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Note: Tradeskills may be removed from this list once they become common enough on the server, or become outdated in the face of new and more powerful recipes. Please use the [[Talk:Server:Kargath_US/Rare_Item_Crafting|discussion]] page to discuss which items should be added/removed from the page. If you can make an item you feel is rare, please add the item using the same structure as the items below; the more items the better.

When modifying please preview the page, check your spelling and do your best to keep items alphabetized so this page stays neat and tidy.


Put an (s) after your name if you are specced to produce extras when making that item


Item AllianceAlliance HordeHorde
[Cauldron of Major Arcane Protection] Demagorgon
[Cauldron of Major Frost Protection] Cheekytica
[Cauldron of Major Shadow Protection] Leishmania Crimsonfate, Demagorgon, Tikizzle
[Cauldron of Major Nature Protection] Fholdar


Item AllianceAlliance HordeHorde
[Elixir of Empowerment] Elfling, Leishmania, Gavra, Fholdar(s) Malokye(s), Cleve, Icicles
[Elixir of Major Firepower] Leishmania, Nickerbocker, Cebilli, Gavra, Tejing(s), Kipani Malokye(s), Hotsoup, Tellisk, Northwind
[Elixir of Major Mageblood] Gavra, Exxotique, Leishmania, Keltos, Zachie(s) Vairn, Northwind
[Elixir of the Searching Eye] Tejing
[Fel Strength Elixir] Ograthian, Cebilli, Leishmania, Ostentum, Rikor, Mcginn Cleve, Crimsonfate, Demagorgon, Hotsoup, Icicles, Nikth, Tellisk, Tikizzle, Humdinger
[Flask of Arcane Fortification] Leishmania, Lyllia, Firestalker Abisha, Rorrik
[Flask of Fortification] Cebilli, Leishmania, Rikor, Stose, Venomblade, Kipani, Mcginn Malokye(s), Abisha, Tikizzle
[Flask of Mighty Restoration] Dangun, Leishmania, Ograthian, Rikor, Tejing(s), Cebilli, Keltos, Mcginn Malokye(s), Abisha, Demagorgon, Hotsoup, Northwind,
[Flask of Relentless Assault] Rikor, Cebilli, Tejing(s) Malokye(s), Abisha, Tikizzle
[Flask of Shadow Fortification] Leishmania, Tejing(s), Fholdar(s) Abisha, Crimsonfate, Demagorgon, Tikizzle


Item AllianceAlliance HordeHorde
[Destruction Potion] Leishmania, Gavra, Tejing Abisha(s), Malokye, Rorrik, Tikizzle
[Fel Mana Potion] Ducbutter, Leishmania, Nickerbocker, Rikor, Avandra, Gavra, Kruggha, Nevaelik, Tejing, Kipani(s) Abisha(s), Cleve, Crimsonfate, Demagorgon, Hotsoup, Icicles, Tellisk, Northwind, Humdinger
[Haste Potion] Rorinn, Leishmania, Sakura, Zachie Abisha(s), Demagorgon, Malokye, Cebilli
[Heroic Potion] Kipani(s) Abisha(s)
[Ironshield Potion] Leishmania, Lyllia, Gavra, Tejing Icicles, Tellisk
[Major Arcane Protection Potion] Ograthian, Leishmania, Rikor Braja, Demagorgon, Icicles, Northwind
[Major Fire Protection Potion] Leishmania, Ograthian, Exxotique, Kipani(s) Crimsonfate, Malokye, Northwind
[Major Nature Protection Potion] Leishmania, Tejing, Fholdar, Kipani(s)
[Major Frost Protection Potion] Ducbutter, Leishmania, Thromalidd, Saydra Ilas, Malokye, Tikizzle
[Major Holy Protection Potion] Leishmania, Cebilli Crimsonfate
[Major Shadow Protection Potion] Ograthian, Leishmania, Rikor Crimsonfate, Demagorgon, Tikizzle, Humdinger
[Super Rejuvenation Potion] Rikor, Cebilli, Kipani(s), Mcginn Crimsonfate, Hotsoup, Tikizzle



Item AllianceAlliance HordeHorde
[Black Felsteel Bracers] Calacirya, Madmerick Mittena
[Bracers of the Green Fortress] Belegdagor, Brutforce Bloodhide
[Felfury Gauntlets] Damocles Gramtash
[Felsteel Gloves] Athalus, Calacirya, Stronghammer, Wranor Gramtash, Krunkz, ChaosSpawn
[Felsteel Helm] Athalus, Theblackspy, Holycrusher, Calacirya, Wranor, Kephri, Stronghammer, Mattimeo,Montoya Gramtash, Krunkz, Evilhomer, Mhord, ChaosSpawn, Graawwk
[Felsteel Leggings] Athalus, Theblackspy, Sinvin, Mattimeo, Montoya Gramtash, Krunkz, Villified, ChaosSpawn, Beltislav
[Gauntlets of the Iron Tower] Skyddsaengel
[Helm of the Stalwart Defender] Kephri, Obidoobenobi, Mission Krunkz, Havoc
[Khorium Belt] Holycrusher, Calacirya, Wranor, Mattimeo, Claytonio,Montoya Gramtash, Bloodhide, ChaosSpawn
[Khorium Boots] Calacirya, Wranor, Mattimeo, Claytonio Gramtash, Villfied, Bloodhide
[Khorium Pants] Calacirya, Wranor, Mattimeo, Claytonio,Montoya Gramtash. Bloodhide
[Oathkeeper's Helm] Rorinn, Montoya
[Ragesteel Breastplate] Calacirya, Wranor, Kephri Gramtash
[Ragesteel Gloves] Theblackspy, Calacirya, Wranor, Kephri, Stronghammer, Mattimeo Gramtash, Mhord, Villified, ChaosSpawn
[Ragesteel Helm] Calacirya, Belegdagor, Wranor, Mattimeo Gramtash,
[Steelgrip Gauntlets] Kephri, Mission, Wranor ChaosSpawn, Mhord
[Storm Helm] Wranor, Kephri Bloodhide, EvilHomer


Item AllianceAlliance HordeHorde
[Eternium Runed Blade] Agent, Kephri, Montoya
[Fel Hardened Maul] Gramtash, Mhord
[Felsteel Longblade] Kephri, Wranor Lazyone
[Felsteel Reaper] Athalus, Montoya
[Hand of Eternity] Rorinn, Skyddsaegel, Kephri Gramtash
[Khorium Champion] Holycrusher, Kephri, Stronghammer Krunkz, ChaosSpawn
[Runic Hammer] Agent, Damocles, Mattimeo Havoc
[Dirge] Montoya


Boots / Bracer

Item AllianceAlliance HordeHorde
[Enchant Boots - Boar's Speed] Borkette, Djmoq, Leishmania, Rhydian, Tejing, Whatyouknow, Gekko Faelynasha, Shadex, Toridd, Vari, Bulls, Havoc
[Enchant Boots - Cat's Swiftness] Poledra, Jerd, Leishmania, Mongrolman, Naraku, Fusilli, Tejing, Xavior Enkro, Mons, Shadex, Vahalazan, Bulls
[Enchant Boots - Dexterity] Pwent, Riault, Fusilli, Crystania Bade, Yurchel, Danorama, Havoc
[Enchant Boots - Fortitude] Pwent, Baikin, Faralah, Zoei, Tejing, Rhydian, Crystania, Xavior, Gekko Crakk, Gramtash, Booyakahsha, Danorama, Bulls, Squishie
[Enchant Boots - Surefooted] Poledra, Pwent, Jerd, Tamago Shadex, Panoremix, Vahalazan, Bulls, Adipocere, Squishie, Achalivan
[Enchant Boots - Vitality] Civ, Mongrolman, Djmoq, Poledra, Pwent, Artina, Xavior Crakk, Mons, Bulls
[Enchant Bracer - Major Defense] Azarial, Buggers, Poledra, Leishmania, Mongrolman, Naraku, Zoei, Gekko, Crystania, Tejing Booyakahsha, Gramtash, Shadex, Tarani, Vahalazan, Bulls
[Enchant Bracer - Restore Mana Prime] Nismosean, Jerd, Mongrolman, Crystania Shadex, Gramtash, Yurchel, Vahalazan, Bulls
[Enchant Bracer - Fortitude] Ograthian, Nismosean, Borkette, Poledra, Xavior, Zoei, Gekko, Crystania Acedude, Faelynasha, Nouba, Vahalazan, Vexas, Bulls
[Enchant Bracer - Spellpower] Azarial, Borkette, Buggers, Leishmania, Luthienn, Naraku, Pwent, Riault, Whatyouknow, Krugghus, Tejing, Rhydian, Gekko, Crystania Booyakahsha, Enkro, Faelynasha, Priella, Shadex, Toridd, Vahalazan, Bulls, Havoc

Chest / Gloves

Item AllianceAlliance HordeHorde
[Enchant Chest - Major Resilience] Ifonly, Leishmania, Mongrolman, Quinarius, Whatyouknow, Rhydian, Xavior Booyakahsha, Juiceman, Bulls
[Enchant Gloves - Major Healing] Darias, Leishmania, Ograthian, Naraku, Nismosean, Borkette, Buggers, Luthienn, Riault, Xavior, Krugghus, Tejing, Gekko, Crystania Acedude, Booyakahsha, Faelynasha, Priella, Shadex, Toridd, Vahalazan, Vari, Yurchel, Bulls, Havoc
[Enchant Gloves - Major Spellpower] Borkette, Buggers, Faralah, Ifonly, Leishmania, Luthienn, Naraku, Nismosean, Riault, Xavior, Krugghus, Tejing, Rhydian, Gekko, Crystania Acedude, Booyakahsha, Crakk, Faelynasha, Priella, Pyrom, Shadex, Toridd, Vahalazan, Vari, Yurchel, Bulls, Havoc, Benedikta
[Enchant Gloves - Superior Agility] Redstorm, Fusilli, Poledra, Kalliaster, Gekko, Crystania Priella
[Enchant Gloves - Threat] Ellerayne, Xoelles Darkedge, Silv

Cloak / Shield

Item AllianceAlliance HordeHorde
[Enchant Cloak - Greater Arcane Resistance] Buggers, Djmoq, Faralah, Leishmania, Naraku, Nismosean, Xavior, Tejing, Jerd, Arganon, Gekko, Crystania, Sestun Crakk, Vahalazan, Booyakahsha, Shadex, Gramtash, Priella, Bulls
[Enchant Cloak - Greater Shadow Resistance] Buggers, Djmoq, Faralah, Leishmania, Mongrolman, Naraku, Xavior, Tejing, Jerd, Crystania Acedude, Adipocere, Faelynasha, Gramtash, Mons, Shadex, Tarani, Vahalazan, Vari, Bulls
[Enchant Cloak - Major Resistance] Leishmania, Naraku, Nismosean, Jerd, Crystania Nouba, Gramtash, Bulls
[Enchant Cloak - Subtlety] Inu
[Enchant Cloak - Stealth] Inu Booyakahsha, Shadowtusks
[Enchant Shield - Resistance] Leishmania, Zoei, Buggers, Gekko Vahalazan, Gramtash, Bulls
[Enchant Shield - Shield Block] Leishmania, Mongrolman, Exxis, Buggers, Xavior, Crystania Visnak, Gramtash, Bulls


Item AllianceAlliance HordeHorde
[Enchant 2H Weapon - Major Agility] Nismosean, Baikin, Xavior, Silvanos, Tejing, Jerd, Rhydian, Sestun Acedude, Shadex, Bade, Vahalazan, Danorama
[Enchant 2H Weapon - Savagery] Robocatx, Azarial, Buggers, Sinvin, Ifonly, Djmoq, Faralah, Naraku, Tamago, Xavior, Krugghus, Rhydian, Crystania Danorama, Faelynasha, Motgus, Poofuu, Pookies, Vahalazan, Yurchel
[Enchant Weapon - Battlemaster] Ifony, Leishmania, Xavior, Rhydian, Artina Drakbak, Faelynasha, Vari, Shadex, Awsomesauce
[Enchant Weapon - Major Healing] Darias, Leishmania,Naraku, Nismosean, Borkette, Buggers, Luthienn, Riault, Xavior, Krugghus, Tejing, Rhydian, Gekko, Crystania Acedude, Vari, Booyakahsha, Faelynasha, Shadex, Priella, Yurchel, Toridd, Danorama, Vahalazan, Adipocere, Benedikta
[Enchant Weapon - Major Intellect] Azarial, Borkette, Buggers, Jayda, Djmoq, Arganon, Leishmania, Naraku, Nismosean, Ifonly, Fusilli, Luthienn, Pwent, Yukinon, Tejing, Gekko, Crystania Acedude, Crakk, Faelynasha, Vahalazan, Vari, Booyakahsha, Shadex, Gramtash, Priella, Adipocere, Tarani, Toridd, Vahalazan, Adipocere
[Enchant Weapon - Major Spellpower] Azarial, Borkette, Buggers, Fusilli, Leishmania, Luthienn, Mongrolman, Naraku, Pwent, Riault, Whatyouknow, Xavior, Krugghus, Voridar, Tejing, Rhydian, Gekko, Crystania, Redstorm Acedude, Gramtash, Vahalazan, Faelynasha, Booyakahsha, Shadex, Gramtash, Adipocere, Tarani, Toridd, Danorama, Vahalazan, Havoc
[Enchant Weapon - Major Striking] Tejing, Xavior, Voridar, Crystania Adipocere
[Enchant Weapon - Mongoose] Baikin, Borkette, Comrade, Fusilli, Gandorff, Jard, Mincamophica, Ethanos, Voridar, Leishmania, Roadrager, Silvanos, Artina Booyakahsha, Gramtash, Pookies, Priella, Danorama
[Enchant Weapon - Potency] Azarial, Djmoq, Mongrolman, Xavior, Rhydian, Buggers, Crystania Gramtash, Motgus
[Enchant Weapon - Soulfrost] Comrade, Jard, Darias, Buggers, Quinarius, Voridar Scheris
[Enchant Weapon - Spellsurge] Djmoq, Leishmania, Mongrolman, Xavior Mons, Shadex, Adipocere
[Enchant Weapon - Sunfire] Comrade, Pyrx, Enana, Artina, Xavior, Braelin Mons, Vahalazan, Adipocere, Danorama


Item AllianceAlliance HordeHorde
[Felsteel Boomstick] Zooks, Dovoso, Bloodhawk Glaurung
[Khorium Scope] Zooks, Asdrubalvect, Toejammer, Darbunaga, Bloodhawk Glaurung
[Stabilized Eternium Scope] Zooks, Wickitt, Angelicsword, Bloodhawk Thunderheart, Glaurung


Item AllianceAlliance HordeHorde
[Bracing Earthstorm Diamond] Hadorast, Wranor Vari
[Brutal Earthstorm Diamond] Naina, Esden, Eleazar, Hadorast, Wranor Vari
[Circlet of Arcane Might] Azahar, Naina, Eleazar, Itis
[Coronet of Verdant Flame] Darkjaeden, Hadorast, Piz, Nomera
[Destructive Skyfire Diamond] Darkjaeden, Misstiwisp, Esden, Hadorast, Wranor Akeso
[Enigmatic Skyfire Diamond] Hadorast, Wranor, Nomera Vari, Akeso
[Insightful Earthstorm Diamond] Hadorast, Wranor, Nomera Vari, Akeso
[Khorium Band of Shadows] Piz Akeso
[Mystical Skyfire Diamond] Darkjaeden, Naina, Wranor Akeso
[Powerful Earthstorm Diamond] Hadorast, Wranor, Itis, Nomera Vari, Akeso
[Swift Skyfire Diamond] Hadorast, Wranor, Nomera Vari, Akeso
[Tenacious Earthstorm Diamond] Darkjaeden, Destrial, Hadorast, Wranor Akeso
[Relentless Earthstorm Diamond] Wranor
[Thundering Skyfire Diamond] Hadorast, Wranor, Nomera



Item AllianceAlliance HordeHorde
[Cobrascale Hood] Draugdae, Ponder Acedude, Viruflux
[Hood of Primal Life] Magaera Viruflux
[Living Dragonscale Helm] Draugdae, Magaera Viruflux, Kutak, Crit
[Netherdrake Helm] Draugdae, Sieger, Karigyn Viruflux
[Windscale Hood] Draugdae Viruflux


Item AllianceAlliance HordeHorde
[Belt of Deep Shadow] Wickitt
[Belt of Natural Power] Wickitt
[Bracers of Renewed Life]
[Boots of Natural Grace] Draugdae
[Boots of Utter Darkness]
[Cobrascale Gloves] Draugdae, Wickitt, Ponder Acedude, Viruflux
[Earthen Netherscale Boots] Draugdae Acedude, Rakova, Viruflux
[Gloves of the Living Touch] Ewlok, Magaera Viruflux, Toridd, Crit
[Netherdrake Gloves] Karigyn Rakova, Viruflux
[Thick Netherscale Breastplate] Keeblerkhan, Draugdae Kittyeater, Rakova, Viruflux
[Windslayer Wraps] Draugdae Acedude, Rakova, Viruflux, Kutak
[Windstrike Gloves] Wickitt, Draugdae, Keeblerkhan Rakova, Viruflux

Armor Kits

Item AllianceAlliance HordeHorde
[Arcane Armor Kit] Draugdae
[Flame Armor Kit]
[Frost Armor Kit] Draugdae
[Nature Armor Kit] Draugdae
[Shadow Armor Kit] Draugdae


Bags / Threads

Item AllianceAlliance HordeHorde
[Ebon Shadowbag] Dovoso, Naraku, Nismosean, Yennif, Xavior, Lopen, Darias, Kravin, Dreambrother, Vaizard, Shticko, Horage Tsunadde, Priella, Yurchel, Diamonic, Vahalazan, Roart, Achalivan, Benedikta
[Golden Spellthread] Borkette, Nismosean, Melisane, Mincamophica, Hamz, Yennif, Dreambrother Ary, Demonfire, Dorq, Roart
[Primal Mooncloth Bag] Naraku, Nismosean, Yennif, Lopen, Riault, Darias, Dreambrother, Vaizard Tsunadde, Priella, Evowabbit,Yurchel, Diamonic, Vahalazan, Roart, Achalivan, Benedikta
[Runic Spellthread] Kravin, Riault, Xavior, Lopen, Quinarius, Dovoso, Fusilli Ary, Priella, Glaurung, Enkro, Diamonic, Ominae, Mons, Vahalazan
[Spellfire Bag] Naraku, Nismosean, Riault, Yennif, Xavior, Lopen, Darias, Dreambrother, Vaizard Tsunadde, Priella, Yurchel, Diamonic, Vahalazan, Roart, Achalivan, Benedikta


Helms / Cloaks

Item AllianceAlliance HordeHorde
[Battlecast Hood] Azuth, Quinarius, Warmoth, Rhydian, Shticko Tsunadde, Bokulis, Ary, Fragglerock, Priella, Salj
[Cloak of Eternity] Melisane, Allyne, Riault, Yennif
[White Remedy Cape] Stage, Salj
[Cloak of the Black Void] Borkette, Lopen, Naraku, Yennif Mons, Vahalazan, Salj, Benedikta
[Manaweave Cloak] Kravin, Jily, Salj
[Resolute Cape] Naraku, Xavior Roart
[Spellstrike Hood] Mincamophica, Quinarius, Xavior, Borkette, Faralah Vahalazan, Roart, Foxbat, Evowabbit, Dorq, Toxick
[Vengeance Wrap] Nismosean, Mavex, Tayloria, Mishiko, Jerd Priella
[Whitemend Hood] Enana, Nando, Imaguy, Rhydian, Civ, Dreambrother Vahalazan, Ary, Demonfire, Squishie


Item AllianceAlliance HordeHorde
[Arcanoweave Boots] Nismosean, Faralah, Mincamophica, Quinarius, Lopen, Baikin, Hamz, Darias, Vaizard Silv, Ebon, Roart, Pookies, Priella, Roart, Salj, Benedikta
[Arcanoweave Bracers] Naraku, Nismosean, Mincamophica, Quinarius, Hamz, Xavior, Vaizard, Lopen Silv, Roart, Yurchel, Diamonic, Roart, Salj
[Arcanoweave Robe] Naraku, Nismosean, Mincamophica, Lopen, Hamz, Xavior, Darias, Vaizard Silv, Pookies, Ary, Yurchel, Diamonic, Roart, Salj, Benedikta
[Battlecast Pants] Mincamophica, Darias, Rhydian, Dreambrother Analog, Dorq
[Black Belt of Knowledge] Mincamophica, Darias Ebon, Priella, Dorq
[Blackstrike Bracers] Nismosean
[Bracers of Havok] Lauriel, Rhydian, Dreambrother Salj, Yurchel, Vexas, Mons, Pyrom
[Flameheart Vest] Hamz, Yennif Roart
[Flameheart Gloves] Horage Roart
[Flameheart Bracers] Horage Roart
[Girdle of Ruination] Rhydian, Yossarian, Faralah, Quinarius, Reximos Priella, Diamonic, Ominae, Salj,
[Soulcloth Shoulders] Xavior, Kravin, Quinarius, Adienna Silv, Roart, Priella, Pookies, Yurchel
[Soulcloth Vest] Naraku, Nismosean, Mincamophica, Riault, Lopen, Dreambrother Priella, Pookies, Bade, Yurchel
[Spellstrike Pants] Mincamophica, Quinarius, Xavior, Prancer, Riault, Rostpalmer, Zithel, Darias, Thannatoss, Rhydian Tsunadde, Ebon, Pookies, Glaurung, Demonfire, Priella, Pyrom, Roart, Salj, Benedikta
[Unyielding Girdle] Garion, Mincamophica, Rhydian, Lopen, Quinarius, Kravin, Hamz, Xavior, Dreambrother, Reximos Roart, Gusion, Glaurung, Priella, Drgiggles, Salj,
[Whitemend Pants] Mincamophica, Baikin, Mishiko, Civ, Vaizard Ary, Mons, Vahalazan,