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Image of Dreadsinger
Gender Female
Race Blood elf
Class Warlock
Occupation Cultist
Location Isle of Dread
Status Alive
Relative(s) Saryx EbonArrow (Mother), Nazarylis de Sunfyre (Daughter), Cahlind de Crysos (Daughter), Alizabeth de Lyonhart (Daughter), Savante Bloodheart (Lover), Amshara de Lyonhart (Ex-husband), Dvorn (Ex-husband), Imzar (Ex-husband), Narok (Ex-husband), Caell Nelacroix (Ex-lover), Faelran (Ex-lover, Half-Brother), Karesha (Half-Brother), Shriaeri Desfanna (Grandmother), Khalith (Grandson), Jaesarra (Granddaughter)


Dreadsinger was a Blood elf Fel Weaver on the Sisters of Elune server. She made her home on the Isle of Dread off the coast of Feralas where she actively schemed her revenge on the Ravencrest bloodline. She was once well known for her Cult of Bloody Roses but that has since been disbanded, at least to public knowledge, and her banishment to the Isle of Dread kept her from making a public mess in Silvermoon City where she once lived. Her birth name was Annashara.

She was recently killed by the human Robs Colt and a coalition of both Horde and Alliance in the middle of a cultist ritual to summon the Rose. In actuality, she survived and was shortly thereafter killed by Shriaeri Desfanna, but alas, what the world may never know.

General Information

Physical Description

Those that knew Annashara in her youth would not recognize her today. Although she carries the vanity of any typical Blood elf woman, she is far from the typical beauty. When leaving her home or first approaching someone, she normally uses her  [Orb of Deception] to appear as a tall Draenei female. This disguise is flawless in every aspect except for the badly burned hands she is infamous for.

When out of her disguise, Annashara is of typical height and weight. She wears a long, light red robe with chaotic designs of yellow and pink sewn on. The robe exposes her midsection, which some suspect is the only smooth area of skin on her entire body. Her gloves are tattered rags, exposing the fingers long ago warped by felfire. Two steady streams of a black, inky sludge drip out of her hood and down her robes.

The shadows of her large, purple hood usually keep her face hidden from view but on the rare occasions she takes it down people have reported seeing a mangled face littered with scars and strange runes carved deep into the flesh. The truth to these reports is unconfirmed as no reliable source has shown any interest in finding out.

The same sources report seeing her riding a large saber (much like the Night elf mounts, except composed of ethereal energy) known as a 'Spectral Tiger'. Again, they go unconfirmed and authorities claim it pure street legend as much as the Dread Singer herself.


The Dread Singer

In the lore surrounding the 'Dread Singer', Annashara is often depicted as a maniacal and villainous temptress. Only by her surviving lover Caell (pronounced Seal) and her daughter Cahlind has she ever been described as anything else. Her obsession with The Rose is the central anchor for her personality- extravagant, disturbing, and relentless. Annashara goes out of her way to make a major impression on even minor occasions (although by intention or not is unclear) and usually succeeds.

Those that have encountered Annashara say she lies with the truth, and tells the truth with lies. She is fond of making people 'play games' with her, although there is usually no way to win said games resulting in many unfinished rounds through which her 'opponents' have fled or otherwise. She is manipulative to the extreme, never showing herself (intentionally) to those she does not have a plan for. This is often powered by the black insects that her druidic slaves are forced to spy for her with, bringing her information that is better left out of the hands of people like her.


She is fond of drinking  [Boiled Blood] and the  [Blood of Innocents], vials of which she keeps on herself at all times. Why she does this is unknown, but it is a constant reminder to those around her that she is not quite in her right mind. It was once rumored that she 'sustained' herself on this, but those rumors have been officially closed and denied as she is a 'normal' Blood elf and still requires genuine food to survive, such as the burned husks of birds.

While talking to people, she's apt to blow rose petals in their faces, and zone out of conversations with them to listen to the  [Vial of Tears] she shakes next to her ear. Occasionally she'll smash the vials at people's feet, but no one is quite sure why...

One remarkable habit is the one through which she obtained her current renown and title. The Night Elves of Feathermoon Stronghold have reported hearing laments coming from the island late at night. Although sounding beautiful for a distance, the closer one gets to the Isle of Dread the more chaotic the notes become, until once one is upon the shore, they are nothing more than strangled screams. The song itself seems to have no observable affect on those that listen to it aside from whatever natural fear, disgust, or annoyance the listener would normally feel.


No one except Annashara herself, if her insanity even allows it, knows the pure truth of what has happened to her, but the tales told about her all have common features which are described here.

{{The player would have it be known that the majority of this information, save the obvious moments when Annashara was not yet alive, was roleplayed out on the live SoE server and was not sheer creativity on her behalf, thus giving credit where it is due to the other players. She would also like it to be known that yes, the following information is insanely long as it contains nearly a solid year's worth of in-game roleplay.}}

Chronological Legend

Annashara was born prematurely roughly thirty-four years ago to the lone huntress Saryx EbonArrow after an unsuccessful raid in which Raene Wolfrunner struck Saryx down in battle with a deadly volley assault. Although Saryx and Annashara were saved by priests once recovered from the battlefield, Annashara's twin was long dead, having been pierced straight through by one of Wolfrunner's arrows.

Saryx refused to name the father, who was a married magistrate, but also refused to give Annashara her last name. It is now known through recovered letters and Saryx's personal affects that the father was also the father of a Farstrider named Faelran, who would by sheer coincidence run into Annashara later on through the Ebon Vanguard. However, it seems Saryx was clever enough to even in her private thoughts never give the sire's name.

Annashara was fascinated by the secrets of the The Rose as well as the mystery surrounding her grandmother, Shriaeri Desfanna who is better known as the Blood Drainer. However, Annashara lacked her grandmother's potent fel weaving talents, and often struggled with simple incantations such as Demon Skin throughout her teenage years. She did however decipher the Voiry de Crysos, which many claim was the 'beginning of the end' for her sanity.

Annashara and Caell Nelacroix

At the age of eighteen, she fled from home for unknown reasons and joined the Ebon Vanguard, a group of mercenaries lead by a Blood elf Rogue named Caell. She eventually fell in love with Caell and conceived his child. However, Caell's romantic involvement with the Rogue 'Depraved' sent her running to the arms of a wealthy noble named Amshara de Lyonhart. Amshara helped her to master the art of Fel Weaving, but as he himself delved deeper into it his own sanity began to unravel.

Annashara was able to use his crumbling reason to convince him that her firstborn daughter, Nazarylis, was in fact his and not Caell's, thus securing her daughter's financial security for life. She remained with the Ebon Vanguard throughout this, wilting away as she watched Caell and 'Depraved'. Jilted and envious of their relationship, she pursued one of her own with the hunter Faelran (neither of them knowing they were in fact siblings by the same father). When she was pregnant with Faelran's child, Annashara took no chances and immediately married Amshara, once again claiming the child was his.

She named the child Cahlind de Lyonhart; a name Cahlind would later revoke in favor of the Crysos house she served. Amshara, in his increasing paranoia, forced Annashara to withdraw from the Ebon Vanguard, but not before Annashara could exact her revenge for the broken heart Caell had given her. She all but destroyed the Ebon Vanguard from within, a devastation that the Vanguard never truly recovered from. This gained Annashara her first taste of infamy, but the thrill was short lived.

Artistic Depiction of Caell leaving Annashara

When Amshara discovered what she had done, he became convinced she meant to do the same to him and take over the Lyonhart estate. Branding her a servant of the Burning Legion for the spells he himself had taught her, and accusing her of treason against Quel'Thalas, Amshara ensured that Annashara was sentenced to execution as soon as she delivered her third daughter, Alizabeth, the only one to truly be Amshara's. Through back-alley deals and political corruption, Amshara was able to take Annashara's execution under his own jurisdiction and had her burned alive- which never would have been implemented otherwise- after extended torture.

Annashara was physically and mentally broken from the betrayal, having truly begun to love Amshara. It is still unknown how she escaped death on the night of her execution, but it is believed the the Voiry de Crysos had more than a little to do with it. This was also when the fel ruby began to appear in rumors throughout various circles in Silvermoon City, an artifact much like a phylactery or [Soulstone]. Other than that, Annashara disappeared from the world for nearly twenty years.

Then, almost overnight, strange things begain to occur in Silvermoon City. There was talk of roses, and journal pages with mad scrawlings and ravings began to litter Murder Row and other places of ill repute. Certain people began to withdraw away from their loved ones and friends, bearing strange tattoos of roses (all unique yet somehow the same) and following the hooded figure of Annashara and a Forsaken Mage named Dvorn throughout the streets at night. There was hearsay of contracts, promises of eternal life, unspeakable power, untold wealth... Eventually it would draw characters as even unlikely as the Tauren Shaman Donomasou and the Blood elf Priest Sabbadeus into its ranks.

It would continue to grow, reaching its peak of glory when Annashara and Dvorn had their extravagant wedding during the Summer Festival. It was a large affair that brought much attention just as Annashara had planned... but also to the inevitable downfall of her scheming. The attention brought more than potential cultists, giving curiosity to the general public and those few in power that for either pride or true benevolence refused to give in to her temptations and empty promises. The Cult of Bloody Roses was exposed and scattered before it could summon the Rose into this world.

This time Annashara was hunted like a dog, chased across the sea to Kalimdor, and still given no mercy until she finally disappeared into the wilds of Feralas. They believed she had found a way into Eldre'Thalas, but all searches for her there were fruitless. In truth, she had thrown herself in the waters of the Veiled Sea, screaming madly in a strange tongue, only to wash up on the shores of the Isle of Dread.

Eventually she rose to power again, amassing her followers both old and new, such as Abbeel, Solevar, Alandyn, and even enlisting the aid of Alliance renegades. However, her return was short lived, and in an epic battle known as Summer's Twilight, Annashara was shot down and she threw herself into a fel portal. Not before she could exact her revenge and kill Valdarin de Ravencrest, thus nearly ending the Ravencrest bloodline. She escaped to the Isle of Dread, where she made amends with her old lover Caell and was brutally murdered by the returned Blood Drainer, Shriaeri Desfanna.


Annashara has three known children. They are, in order of birth:

  • Nazarylis de Sunfyre
  • Cahlind de Crysos
  • Alizabeth de Lyonhart.

Nazarylis is the daughter of Caell, Cahlind is the daughter of Faelran, and Alizabeth is the daughter of Amshara.

Her relationship with Caell was never validated, as they were never officially together despite their immense love for each other. Eventually they were reunited, in secret, in her dying moments on the Isle of Dread. Nazarylis is the only proof that they were even discreetly lovers. However, her relationship with Faelran was purely a physical one, and to this day neither of them knows they are related by their father. What this means for Cahlind's physical well-being and social well-being if anyone ever found out...well, that's another time and wiki.

Annashara legally married four men. They are, in order of marriage:

  • Amshara de Lyonhart
  • Imzar Coldsteel
  • Dvorn
  • Narok.

That the last two are Forsaken has always aroused people's interest, but it is not believed she was ever

Amshara de Lyonhart

physically intimate with either and that the marriages were much more of a political move than anything. All of her aforementioned lovers and husbands are dead except for Caell and Narok, although Narok is listed as presumed dead (forgive the pun) and Annashara has inherited their fortunes, belongings, and lands. However, being exiled from Quel'Thalas has made her invalid for inheriting them, and so they have gone to the only one of her surviving daughters that would acknowledge her as their mother, Cahlind.

It is not known if Saryx EbonArrow knows of Annashara's fate, because she has taken no action in Annashara's life since Annashara first joined the Ebon Vanguard. It seems unlikely that EbonArrow would be completely oblivious though, leaving it to speculation on how much Saryx truly cares for her daughter.

Annashara had a tenuous relationship with various horde members concerning their still remaining contracts from the Cult of Bloody Roses.

Current Plot Involvement

The Dread Singer, as she was known in life, is deceased, her tortured soul in limbo after being consumed by the Blood Drainer, Shriaeri Desfanna. People across Azeroth have begun having horrific nightmares, where she seems to be reaching out to Belinor Direbourne, another deceased villain.

Out of Character Information

  • Dreadsinger is Roleplaying at all times, as she only logs in to Dreadsinger for roleplay.