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Stonemaul was a migration server. Most people migrated here from Warsong (a big chunk of Russian community) and Skullcrusher, and the minority from Stormreaver, Dunemaul and Stormscale. In time the Russian community forced most of non-Russian speaking people off the server, making it the second highest concentration of Russian-speaking players amongst the European realms. The concerned players have made attempts to petition Blizzard and ask them to label the server "Russian" to avoid confusion, but the company remained deaf to their pleas until 2008, when the idea was implemented in the form of a whole Russian server group.

Stonemaul, along with three other realms that were predominantly populated by Russian players (Molten Core, Shadowmoon and Warsong), was closed down shortly after Wrath of the Lich King was officially launched in Europe. Free migrations to the realms of the newly opened Russian server group were offered to the population of the server; those who chose to stay, however, were offered free transfers to chosen European realms. The servers were shut down and are most likely used for the new realms that opened with the launch of the second expansion.[1][2] It's also worth noticing that it was an unprecedented event - since the launch of the original game not a single realm has ever been closed down before.

The server was named after the Stonemaul Clan - an ogre clan which, after the Second War, separated in two — one part sailing west to Kalimdor and establishing a village in Dustwallow Marsh while the other remained in Lordaeron.


Please note that this realm no longer exists. The information is kept for historical purposes and shows the state of things right before Stonemaul was closed down.

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