Doomhammer Legion is an RP/raiding alliance of the Horde-side guilds Apocalypse Meow, Audeamus, The Darkspear, Daybreak, [[Guild:The Impalers (Scarlet Crusade US)|The Impalers]], The Murder of Crows, North Tide Supply Co, & The Sacred Band on the Scarlet Crusade (US) server of World of Warcraft.
The Doomhammer Legion is a casual raid organization made up of rp and rp friendly guilds. The Legion exists to provide roleplaying guilds of any size a place to pursue end game raid content without having to become a “raid guild.” The Legion is a raid organization, and, as such, has some of the same standards and expectations that a raid guild would have. It is, however, not a guild, and participation is voluntary. Raiding members are expected to meet the standards, guilds, as a whole, are not.
The Doomhammer Legion is led by council, made up of representatives from all participating guilds. The structure of the organization is based around small groups, or teams, allowing maximum flexibility for normal raiding while maintaing a uniform, fair policy for heroic content. The small group structure encourages stable groups, consistency, and commitment. The use of uniform policies and a dkp system for heroic content gives the Legion a “regimental” identity, and maintains a fair approach across the board for all particpants.

Doomhammer Legion Representatives

If anyone has any questions about Doomhammer Legion, any of the individuals listed below (listed first in alphabetical order by Guild Name, & then either by their in-guild rank placement, or by alphabetical order by character name) may be consulted for information regarding such. Each person listed below represents their respective guilds in the eyes of Doomhammer Legion, and they also represent Doomhammer Legion in the eyes of the other members in their guild. No individual below can singularly speak for Doomhammer Legion, nor can any individual guild; power & representation of Doomhammer Legion is divided equally among it's member guilds.

  • Ixnextli: Member of Doomhammer Legion, & Guild Master of The Darkspear.
  • Zulazeel: Member of Doomhammer Legion, & Storm Mother of The Darkspear.

  • Adendra: Officer of Doomhammer Legion, & Guild Master of [[Guild:The Impalers (Scarlet Crusade US)|The Impalers]].
  • Grimhorn: Member of Doomhammer Legion, & 3rd in command of [[Guild:The Impalers (Scarlet Crusade US)|The Impalers]].

  • Allistare: Member of Doomhammer Legion, & Guild Master of North Tide Supply Co.

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