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This article is an information page for the Sunstrider realm (server)

The contents herein are entirely player made and in no way represent official World of Warcraft history or occurrences which are accurate for all realms. The information and events listed are of an independent nature and applied for roleplaying, fictional, speculative, or opinions from a limited playerbase only.

EU Sunstrider is a PvP realm that was opened in early 2005. The realm soon became somewhat different from other realms due to it having it's own forums at months before other realms got theirs through Due to these forums the players from each faction got to know their opponents, to love and hate them stronger than ever before.

The community is quite strong, with active communication between Guilds, especially those on top of the food chain. There is a constant race going on to achieve goals of the endgame content, and this race can be watched through the forums. Even though the "endgame race" came to quite a halt with guilds such as Randoms, Razzamataz and Substance disbanding, and horde side being more or less dead, leaving Unknown Entity as the only real hardcore guild, competition have surfaced with the release of Sunwell Plateau, Unknown Entity getting server first yet again, with the horde guild Border Ruffians announcing their kill a mere 9 minutes later.

Sunstrider was for period known for it's worse than normal latency issues, often referred to as 'Lagstrider' in game, but these issues now seem to have diminished after the highly anticipated and much needed hardware-upgrades for The Burning Crusade. In truth, many of these latency issues where solved the summer of 2006 already, but the release of the Burning Crusade did erase all problems, more or less.

Sunstrider is also well famed with the server's private Molten Core rare spawn mob Magadar. Magadar is assumed to be sister of Magmadar. Not much of her drops are known about this NPC but it is generally considered as "Epix". Recently there is a myth that claims reporting "Magadar Down!" on raid instances general chat brings players huge reputation from other players. This speciality is also considered as a hidden ability of the mob. No guild is yet to kill this famed beast, not even the truly hardcore guilds have even attempted it, and it's presence have not been detected since a Karazhan raid in November 2007.

The opening of paid character migration hit Sunstrider hard, espicially the horde side. Progressed guilds such as Exodus, Legacy and Hybris had to disband simply because of the lack of a geared/dedicated horde playerbase. Most of the members from these guilds migrated, although quite a bit found a home in Nazgrels Henchmen, who themselves had lost a 20-30'ish members to migration. But eventually, Nazgrels Henchman were forced to toss in the towel aswell, and Horde-raiding progress was declared dead. The best guilds left on horde would for a long time not kill anything but Nefarian, and progress in AQ40 and Naxxramas was non existing.

Alliance-side was screaming for competition PvE-wise, as more and more horde-players migrated from this "dying" realm. The trend has now seem to taken a sudden turn. It seems that Sunstrider has had frequent visits by "spies" representing various guilds on different realms seeking luck and new adventures on another realm than their old. The first batch of players seem to have been from the guild <Mythic> (previously stationed on Shattered Halls), followed by <Cry More> (previously stationed on Laughing Skull) with Xandrika and Vard as the highest profiled players. Vard has a history of creating quite popular realm-events on his previous realm, and the community looks forward to take part of these events. The Sunstrider-community gave the newcomers a warm welcome. Both Alliance and Horde. Xandrika was quick to organize an Alliance vs Horde match in Tanaris. The event was organized mainly through Even though Alliance was hit by a lagspike that allowed the already awaiting horde guilds to kill most of the non-fighting Alliance players - Xandrika was given an honorable death by Cozur - who immediatly posted a video on The fight was declared a "no-winners" match seeing as the Horde leader was dead, and the Alliance leaders offline. Later on, the Horde raided Ironforge and killed the King, prompting the Alliance to kill Thrall. However, no other events such as this have been organized for quite some time.

Horde progress was hit in the groin when Border Ruffians disbanded due to one of their rogues ninja'ing a Warglaive off Illidan. Even though Aphorism had surpassed Border Ruffians a long time ago, it was still a major blow to the horde side seeing their second best guild go down the drain.

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