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HordeNecrous Skullcrusher
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Gender Male
Race Orc
Class Warrior


Necrous is an Orc Warrior of the Dragonmaw Clan. However, he is in no way on good terms with the clan, and is loyal to Thrall and the Horde.


Big. One look at the massive Orc, towering over many at 8'5", and that is most certainly one of the first words to come to mind. He cuts an imposing figure, whether he is in the simple brown vest and pants of his "civilian" clothes, or in his armor. His eyes are violet; not quite as rare as the blue of Thrall's, but definitely less common than the blacks and reds of many. His black hair is pulled into a topknot that ends just past his shoulders. His skin is a medium green.


Necrous is an Orc Warrior. Not much more needs to be said. He is largely honor-driven, and not one for "feelings". He is the ultimate defender, be it of those in need or simply those he cares for. He is slow to anger for the most part, but definitely is not one to cross. Loyalty is something he strongly believes in.


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