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Server Information
Garithos was started as a relief server for the higher population servers Blackrock, Illidan, and Warsong in January of 2006. At server creation free character transfers were opened from the three high population servers to Garithos. These transfers amounted for most of the original endgame guilds that started out on Garithos including Overkill, Peon This (Epitome), Lords of Death, Saga, Xen of Onslaught, and Bloodline. Garithos is a Low/Medium population server located in the Central Timezone (CST) and is always looking for more players.

Community Links
Garithos Rank 14's

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Oceanic servers
Horde Kashijiro (Orc Warrior - Lords of Death)
Horde Stealthmon (Troll Rogue - Lords of Death)
Horde Forag (Tauren Warrior - Lords of Death)
Alliance Yogo (Gnome Mage - Overkill)
Horde Obs (Tauren Shaman - Lords of Death)
Alliance Grier (Gnome Mage - Overkill)
Alliance Furorr (Dwarf Hunter - Overkill)
Horde Damageinc (Undead Warlock - Xen of Onslaught)
Horde Manbacon (Orc Warrior - Lords of Death)
Alliance Avatar (Night Elf Hunter - Overkill)
Alliance Nuirove (Night Elf Hunter - Crucify)
Alliance Crazyirish (Gnome Mage - Crucify)
Horde Venlod (Undead Rogue - Lords of Death)
Horde Lynch (Undead Rogue - Lords of Death)
Alliance Rhoyd (Human Warrior - Crucify)
Horde Earlkell (Undead Warrior - Lords of Death)
Alliance Myth (Night Elf Warrior - Crucify)
Horde Odyssey (Troll Hunter - Xen of Onslaught)
Alliance Craft (Gnome Mage - Crucify)
Alliance Drakhal (Human Warrior - Sovereignty)
Alliance Nine (Night Elf Hunter - Overkill)
Horde Crude (Orc Warrior - Arcane Council)
Horde Gorum (Orc Warlock - BrokeBack with Gorum)
Alliance Joker (Night Elf Rogue - Overkill)
Alliance Karkaradin (Dwarf Paladin - Overkill)
Alliance Jinkazama (Human Warrior - Overkill)
Alliance Cevebed (Night Elf Rogue - Crucify)
Alliance Eml (Human Warrior - Bloodline)
Horde Helemai (Troll Hunter - Peon This)
Alliance Sylvee (Human Paladin - Bloodline)
Horde Genorb (Undead Priest - mindflaypewpew)
Horde Hele (Tauren Hunter - ??)