • "Dramamane"
  • "Frostlag"
  • "Funkytown"
  • "Lagmane"


Contained within is a list of famous and/or infamous players. Abandon hope all ye who enter here.

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Guild progression

Frostmane's PvE progress for the Wrath of the Lich King is shown in the tables below. Archived progression for Burning Crusade can be found under the Frostmane Progression Archive. Because not every guild reports its progress this list is not always up-to-date. Additional information about a guild can be found by clicking on its self-maintained guild page (blue links in the table).

Horde Crest Horde
Guild Naxx Ulduar ToC Nexus Aspects Icecrown Other
Amplexus Kel'thuzad Assembly of Iron Anub'arak Malygos Sartharion Sartharion +3
Arisèn Four Horsemen
Ascendance Kel'thuzad Malygos Sartharion Sartharion +3
Chaotic Precision
End Game Crusade Kel'thuzad Anub'arak Malygos Sartharion Sartharion +3
Entropy Inc Kel'thuzad Anub'arak Sartharion Sindragosa Sartharion +1
FÂIL Kel'thuzad Freya Anub'arak Malygos Sartharion Sartharion +3
Final Countdown
Furious Lobster
Kinetic Kel'thuzad Anub'arak Malygos Sartharion Sartharion +3
Obsidium Kel'thuzad Alganon Anub'arak Malygos Sartharion Sartharion +3
One Percent Kel'thuzad Malygos Sartharion Sartharion +3
Reclamations Kel'thuzad Algalon Anub'arak Malygos Sartharion Blood Queen Sartharion +3
Special School Kel'thuzad Malygos Sartharion Sartharion +3
Alliance Crest Alliance
Guild Naxx Ulduar Nexus Aspects Icecrown Other
Chosen One
New Hotness
Reborn Kel'thuzad Malygos Sartharion2D
Shar Hellven
War Front
We Cant Win Kel'thuzad Malygos Sartharion
zOmg It Bit Me Kel'thuzad Freya Malygos Sartharion Sartharion +3

Horde Crest Other Notable Horde Guilds

The following list contains guilds that have disbanded or that don't yet fit on the list above.

Aborted Divinity - Formed in early 2005, was a prominent Horde guild for several months. Many of the original members transferred to Turalyon(PvE) server in late 2005 to focus more on PvE. A lot of the members who remained on Frostmane server are still friends, as it was a tight-knit, family style guild.

Afterlife - Lost all its good members and had to merge with Dark Horde Brigade. Members of the new Afterlife claim it to be a "chill" guild because they can't go any further due to bad leadership and members gquitting.

Armatu - Died 1 month A.BC. Victim of that drama we all know and love. Reborn 12 Nov 2008.

DMA - Disbanded fall of 2007.

Duskwood Surprise - Original name "Udder Mookkake" freaking sweet!

FÂIL - Deems itself a drama free leveling / raiding guild. It's not the most progressive guild on the server, but when it comes to enjoying the game, FÂIL does it well.

Flowers Of Happiness - Well known for spamming chat channels while attempting to recruit hundreds of players regardless of level. It is good luck to /hail a flower.

Grovestreet - Merged with Sin City Horde in fall of 2007.

Ht - Hostile Takeover - Transfered from Frostwolf same time as Militia and VC, a few months later Ht removed its wow division and players that were left formed Omertà.

Kaizen - Merged with Maven in August 2008 to form Revitalize

Militia - Used to be a very important PVP guild, now most of their members re-rolled to join VC or quit altogether.

illumination - A small guild that has recently been leveling many characters to 80. Recently recruited many level 80 transfer/faction change toons and has been progressing easily through the raids. Guild is known to be making a stride to become number 1 raiding guild on server

Omertà - Forever known as the most secretive guild on Frostmane. Disbanded in the fall of 2007 when they simply stopped raiding.

Progression - Disbanded May 2008. Could not bare the thought of raiding without Cornymccoy anymore and disbanded.

Prognosis Psychotic - Lead by Rugdar. Contains the legendary Jindianjonz and... Toiletpaper!

Regulus - Growing PVP and PVE guild, no drama, see website.

Schism - One of the furthest progressing guilds on the server, progressed through Kaz'rogal and Akama before calling it quits. No other Tool inspired guilds currently exist on the server.

Sin City Horde - Disbanded 14 Nov 07. The single best guild that ever existed on any server.

Symbol of Aggression - Frostmane's largest (400+) and oldest (4+ yrs) Family Friendly guild. A mature, casual, social, leveling and sometime raiding, non-vulgar chat guild, all classes and levels welcome, as long as you are nice. The core of SOA came from the guild Pax Imperium (long live Pax Imperium!), but an absentee Guild Leader (rumored to have left for EVE MMO), caused leaders/members to move en masse to an officer's bank alt's guild. That guild, Symbol of Aggression, had been purchased from a stranger spamming trade chat with guild for sale. Apparently there is some bad history with the original SoA (GL left, new GL disbands/steals guild vault or some such) but the current SoA survives and thrives under new management. Some call it the new Flowers of Happiness for it's large size and openess to all classes/levels. Don't be fooled though - only nice people allowed; mean, rude, crude, vulgar trade/barrens-type chat will get you insta-booted - in a family friendly way of course.

Under The Bridge - Started as an all troll guild, and to this day most of the core players are all still trolls.

Two Dollar Horde - Changed name to "TDH". Exists as an alt guild.

Uprising - Is the new reformed Maven under new leadership as of May 2009.

VATICAN OF HORROR - Single most brutal guild to ever grace Frostmane ever.

Alliance Crest Other Notable Alliance Guilds

The following list contains guilds that have disbanded or that don't yet fit on the list above.

Converge - Disappeared somewhat after BC.

Equilibrium - A smaller, casual, guild Progressing through Karazhan. Recently disbanded. Many members joined Reborn.

Highwind - Disbanded. Some say, "Good riddance." Lost core members to Empire after their GM left.

Keebler Refugees - Known as the "friendliest" guild on Frostmane, their members are very friendly and like to stalk Tundo the troll Shaman. Recently turned 8 years old.

LoT - Has two players with Thunderfury. Re-formed as League of Trouble "Original Name on Frostwolf".

MîNËRVÄ - PvP/PvE guild, (Deity of Wisdom, War and Craft) organized, no-stress guild, excellent support system, friendly, casual, working towards end game content.

Nexus D'Rillian - PvE guild, Formed late '06. Currently finishing Kara & recruiting for Gruul's. Recently disbanded.

Reloaded - Formerly RICE on Frostwolf. Disbanded in August 2007.

Vicious Cycle - Transfered to Kil'jaeden in Aug. Was highest ranked PvP and PvE guild on the server.

Zero Life - Casual guild, cleared Karazhan and Gruul's. Fell apart due to GM leaving WoW.

Profesions List


Note: This list may or may not be complete due to various reasons. Most players do not disclose what they can craft, and thus this is only a list of what is determined from Frostmane WoW Forums. ~~ Jestor
Enchant Alliance Enchanters Alliance Horde Enchanters Horde
 [Formula: Enchant Weapon - Blade Ward]
 [Formula: Enchant Weapon - Blood Draining]


Note: This list may or may not be complete due to various reasons. Most players do not disclose what they can craft, and thus this is only a list of what is determined from Frostmane WoW Forums. ~~ Jestor
Alliance Alliance Crafters Alliance
Horde Horde Crafters Horde
 [Battlelord's Plate Boots]
 [Belt of the Titans]
 [Indestructible Plate Girdle]
 [Plate Girdle of Righteousness]
 [Gauntlets of the Iron Tower]
 [Spiked Deathdealers]
 [Treads of Destiny]
 [Belt of Arctic Life]
 [Belt of the Titans]
 [Belt of Dragons]
 [Boots of Living Scale]
 [Boots of Wintry Endurance]
 [Death-Warmed Belt]
 [Footpads of Silence]
 [Lightning Grounded Boots]
 [Cord of the White Dawn]
 [Sash of Ancient Power]
 [Savior's Slippers]
 [Spellslinger's Slippers]
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