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Server:Los Errantes Europe

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General Information

A Spanish roleplaying server, there is also a regard for the PvE, with a modest progression.

About Los Errantes

Realm time is the same as the Central European Timezone, or UTC+1. Los Errantes is one of the two spanish roleplaying servers together with Shen'dralar.

Los Errantes Policies

As a roleplaying realm, Los Errantes is subject the rules outlined in the Role Playing Policy in addition to the regular In-Game Policies and Naming Policy. Summarised, players should:

  • Create a name that fits within the World of Warcraft universe. Which exclude names like "Iwillcrushyou", "Roguesftw" and "shammysrule".
  • Stay in character in /say, /yell, in emotes, or any other channel used for roleplaying. This means no discussion of real life events or people in these areas. Players should also take the time to spell out words and phrases. Refrain from using internet jargon and acronyms such as "lol" or "pwn".
  • Maintain a positive atmosphere for roleplaying. Harassment of role- and other players will never be tolerated.

Los Errantes Population

Since it's inception, Los Errantes has predominantly been home to Alliance players. However, more recently there has been a good, steady influx of Horde side players, allowing for succesful RP opportunities for both factions.

Los Errantes Europe



Public roleplaying seems to be scarce, since the majority of roleplayers prefer to do this in-guild or via events.

For Alliance players it is not recommended to roleplay in Goldshire, the constant duelling and yelling makes roleplaying difficult.

Horde roleplayers tend to meet in Brill and Silvermoon.

A player who desires to increase his/her roleplay experience and has a computer which can handle a couple of addons is advised to install a roleplay-addon such as MyRolePlayor FlagRSP2. This enables you to detect fellow roleplayers and their status.

You can also install the addon GryphonheartItems, which enables the user to create selfmade items for roleplaying purpose as books, poisons or potions (you can also create buffs and debuffs for them), necklaces, etc.

PvE / Raiding

Los Errantes has several guilds and raidgroups in both alliances who are busy with endgame content.


Los Errantes was originally one of the servers which made up the Crueldad, but was transferred to the Cruelty/Crueldad Battlegroup - one of the first cross-language battlegroups - on May 27 2009.

As a RP Server, PvP isn't popular among players and only few people play it seriously making an easy climb along the arena ranking with low PvP equipment as in other servers.


Alliance Alliance

Guild name Type Races Status
Alba de Plata RP All Active
Brigada del Crepúsculo RP Inactive
Caballeros de fortuna RP Active
Colmillo del Dragón RP Unknown
Compañía del Sol Dorado RP Active
Cónclave de Piedra RP Dwarves Active
Cruzada de sangre RP Active
Custodia Escarlata RP Active
Elune Adore RP Night Elves Active
Estigma RP Active
Exiliados RP Draenei Active
Fauces en la Sombra RP Rogues only Active
Hoja de Ámbar RP Night Elves Active
Jinetes del mar RP Active
La Corporación RP Active
Oblitus Umbra RP Active
Orden del Grifo Dorado RP Active
Rebeldes de Gnomeregan RP Gnomes Active

Horde Horde

Guild name Type Races Status
Aina Avatael RP Active
Alba Carmesí RP All Inactive
Andorhal RP Active
Asaltantes Gromkar RP Active
Brigada del Crepúsculo RP Active
Ebrios Patanes PvE All Unknown
El Pacto RP Active
Exánimus RP/PvE/PvP All Inactive
Guardia del Sol Naciente RP All Active
La Sombra y la Llama RP Orcs/Trolls Inactive
Lok'dim Ir Vol'jin RP Trolls Inactive
Los Pompetukens RP/PvE All Active
Sangre de la Horda RP/PvP All Active
Selama Belore RP Blood Elves Inactive
Sindicato de las Sombras RP Active
Thémenos PvE All Active
Vientos del Este RP Inactive
Zeitgeist RP All Inactive