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Mannoroth is an original release (November 11, 2004), PvP server in the eastern standard timezone. Mannoroth is well known within its Battlegroup and often many posts were made on the Official Mannoroth Forum whenever a Mannoroth group was defeated.

Mannoroth was the first PVP server in the world to open the Gates of Ahn'Qiraj, second server overall, losing to Medivh. Though Medivh emerged victorious, some Mannoroth players still claim they were the first "legitimate" server to complete the event, as Medivh's PvE mechanics prevented cross-faction interference and made organization between Horde and Alliance a natural course of action. By contrast, Mannoroth's war effort was hindered throughout the event by fierce competition between Horde and Alliance Scepter quest raids. Ganking in Silithus ignited a no-holds-barred war between the factions, causing constant server crashes due to zone overpopulation and ending in a battle at the Scarab Gong.

The denizens of the server say that the server's quality has dropped drastically since Wrath of the Lich King, with several transferring to Firetree and recommending new users do the same, rather than transfer to Mannoroth.


Was the setting for the guild Forbidden Donut's machinima, Illegal Danish.