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This article is a player character biography page for Blodwyen of Sisters of Elune US

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Blodwyen Woodrow
Image of Blodwyen Woodrow
Faction Alliance
Gender Female
Level 80
Race Human
Class Death Knight
Professions Mining, Jewelcrafting
Realm Sisters of Elune US
Guild [[Guild:Renewal_(Sisters of Elune US)|Renewal]]

Blodwyen Woodrow is a Knight of the Ebon Blade and the leader of Shadow of the Moon. Born in Westfall, she currently lives in the large manor house her guild owns in Elwynn Forest.


Wendy, as she is known to almost everyone, is short and sturdily built. Her auburn hair is kept in a messy bun that is nearly always falling down. She appears to be quite young, perhaps having only been sixteen at the time of her death. Always displaying some sort of nervous energy, Wendy is often seen wringing her hands, playing with her hair, or biting her lip. Though she may seem unsure of herself and often awkward in most social situations, those who know her well realize that there is a more serious and protective side to her personality as well.


Growing up in Westfall

Between the Second and Third Wars, Wendy was born to Benjamin and Nadezhda Woodrow in Westfall. Her family lived and worked on a small farm on the outskirts of the village, near the bridge to Duskwood. Though her elder brother Edward enjoyed helping their father run the farm, Wendy was more likely to be found wandering the hills and forests surrounding Westfall. Her mother, known to most as Naddie, was an accomplished priestess who was often called to care for the sick and women who were about to give birth in the villages that surrounded Stormwind. Naddie hoped to pass on her skills to her daughter and began training Wendy to become a priestess at a very young age.

Though Wendy learned quickly and soon became a powerful healer in her own right, the young girl had difficulty understanding when it was appropriate to use her new talents. Naddie had tried to instill in her daughter a sense of the responsibility required to use the Light, but she grew concerned when she saw Wendy consistently using offensive spells for childish pranks.

When Wendy was ten years old, a sickly-looking stranger arrived in Westfall and was taken in by the Woodrow family upon Naddie's insistence. Within a week, Benjamin, Naddie, and Edward had all developed a strange sickness, though Wendy herself remained healthy. A few days later, the family's farmhouse and barn burned down in a fire that was rumored, at the time, to have been started by the Defias. The other residents of Westfall assumed that all the Woodrows had died in this accident, and the abandoned farm is now considered an unlucky place and referred to as the "Dead Acre."

Time in the Plaguelands

Wendy disguised as a cultist outside the gates to Scholomance

After the destruction of her family home, Wendy was taken by the stranger to what was to become the Eastern Plaguelands. She refuses to discuss this part of her life with any save her closest friends, and even they do not seem to know the entirety of her story. What is clear is that Wendy had some connection to the Cult of the Damned and also maintains a knowledge of necromancy that she must have learned during this period. She also is quite familiar with the Cult's school, Scholomance and has, on at least one occasion, returned there in disguise to aid a friend.

Though she has not explained how or why, Wendy must have died and been raised as a Death Knight in Arthas' army some time after she was originally brought to the Plaguelands. Given her current appearance, one can assume that Wendy died when she was around sixteen years old and spent roughly a year fighting for the Lich King before her free will was returned to her.

When the Battle for Light's Hope Chapel freed Wendy once again, she took the chance to finally leave the Plaguelands. Not knowing where to go, she wandered for weeks through the Eastern Kingdoms until she finally found herself back at the remains of the Woodrow's farmhouse in Westfall. She remained there for months, fighting off the Defias who constantly raided the house. Eventually Uillam, her mother's brother and a Stormwind guardsman, found Wendy there. The young girl nearly killed her uncle when he first entered the house, not understanding that he had come to help her. Finally, Uillam was able to convince Wendy of his intentions and took her back to the city with him.

Return to Stormwind

Uillam left on assignment to Valiance Keep in the Borean Tundra not long after he brought Wendy back to Stormwind. Before he left, however, he secured a place for her in the guild, Shadow of the Moon, to ensure that she would be taken care of while he was away. By now incredibly backward in most social situations, it took Wendy quite some time to warm up to the guild.

Several months after returning to Stormwind, Wendy found that she was particularly skilled in defending those who were not as strong as she. Seeking out the advice of Lenou and other members of her new family, she was able to train herself to "fight at the front," and protecting others became one of her primary goals.

Now, though still very awkward at times, she is usually good-natured and enjoys the company of her family. Shy and serious, Wendy does not generally speak much in public unless she is surrounded by people she knows well. Wendy is most often found serving as a liaison between the Ebon Blade and the Argent Crusade, working primarily out of the Shadow Vault in Icecrown.

Out of Character Information