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For the night elf organization, see Moon Guard.

Moon Guard is a role playing server. The server is one of the most populated in the game, with estimates of number of characters ranging from the high 30,000s to the low 40,000s.[1] As at August 2009, the server has an Alliance-to-Horde activity ratio of 1.1 : 1 with prime time reaching 90.9% activity. The number of people online begins to rise at 12:00 RT (RT = Realm Time), with both factions peaking at 20:00 RT on Horde and 21:00 RT for Alliance. The lowest population is at 6:00 - 7:00 RT for both. Death knights are the most active on either faction, while paladins are second most popular. Shamans are the least played class on the server, followed by warlocks and priests.[2] Its players are a part of battlegroup Reckoning. It has a good population of roleplayers. Despite the server being classified as a PvE-RP server, Moon Guard has a sizable PvP community and many RP-PvP hybrid guilds. As of May 2022, many guilds and community rp projects are organized through community created discord servers.


  • Moon Guard is known as having a highly active roleplaying community on both the horde and alliance factions. Examples of roleplaying guilds can be found below, many of which focus on the roleplay of specific races, rp-pvp, storyline rp, and more. The district known as Goldshire, however, is infamous for having the largest ERP community around. Many of those who ERP in Goldshire, or who use inappropriate language in the /say, /yell, and other public channels are roleplaying griefers or off-server alts. Moon Guard's actual roleplayers are dissatisfied with the state of Goldshire, and many have voiced their support of Blizzard's recent attempts to fix the problem. Please read Blizzard's RP Rules and Guidelinesfor further information. NOTE: Goldshire does not represent the roleplay community in its entirety. Any who attempt to claim such are either intentionally misleading you for the purpose of trolling/griefing, or have not experienced the wide array of RP opportunities this community has to offer.
  • As a whole the majority of the RP community is known for being highly organized and being able to create and sustain highly specialized RP projects such as the Stormwind Law Project (Human), the Storm House Of Nobles (Human), The Eternal Court Of Lordaeron (Forsaken), Assembly Of Three Hammers (Dwarven), Coalition Of The Horde, The Left Hand Path (Horde), Council Of Gnomeregan (Gnomes), Warcraft Conquest (D20 cross faction campaigns), and more.
  • There are several large scale RP events that are hosted annually on the Moon Guard server which attract hundreds of players from other servers such as the Tournament Of Ages, and Dance Of The Dead.
  • RP add-ons are widely used and treated as an unspoken expectation and tool to aide in roleplay. Common RP addons include but are not limited to TotalRP, Emote Splitter, and Misspelled which are able to be downloaded and installed through sites like Curse Gaming.
  • There is a wide variety of rp guilds which range in focus on lore and factions not immediately associated in lore with the Alliance or Horde such as The Argent Crusade, and Scarlet Crusade.

Community RP Event & Project Discords

Discord is a favored hub for connecting within the community. This list was compiled as of May 2022, and at that time featured only active discord rp groups and events.

  • Alliance Free Press - Long running RP newspaper on the Alliance that covers ongoing server rp events and community projects.
  • Assembly Of Three Hammers - Long standing community rp organization for political rp among Dwarves.
  • Council Of Gnomeregan - Long standing community rp organization for political rp among Gnomes.
  • Dance Of The Dead - Annual multi-day rp-pvp campaign centered around Forsaken lore with rp-pvp, d20, tournament, and more. Hosted around Halloween.
  • Left Hand Path - Horde and Neutral rp gathering that happens once a month with a focus on the darker schools of magic such as fel and necromancy.
  • Months End Brawl - Once a month d20 rp-pvp tournament for fun. Cross faction event, open to all levels.
  • Moon Guard Role Play Community Discord - Catch all discord for rp on the Moon Guard server.
  • The Coalition Of The Horde - Horde RP community hub for role playing neutral and Horde characters. Discord include rp guild recruitment, and rp events.
  • The Privateer Press - Neutral RP newspaper that covers ongoing server rp events and community projects.
  • Tournament Of Ages - Large scale annual rp tournament with various events such as jousting, guild hosted rp booths, and d20 dueling. Hosted around Aug.


Guilds that are active and promoting themselves for recruitment can be found on the server forums: Moon Guard Realm Forum . Many of the guilds listed on this page are inactive, and preserved here for historical reference.


This list of guilds includes a selection of currently active rp guilds, as well as those closed or inactive. For the most accurate list of active RP guilds on the server, visit the server forums.

  • Shadows of Argus - is a a Draenei-focused RP-PVP guild, based out of the Exodar. <Shadows> is, in part, an intelligence service and covert ops organization operating in support of the Hand of Argus. More than this, though, it is an order of Draenei who are perhaps more practical-minded than some of their kin when it comes to doing what they think needs to be done to further the interests of their people. This includes working with character classes and personality types that other Draenei might not choose to associate with. It also means they're willing to use less-tasteful methods of getting the job done, when necessary.
  • Four Winds Traders - Are dedicated merchants that have united together to sell their goods around the world in a fair and respectful atmosphere. Each Merchant has a business of their own and is not subject to limiting themselves to set inventory or sales ideas. Your ship has arrived! Jump aboard and begin a new adventure with the Four Winds Traders. Send Mail to our Guildmistress Kyuress in game to Petition our Guild.
  • Elysium - A Draenei-only RP guild. Based out of Shattrath City, Elysium seeks to protect the legacy of the Draenei people from the agents of the Burning Legion.
  • The Hand of Lo'Gosh - A human militant organization that acts in the name of the Wrynn dynasty, protecting the Kingdom of Stormwind's interests worldwide.
  • Hand of Proudmoore - A reformed military RP guild, We are marines who protect the kingdom of Kul'Tiras, New allies are won, and old enemies are hunted down wherever they may hide. If you are willing enough to pass our rigourous training, then you have earned the right to be named Azeroth's most elite fighting force ((Level 20+, no Draenei, Night Elves, Or IC Worgen, Gilneans allowed.))
  • The Might of Stormrage - One of Moon Guard's longest-standing RP-PvP guilds, the Might of Stormrage is a continuation of the Might of Staghelm, and have long led the charge for Alliance dominance on the server. The MoS is also one of Moon Guard's highest-rated PvP guilds. The Might also hosts many tabletop RP campaigns with other guilds on the server.
  • The Sha'nash - One of two of the server's Draenei-only RP guilds. The Sha'nash also dabbles in RP-PvP, and follows rich, organized RP storylines and tabletop campaigns.
  • Stonemasons - A group of raiders founded on the idea that raiding should be fun. We one-shot bosses and wipe on trash. Our raid is 105% sexy according to mathematical calculations. We teabag. We swear. We get things our own way; with style.
  • Tinker Town Special Ops (TTSO) An exclusively gnomish guild dedicated to the protection of Tinker Town and Ironforge and the restoration of Gnomeregan. TTSO engages in active defense of Ironforge and all gnomish bases and townships. The unit also pursues counter-insurgency operations in all parts of Azeroth and Outland. TTSO also conducts frequent preparatory work for the re-conquest of Gnomeregan including, enemy population survey, enemy population reduction, supply caching, anti-personnel installations, and sample acquisition for gnomish research and engineering. This elite combat unit is comprised mainly of rogues with a small support unit of warriors and two tactical advisors- one mage and one warlock. Due to the overwhelming need for a healing class, TTSO also recruits dwarf priests as combat medics from time to time and on a very limited basis. TTSO has training requirements for rank promotions that often involve infiltration and assassination in Horde outposts (PvP).
  • Wrath of the Righteous A small high-end raiding guild composed of real life friends. Top PvE Progressed guild on the server (both factions).


This list of guilds includes a selection of currently active rp guilds, as well as those closed or inactive.

  • Ascension - Heavy PvE-Progression/Casual RP and PvP.
  • Banepaw Fellowship - Heavy RP guild; accepts all races of the Horde. Renown for weekly RP events.
  • Bloodied Blade Clan - Heavy RP/Jack-of-all-trades clan-guild. Old-Horde based, strong background in correct lore, evil-based. No BE's, and only accepts good, experienced RP'ers. A hostile clan within the Horde, recruiting those who do not want 'peace', and want war/battle. See site for details.
  • Burning Tusk Tribe - Mature Heavy RP/Med. PVE/PVP guild focussed on arming themselves to fight for a new home, free from Thrall's rules. Dedicated to respecting the history and culture of the horde races. Created Nov. 2006 on Blackwater Raiders, starting on Moon Guard in May 2008.
  • Casually Addicted- Casual raid/pvp/leveling. Core member base is made up of competitive end-game raiders with time constraints. Mature, skillful, and respected guild formed June 2008.
  • Children of Eternity - video - Medium RP guild working on casual raiding. They take pride in their easy-going, low drama atmosphere. One of the oldest on the realm, created March 8, 2007. "Balance, in all things."
  • Clockwork - Casual, Fun-loving Raiding Guild.
  • Couriers of Compassion - 90% RP, 7% PvP, 3% Raiding. No fillers, no substitutions.
  • Crimson Order- Medium to heavy RP, have been around since the launch of the server and has recently celebrated their one year anniversary. Often known for their odd members and spontaneous ideas.
  • Crimson Marauders- A heavy RP pirate themed guild, Crimson Marauders was started on The Scryers RP realm. It was later moved to Moon Guard. Open to all races of the Horde.
  • Dark Market - Is a Heavy RP guild involved in illegal and sinister activity in Silver Moon City. Can currently be found around Silver Moon City posing as an innocent spice trading company. Very exclusive membership guidelines.
  • Dawning Vigil - Formerly known as The Dawnspire Academy, The Dawning Vigil is an elite core of souls dedicated to the protection and preservation of individual freedom, principles, and choice. The Dawning Vigil is a Heavy RP/Raid guild that provides a close-knit, friendly, and casual environment for raiders and role players alike. The guild is focused on providing a balance of endgame/PvE content and roleplay.
  • Dirge Troubadour - A guild made up of the vagrants of Quel'thalas and the other cities of the Horde, lead by Vhelrillon 'Grin' Crimsonwing. It sells itself as a trade/mercenary guild to other groups of the Horde, and has commonly employed less than savory individuals in the pursuit of greatness. A gypsy theme is prevalent in it's RP style, commonly moving from Orgrimmar to Silvermoon.
  • Enigma - A Medium to Heavy RP guild created to cater to Oceanic/Late Night RPers. (Active Times 1am - 7am Server Time)
  • Epoch Veil - End-game guild focused on providing a fun environment in which to progress through all of the raid content currently available.
  • Final Lament - A small Medium to Heavy RP guild focused on social and political intrigue. Beginner to advanced RPers welcome.
  • Guardians of Destiny - Heavy RP - Med PvP - Casual raiding still in formation.
  • Hall of Reckoning - Heavy RP & PvE Guild. Dedicated to high quality and deeply entwined stories that are rooted into the lore of Warcraft as well as a welcoming atmosphere. Unique structure, scheduled events, leveling and profession assistance, and end-game intentions.
  • House Silvacce - Heavy RP guild with a small, friendly community. We have been around since the release of TBC, and were one of the first Blood Elf House guilds. Accepting all classes and races if you can provide an RP reason to join. OOC guild chat with IC RP channel, entering the raiding scene.
  • House Vermillion - Heavy RP beginning the transition from a leveling environment to raiding and end-game instances.
  • Iron Dragon - Heavy PvE-Progression/Casual RP and PvP.
  • KiithSa Familiars - Dark RP and PvP.
  • Kiss of the Betrayer - KotB is a heavy roleplaying guild dedicated to spreading the Light throughout the Horde.
  • Knights of the Last Dawn - Small relaxed Raid, PvP, and Light RP guild.
  • Mog Ragath'a - A relaxed, mature, and egalitarian medium-to-heavy RP guild with some light PvE. Founded shortly after the Third War by a group of war veterans, the brotherhood of adventurers in service to the Horde known as Mog Ragath'a (Orcish for "The Brothers," and "The Veterans") was created with a singular purpose: support its brethren through friendship and sincere camaraderie.
  • Order of the Phoenix - Medium to Heavy RP Guild / Level-at-your-pace and family atmosphere.
  • Order of Twilight - Relatively new guild consisting of several close-knit friends, casual and easy-going.
  • Oshu'Narash - Heavy RP Guild focused on both PvP and PvE events in a welcoming yet experienced atmosphere.
  • Preachers of Decay - Heavy Role Play. This is an order of mad preachers and zealots dedicated to the Lord of Decay, Disease and Pestilence, Yogg-Saron. Their enemies are the Alliance, the Horde, and the Scourge. Their mission is that the whole world perishes in flames.
  • Project Mayhem - Small, close-knit Raiding Guild.
  • Riders on the Storm - Casual and close knit family guild. One of the original guilds at the launch of the server.
  • Sanctum Patria - Raiding Guild, mature and friendly but also knows how to have a good time. One of the original guilds on the server.
  • Semper Fi - Med RP/Party and fun guild.
  • Shards of Fate - Medium RP, Close-knit Helpful and Mature guild. Regular guild events and instance runs.
  • Shroud - Medium RP, PvP and PvE.
  • Sin Light RP, We kill giants here.
  • Soif De Sang - Medium RP, and Raiding.
  • Stormblade Clan - Small / Medium sized guild. Tightly knit enjoying light RP and moderate amounts of raiding and PvPing.
  • Stormrock Clan - Heavy RP shamanistic orc clan. Only accepts orcs, trolls and tauren over lv 20. All classes welcome. Mature, friendly & laid-back environment.
  • The Coalition - A guild built up of multiple factions. It's heavily RP based but is picky on who they recruit.
  • The Earthwalkers - Medium to Heavy RP Guild, mature and friendly.
  • Vigris - A very mature and focused end game raiding guild. Full of established veteran players with common goals and like minded individuals. Weekly raids, active and deep bank vault. It is the spirit of cooperation and camaraderie that infuses this group. Application online to join.
  • The Hand of Vengeance - Strictly Forsaken-only, heavy role-playing guild based on the faction from Northrend, with both Apothecary and Deathguard divisions. Currently capitalizing on the Forsaken leadership of the Horde.
  • The Kor'kron Legion - A heavy RP-PvP guild focusing on the defense of Horde lands against the Alliance in the wake of King Varian Wrynn's declaration of war.
  • The Scourge - A Cross-Faction guild with a heavy emphasis on PVP and RP. A union for those who wish to act as advocates of The Scourge. Website pending.
  • The Soulbound - A Moon Guard rock band.
  • The UnforgivOMG BEES - A friendly guild focused on leveling alts and end-game progression. Currently the owners of the PUG Raid Channel, Bulldozer. Always recruiting new faces to join the guild.
  • Thunderhoof Tribe - Medium to Heavy RP guild, mature and friendly. Restricted membership.
  • Torment - End-Game raiding guild.
  • Tribal instincts - Medium-to-heavy rp, Light pve, mature, friendly, a tribal group for those who do not fit in, lead by Kujali,
  • Tuar Annwn- Medium RP, raiding, best known for organizing seasonal balls with the help of Veritas.
  • Veldbarad Bornevalesh - Heavy RP, Medium PvP, Soon-to-be-Medium-But-Currently-Light PvE, with an emphasis on enjoying the game.
  • Truth of the Nine - Friendly,helpful and mature guild that help people that ask for it.
  • Undercity Nexus - Forsaken rp guild with a casual mix of pve, and pvp.


Moon Guard runs active, server-wide RP-PvP events that capitalize on the ongoing conflict between the Alliance and the Horde. While most players can show up the larger events, some guilds dedicate themselves to RP-PvP storylines against the opposing faction. Here are a list of guilds on each faction that currently actively participate in server RP-PvP events.

AllianceAlliance RP-PvP Guilds

  • The Might of Stormrage - All races, level 10+ Lawful Evil alignment.
  • The Hand of Lo'Gosh - Humans, level 10+ Lawful Neutral alignment.
  • The First Regiment - All races, Lawful Neutral alignment.
  • The Sha'nash - Draenei, level 80+ Lawful Neutral alignment.

HordeHorde RP-PvP Guilds


A collection of screenshots from various rp events on the Moon Guard server.


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