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Gilneas is a launch-date medium population PvE server. As of December 2013, the total realm population (characters above level 10) is 52,000, of which 71% is Alliance and 29% Horde. Hunters remain the most popular class on the server, followed by Paladins, Death Knights, Druids, Mages, Warriors, Priests, Rogues, Warlocks, Shamans and Monks.

Gilneas is set to Eastern Time (ET), although it is actually located in Chicago, Illinois. It was previously located in Dallas, Texas but was relocated in June 2010. [1].

Source: Warcraft Realms.

Gilneas Endgame Progression


Gilneas’ endgame guild progression, though rumoured to be low, is average with consideration to other US servers. As of October 2008, Storm, Sparda, Casually Addicted and End of Legends top the realms endgame achievements, with overall US rankings in the top 500.

Source: Guild Progression: Rank.


Gilneas’ impact within the cross-realm PvP competition remains arguably low, with just three teams representing the server in the Vindication top 20 Arena: Season One & Two, Hall of Fame.

Arena: Season One

  • 3v3 - Ranked 20th: Sharokaza
  • 5v5 - Ranked 16th: Granola Mix

Arena: Season Two

  • 3v3 - Ranked 20th: Two Sticks and a Stone
  • 5v5 - Ranked 21st: Risc is a Queen

Source: Arena: Season One, Hall of Fame, Arena: Season Two, Hall of Fame,

Guild List and Websites

Some of the more popular guilds on Gilneas are listed here; this list is in no way meant to be comprehensive (faction/alphabetical order):


Former high profile Alliance guilds: The Ancient Covenant, Templars of Lordaeron, Excel, Eternal, Disbanded, Faded, Lucid Light, Impossible, LORDS OF THE DARK SUN.


Former high profile Horde guilds: RAID Inc.


Gilneas boasts an active forum community, where subscribers to World of Warcraft can post topical threads for open discussion on the official website. Some common personalities past and present include the following (alphabetical order):

Notable trolls:

(Petition for Removal from Gilneas)

Aahz and Lixx are the unofficial King and Queen of Gilneas as voted by the local forum community.

On December 22nd 2007, The outcome of the vote for Ishaiah to be King of Gilneas for a single day was decided.

Should Ishaiah be elected King of Gilneas for 1 full day, on Saturday December 22nd 2007?

The poll received a staggering 6411 votes in just 15 days, although the outcome was shrouded in controversy when it was discovered multiple votes could be submitted through removal of internet cookies. In conclusion, the result was null. Aahz, to this day, remains King of Gilneas.

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