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The Orcish crest

Skullcrusher is a high population PvP realm that was opened on launch day (2004-12-30). According to Warcraftrealms, Horde outnumbers Alliance by a ration of 2.6:1.

Skullcrusher was part of the Ruin Battlegroup.

Skullcrusher was previously a candidate for Character Transfers to Mug'thol, Smolderthorn, Spirestone, Cho'gall, Alterac Mountains, and The Underbog.

Has part of Blizzard's connected realms, Skullcrusher was connected to Black Dragonflight and Gul'dan

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Horde 2008-11-23 Malygos is slain by Rage
Horde 2008-7-21 Kil'jaeden is slain by Rage
Alliance 2007-07-29 Kel'Thuzad is slain by the combined efforts of Dark Entropy, Forgotten Prophets, Vindictive and others.
Neutral 2006-02-12 Ahn'Quiraj Gates Opened by Gunsmoke of Immortality.
Horde 2005-05-01 Nightmares Asylum defeats Ragnaros.
Neutral 2004-11-23 Skullcrusher begins


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