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RP-PvPScarshield Legion

This article is an information page for the Scarshield Legion realm (server)

The contents herein are entirely player made and in no way represent official World of Warcraft history or occurrences which are accurate for all realms. The information and events listed are of an independent nature and applied for roleplaying, fictional, speculative, or opinions from a limited playerbase only.

The Scarshield Legion (EU) server is an English-language RP-PVP server that opened on January 25th, 2006.

General info

Online Date: 2006-01-25

Total Characters: 10,869

Total Alliance: 3,770 - 35%

Total Horde: 7,099 - 65%

Alliance to Horde Ratio: 1 : 1.9

Activity Ratio: 1.5 : 1

Updated on: 22.05.2009

Source: Warcraft Census


Decent RP realm, with very friendly people if you find them. However, there are quite some "less" friendly people as well, as you always get one with the other when it comes to RP realms. Not as much random RP as in the very beginning of the realm birth, but recently there's been signs of it starting to pick up again. The best way to find RP would be to introduce yourself on the forums and join a RP guild, or if you want to fly solo for a while and still want some RP to spice things up, the best bet would be to use /e as often as you can while in main cities - without exaggerating of course.

If you don't appreciate the less accepted RP styles (vampire RP, dragon RP, exaggerated demon RP), you should probably not want to RP in Goldshire too often, as rumour has it that's the place where these people tend to converge.

Notable RP guilds - Updated August 10

Alliance Alliance
Horde Horde



As Scarshield Legion is a part of a very small Battleground group, you may experience a slightly longer wait time around certain times of the day, but there have been fewer and fewer complaints about this from realm inhabitants, marking it as either a less important problem or one that has gotten better over time. Just be prepared that it might take a bit longer. Scarshield Legion's battlegroup(Ruin) is about to be merged however with the German battlegroup Glutsturm, which is larger than Ruin. What effect this will have on wait times and in-Battlegroup chat channels remains to be seen.

The Alliance side is often outnumbered and sadly has a tendency to lose, Scarshield Legion is not the most viable Pvp realm for the tiny alliance population.


In the 2v2 arena, due to the small battlegroup and problems with match-making you're very likely to come across teams much higher and much better equipped than you.


Scarshield Legion have a few guilds that progress on a steady pace, the three foremost "End-Game" progressors being Completely Different (Horde), Aftermath (Horde) and Menace (Alliance). Quite a lot of the RP guilds have also lately jumped on the PvE "End-Game" bandwagon, as the 10 man raids allows for smaller guilds to raid as well. Some have formed coalitions with other RP guilds to tackle the bigger raids in the future as well. Notable guilds for 25 Man progression include Hellfire, Echoes of Lordareon, Northrend Exposure, Avatars of Torment, The Destruction of Souls, Soulforge, Lost, Unfinished Sympathy, Conscience and The Exiles.

Check the 25 man PvE progression thread and 10 man PvE progression thread on the realm forums for more information.


Alliance Alliance

  • Dominion - PvE focused end game guild. There is old and experienced members from vanilla. Reformed again for WotLK.
  • The Covenant - Fairly large RP / PvE guild. Main focus is friendship and to have fun. Working slowly and steadily at endgame raiding as well as attempting new RP projects.
  • Echoes of Lordaeron - Quite a large RP/PvE & some PvP guild. doing Endgames and succeeding slowly.Soon suceeding as one of the top PvE guild on the server.
  • Hide and Seek - Quite a new guild. The general motto is: you don't have to sacrifice the Social aspect of the game and ocassional silly behaviour in order to progress in PVE. So far they have proven their point of view works!
  • Stormwind Militia - A Guild defending the kingdom of Stormwind and in general roleplaying local guards. Military based fulltime RP guild.
  • The Sarmatian Knights The free army of Stormwind, the RP/PvP/PvE guild is dedicated to becoming the top militia of the Alliance faction. With anyone accepted, regardless of race, class or gender, their numbers are already countless.
  • Cenarion Serpents is a PvE guild that often raids. Our guild is very friendly and everyone regardless of race is welcome, as long as they're a friendly bunch. Applications should be done through the site.
  • Brotherhood Of Naaru Newly Formed and Friendly PvE guild Recruiting members for endgame Instances. Everyones Welcome Level 30+.
  • Fright Mature and Friendly PVE Guild, created at the start of WOTLK and currently progressing very fast. Definitely a promising and uprising Guild on the Server. It's just a matter of time when they hit the top10 on the server ( currently Realm Rank 14

Horde Horde

  • Bloodsail Blackhands - Pirate RP based fulltime guild. The Bloodsail Blackhands are the fierce of the South Seas.
  • Warsong Blades - Military based fulltime RP guild - The elite warriors of the Warsong Clan.
  • Chrysocracy - Light-RP/PvE/PvP/ guild. Lots of political in characters bashing
  • The Risen - Currently the largest Horde guild (level based) with endgame PVE/PVP.
  • Ostrze Hordy - A Polish guild, concentrating Polish players all over the realm. PvP and PvE guild.
  • BlackGuard - PVE/PVP guild.
  • Northrend Exposure - A PvE guild, built upon respect and helping others, currently with fully cleared heroic WotLK raid content. Guild lately known as Zénith.
  • Chaos Engines - PVE/PVP: Not much RP, although they do look after eachother. Was once a leveling guild but has grown in size and quality. Has about 220 members of many levels, very diverse. All are welcome above 20+. CE FTW baby. (we love surfa)
  • The Haven - PvE guild that has a few RPers. One of the oldest and best known guilds on the server, current raid progress is T4/early T5 content.
  • Korkron Assault - RP heavy guild, a little PVE/PVP on the side. Military themed roleplay. Mixed races but Orc heavy.
  • Necrosis - A newly formed social guild, aiming to help players and focusing mainly on PvE content.
  • Génesis- New raiding guild, Aiming to clear WotLK raid's till end game content.

External links

  • Scarshield Legion EU forum - Official Scarshield Legion EU forum
  • Goblin Gazette - A newspaper for the RP community of Scarshield Legion. The existence of the paper is also RP'ed out in-game and we have a Goblin Gazette guild with eager reporters.
  • We Are Legion - A forum for the roleplaying community of Scarshield Legion.