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The Sisters of Elune Roleplaying Guild Alliance is an alliance of exclusive hardcore Roleplaying guilds on the Sisters of Elune US which have all agreed to the same standards of membership.

Their sister alliance of Horde guilds can be found on the Silver Hand server as Server:Silver Hand US/Roleplaying Guild Alliance.

It currently consists of four guilds:

File:GuildTabardStormwindArcane.jpg Stormwind Arcane Academy led by Dartien Kashan.

File:GuildTabardSentinel.jpg Sentinel of the Wildwood led by Arylia Wolfmoon

File:GuildTabardSilverLance.jpg Silver Lance Cavalry led by Gwyaddi

File:GuildTabardHouseRaine.jpg House Raine of Gilneas led by Brishen O'Conner

The guild website can be found at

Guild Rules

Each guild in the alliance agrees to hold all of its members the same high standards. These standards include:

  • Strict rules for character names.
  • Expecting players to type properly, as well as use proper grammar and spelling.
  • Expecting players to behave in a manner that properly reflects the entire guild alliance.
  • Requiring players to stay In Character when speaking in public channels such as /say and /yell.
  • A general philosophy that puts good roleplaying ahead of concerns such as raiding and loot.

A full list of the guild's rules and policies can be found here: Code of Conduct

Joining the Alliance

Prospective members looking to join the alliance must first contact a guild leader or officer and pass the recruitment litmus test. People who cannot type properly (including punctuation, spelling, and grammar) or who cannot properly name a character as outlined in our Code of Conduct will not even be considered for membership.

After that, once they have fully read and understood the Codes of Conduct and Read me First threads on the Recruitment Forum, prospective members should seek out a current member of one of the guilds to sponsor their membership.

Gaining sponsorship usually involves taking the initiative to seek out a current member and roleplaying and/or questing with them until they feel comfortable recommending you for membership. The time required for this varies from person to person; players with personalities that will mesh well with guild members can expect to be recommended sooner while other players may find they have to work harder to gain someone's favor.

Prospective members should be aware that while there is no level requirement for joining any of the guilds, the majority of our members' characters have already reached the maximum level, so lower-level characters may have a more difficult time finding ways to journey with current members to gain their favor.

Sponsors are responsible for the conduct of the people they recommend. A member who sponsors someone who turns out to be unsuitable for membership can expect to be mocked mercilessly by his or her fellows.

Membership is generally understood to be of the Alliance as a whole. Once a player has been accepted to any of the guilds, they may (at the guild leader's discretion) place their other characters into any other Allied guilds if the player thinks that another guild would best fit that particular character.