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Image of Tione
Gender Female
Race Forsaken
Class Priest
Occupation Research, storytelling
Status Dead. Well...undead.
Relative(s) None


Tione is a Forsaken Priest, affiliated closely with all branches of the Horde. Although she loves the city of Orgrimmar, circumstances have led her to wander the streets of Silvermoon. This she doesn't mind quite so much, as Silvermoon is 'very pretty'.


Petite. Tiny. Fragile, delicate...all words that could describe her, and have, at one point in time or another. The Forsaken standing before you looks'well-preserved', if you care to phrase it that way. Smooth, unblemished skin, luminescent eyes that glow golden with emotion. If it weren't for the whole grey, pallid, cold and corpselike part, she'd probably be remotely attractive. The look on her face however would give anyone sway - her mouth set firmly in an expression that reflects that she's seen the majority of what there is to see in the world, and is largely unimpressed.

Of course, dying and being yanked back to sentient life can do that to a person. Corpse. Thing.

The way guards in any horde city nod and acknowledge her gives you the distinct impression that she is very well known and respected in the upper ranks of the horde.

The stink of magic is strong on her, but not....generated by her, rather it seems as if it's permeated her skin and clothing from some outside source. Almost like a soft blanket of static electricity, it makes the hair on the back of your neck stand positively on end.


Tione is, in a phrase, Lazy Beyond All Reason. Content merely to while away the hours napping in a convenient hut in Orgrimmar, working only when required would be her idea of heaven, such as it is.

Unfortunately, the world has other plans, and continually sets her up to do things. Marvelous things. Interesting things.

This annoys her to no end.


Little to nothing is known of Tione prior to her awakening as a Forsaken, and questions about her previous 'life' will go unanswered with a swift change of subject. Her body raised in Deathknell as were countless other Forsaken before and after her, Tione at the time had little care about her past heritage, choosing instead to deal with circumstances as they arose. What use mourning the past, when the present was ever so much more prevalent? Oddly well-preserved, it is speculated that either she was raised not too long after she died, or was simply buried with great care. Regardless, she's still dead as a doornail. Undead. As a...lamppost? Something along those lines.

Fascinated with animals and pets, she has so many that Karus, the banker in Orgrimmar, refused to let her bring any more in, and eventually ordered her to remove them. Similarly, she has more steeds than she knows what to do with.

Tione's history is an odd one indeed. If asked, she will tell you of her travels as a Forsaken, her training in the priesthood, her struggles as an engineer, her history with the Darkspear and how she was awarded a raptor at only fifty seasons in the field (at the time, a major accomplishment), her similar endeavors with the Orcs and the Tauren, her accomplishments as a full member in exalted standing with the Horde, what it is like in Molten Core, what Lord Victor Nefarius looks like when you make him really angry, the trials of the war effort for Ahn'Qiraj, and of her many, many friends along the way. She may even regale you with a tale or two of trolls and gods, tricksters and aspects. To her, this is all old hat, and not terribly impressive. Many have been where her feet have tread, many have fought those she has fought.

Tione in earlier days, wandering the rooftoops of Karazhan

But it's what she doesn't tell anyone that is far more interesting than any lair of any beast or demon that she's set foot in.

"You'll have your looks...your pretty face - and don't forget the importance of body language, ha!"

Tione is not her real name. Her 'real' name, such as it was, was lost to her years ago in a bargain with Princess Tempestria of Winterspring. After years of battles with demons, dragons and Old Gods, Tione's original guild was scattered to the winds, the members each finding their own path and slowly disappearing one by one by one. Heroes never really die, they just fade away...and as Tione watched, Orgrimmar lost more and more people, the Horde itself slowly dwindling in numbers until there was barely enough to fill a city street in prime hours of the day. There was little she could do but watch sadly as her closest and most trusted friends gave up the good fight and drift away into well-deserved retirements, until one day a rogue by the name of Jes'rimon approached her in the depths of the Drag, offering her an alternate route.

He explained, as she listened unbelieving, that there was a way she could once more see the city streets full of Horde willing and able to fight the good fight. "Go to Winterspring," he said, "Dere's a Princess up dere, name o' Tempestria. She show you. She knows de way."

And so Tione traveled to Winterspring, encountering the Princess Tempestria (a loud, obnoxious and brazen water elemental) and asking her what Jes'rimon meant. After all, she had nothing better to do. Tempestria explained that she could move Tione to another reality, one full of people, and in exchange asked for her voice. When Tione refused, the elemental quickly amended the offer and asked merely for Tione's name in return. As Tione had little attachment to her name at the time, she agreed.

The water elemental then promptly thwapped her upside the head with her staff, knocking the priest out briefly - and when she came to, it was to a different world. A world teeming with Horde as promised - and when Tione traveled to the bank to speak to her old friend Karus, he had never heard of her, and demanded her name. Tione made up a name on the spot, and her adventures began once more.

While in Orgrimmar, it was made clear that none knew who she was, or where she'd come from, except for a few key people. The leaders of the Horde had a vague recollection of her at best, but Jes'rimon seemed to know exactly who she was on sight, and informed her that many had taken the same path she did. The difference being that TIone remembered where she had come from. Whether this was because she was undead, or because she had willingly sought out the relocation, or some other reason is unknown. And so she made herself at home in the 'new' Orgrimmar[, happy enough with the memories that remained.

This time however, rather than fighting the battles of dragons and demons, she took a more practical approach to fighting and joined a group in battling the alliance in Alterac Valley, Warsong Gulch, and Arathi Basin - keeping her new friends alive. It was much appreciated.

At an unknown time during this year, Tione was assigned by none other than Vol'jin himself to retrieve a scroll of some importance. After a long series of adventures involving an alliance druid, naga, morrowgrain and murlocs, the scroll was lost - and it was revealed all of it was a plan put in place by Jes'rimon.

As a direct result of the proceeding adventure, Tione was called upon by Umber, an archivist living in Moonglade, and 'persuaded' to work for him in a rude and altogether uncouth manner. Blackmail is useful, as long as it's not happening to you.

When the alliance with the Blood Elves came about, Tione was the first out of the gate doing errands for the oddly delicate pointy-eared creatures, earning exalted status with the city of Silvermoon in record time and obtaining a much longed for hawkstrider, as well as revealing some...upsetting conclusions to her prior adventures.

After many months of travel in the newly reopened Outlands, Tione joined another group of adventurers, this time to the tower of Karazhan. Months were spent clearing the place of spectral anomalies, and of course aquiring more than a few rare tomes for Umber. During the course of these adventures she apparently struck some sort of deal with Sebastian the whining and mostly unpleasant spectre of an Organist in the Opera House contained in the tower, although the details of this arrangement have yet to be documented.

Once more, the group she traveled with chose to retire, and once more Tione found herself wandering alone, and making a few new friends along the way, the most important of these being a troll warrior by the name of Hectic who assisted Tione in breaking her ties with Umber the Archivist once and for all via a particularly potent batch of mind-numbing poison and selective burning of a few choice items in his collection. Thus freed, Tione was able to once more enjoy life at her leisure, unfettered by conflicting loyalties or darker intentions.

It was at this time that Hectic revealed something terribly important to him. Tione was flattered that he trusted her with the importance of the information given, and the two grew to be great friends. Sadly, Hectic started appearing around the cities less and less, leaving Tione with the distinct impression that this warrior, too, had regrettably faded away.

While glumly checking her mail one day, she was surprised to receive a missive from none other than Princess Tempestria, and upon visiting the elemental was informed that there were restrictions to the deal they had made - it was only a trial period, and when Tione requested to stay put she was promptly and unwillingly knocked over the head again.

She awoke in an Everlook where to her horror nobody recognized her, and when she flew at once to Orgrimmar, once again Karus asked her for her name. Once again, she made one up on the spot. Heartbroken and unwilling to face the streets full of strangers, she left Orgrimmar and traveled to the city of Silvermoon.

These days, she travels the streets of Silvermoon, chatting with the elves therein and attempting to be as helpful as possible - more than likely to make up for prior events and certain creatures still lurking the Ghostlands, although she has never spoken of them or her suspicions to anyone. Telling stories, helping where needed, and occasionally visiting Orgrimmar, she is content with where she is, although she still recalls everything prior to her relocations with some fondness and regret.

Back at the Secret Lair

Presently, while Tione remains in exalted status with the Blood Elves, it has come to her attention that someone has been searching for her - an unknown Blood Elf girl who claims to have known her 'in Orgrimmar', and wishes to 'catch up' with her. Said girl was also keenly interested in knowing whether or not Hectic was with her - a question that was odd, for Hectic to Tione's knowledge never existed in this particular Silvermoon. Tione was clued into the girl's queries by two individuals, a Blood Elf priest by the name of Mourne, and a Blood Elf rogue by the name of Jesseira, both of which were genuinely kind to the priest and showed her respect, something that many other Blood Elves seemed to be lacking in. Through a series of inquiries, several items were revealed as to why the girl was looking for Tione, why Hectic was being sought after as well, and the unsettling conclusion of the inquiries has led Tione to remain in Silvermoon until the motives for the inquiries, and the people behind them, can be fully revealed.

To date, only Mourne and Jesseira know the full scale of what it is that Tione is being watched for.

Tione has a keen interest in the Convocation that is often spoke of in Silvermoon, and a series of uneasy conclusions involving them, but has yet to meet all of them in person.

Recent Updates (name change)

Tione's name, formerly "Spook," has now changed to Tione. Those that call her by her old name are gently and quietly corrected. Whether this was simply a matter of preference, or yet another price for yet another deal is also unknown. Oddly, Tione has also been seen around the Undercity, skulking about the areas where records of Forsaken are kept by the Royal Apothecary Society and the Cult of Forgotten Shadow. It would appear that there are records being held that she desperately wants to get her hands on. After a recent break-in and subsequent theft of the large majority of records contained in the vaults however, Tione has been absent from the Undercity once more. Her current whereabouts are unknown.


  • Even though Tione is currently residing in Silvermoon, she enjoys telling stories - most of which involve troll history and lore.
  • Tione appears to have some sort of history with Conjurer Tyren of Silvermoon, glaring at him in a most unladylike fashion as he strolls the city streets. What this history is is unknown at present time.
  • Of all of the Horde races, the last that Tione worked to gain exalted standing with is her own. The Undercity and the motives of Sylvanas matter little to her, while the rich history and background of the other members of the Horde are eternally fascinating. It would appear that after many, many years of pointedly ignoring the Undercity and its trappings, she's had a change of heart. ...if she had a heart to begin with.
  • Tione has never mentioned her life before awakening to anyone.

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