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AllianceIlmarë Valanya Singollo
Image of Ilmarë Valanya Singollo
Gender Female
Race [[Human]]
Class Priestess
Relative(s) Aiwendil Singollo (Husband, deceased), Elwe Singollo (Brother in-law, deceased), Mëlian Singollo (Sister in-law)


Ilmarë is a Human Priestess. She is fairly young for the list of achievements she has accumulated, the most notable being her acceptance into the Temple of the Moon by Tyrande Whisperwind and subsequent earning of the title of Priestess of the Moon.


Ilmarë is of average build, being slightly tall for a Human at 5'8". Her blue eyes are serene, and her curly auburn hair is kept out of her face in a simple, yet messy, bun. She has a light smattering of freckles across her nose, and her full lips are usually curved in a peaceful, reassuring smile, even in the midst of battle. She seems to have a calming presence, and virtually radiates the light of Elune. She has several piercings in each ear.


While not outspoken, Betty is also not one to shy away from things that are necessary to be said. She is slow to anger, although a surefire way to do so is to threaten someone she loves. There is a serenity about her that seems to spread to others simply by her presence. Simply put, she has an aura you would expect from a powerful priestess.

She has proven herself wise beyond her years, causing some to refer to her as an "old soul". She is fiercely loyal, but also open-minded; she hopes for the Alliance and Horde to one day resolve their differences and live in peace. Therefore, she does not actively seek conflict with the Horde, only defending against them when necessary.

Lately, she has seemed more conflicted and withdrawn, reflecting the very recent and painful losses she has incurred.


Found on the steps of the Stormwind Cathedral of Light by Brother Joshua, nothing is known of Betty's biological family, or even her true birthday. She was an infant at the time she was found, so they simply celebrate her birthday on that day. Her first and middle name were pinned to her swaddling and written in flowing script.

For reasons still unknown to most of the clergy of the Cathedral, including Brother Joshua, he felt a strong calling to take Ilmarë to Northshire Abbey and raise her, rather than hand her over to the orphanage. Upon his arrival, the other monks and priests decided her name was too serious for such a happy infant, and dubbed her Betty.

Betty grew up in Northshire Abbey, trained by the monks and priests in the ways of the Light. When she was 14, she felt called elsewhere. She spoke to Brother Joshua, who agreed to take her to the Cathedral of Light. Seeing as how Betty was already quite adept in the ways of the Light, High Priestess Laurena agreed that she was ready to leave the safety of the abbey and Stormwind. The Priestess suggested she head to Ironforge and speak with their High Priest.

Upon arriving in Ironforge, Betty still felt the pull to travel. However, she stayed with the Dwarves for nearly a year before she decided to move on. She decided to head to Theramore and see if anyone there might be able to provide insight. After docking in Theramore, Betty spends a few weeks aiding the inhabitants of the city in whatever ways she can, including healing wounded soldiers. As she works, she hears tales of the newly allied Night Elves, and feels the tug of destiny once more.

After several harsh months of unescorted travel, 16 year-old Betty manages to find her way into Ashenvale, then Astranaar, the nearest city of the Night Elves. Word begins to travel of the strange young girl, even as she continues her journey. Few of the aloof people offer her assistance, so she continues her travels alone; however, one is kind enough to reveal that their High Priestess resides in their capital city of Darnassus, as well as generalized directions there.

As Betty sets foot into the Temple of the Moon, she is greeted coldly by some of the lower-ranking priestesses. However, she holds firm until they finally acquiesce to speak to Tyrande Whisperwind, and request an audience for the young Human. They are surprised when Tyrande rebukes them for making her wait; that a mere child could travel so far, unescorted, and arrive unscathed is obviously a sign from Elune.

Despite the treatment by the other priestesses, Betty feels a sense of calm, of belonging, that she had not felt before; the nearest description of her thoughts was that she was home. After hearing her tale, Tyrande agrees to let Betty study the path of Elune. Due to her previous experiences as a priestess of the Light, Betty proves herself a quick learner. After two years spent at the Temple, Tyrande decides that Betty is skilled enough to begin aiding others; provided, of course, that she come back regularly for further training.

Betty travels to Auberdine, and finds many people in need of aid; they seem not to care of her race, only of her readiness to help. She is traveling on the road south of Auberdine when a large group of Furbolgs attack her; she fights valiantly, praying to Elune for aid. Hearing a loud roar, she turns to see a gorgeous white and violet cat leap into the fray; to her surprise, the cat defends her. She quickly recovers and begins chanting prayers to keep the feline protected and healed. Arrows whiz by her, and she turns to see a male Night Elf, obviously a Hunter, taking down more Furbolgs. She watches in horror as the beasts attempt to overwhelm her saviors, and sets to work, desperately praying to Elune to protect them.

Together, they manage to overtake the creatures; after the fight, Betty promptly faints, exhausted from her exertions. The elder and more experienced Night Elf is weary, but manages to care for the priestess, reviving her and convincing her of their need to move before another ambush takes place.

Upon reaching the safety of Auberdine the pair introduce themselves; Aiwendil, the Hunter, reveals that he had actually been searching for her to see if he could lend her aid. Apparently news of the Human had reached more ears than she realized. They travel together, becoming quite close in the coming months.

Aiwendil and Betty later marry, with his brother, Elwe Singollo, and sister in-law, Mëlian Singollo, attending the ceremony in the Temple of the Moon, performed by Tyrande Whisperwind herself.

Betty still continues to fight in the name of Elune, having been declared one of the few Humans to bear the title Priestess of the Moon.

A Bump in the Night

A few months ago, Betty awoke to find Aiwendil missing. There was no note, but also no signs of a struggle; his faithful companion, Pandora, and his mount were also gone. Upon contacting her sister in-law, Mëlian, Betty finds out that Elwe left their home in the middle of the night a few days after Aiwendil; about the time it would take to travel between the two households. Elwe left a very brief note, simply stating that he had "business to attend to". Being a rogue, Elwe often left under unusual circumstances; however, Aiwendil's disappearance was out of the ordinary.

While they have since returned from that and explained that Elwe asked for help with a very hush-hush assignment, the two brothers selfishly took the burden upon themselves again recently, this time to never return.


Shadow Betty.jpg
  • Betty is very open and easy to talk to, but prefers not to say much about herself.

Out of Character Information

  • Betty's story is being written out more in-depth at Betty & Aiwendil by her player. Feel free to stop by and see more!