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High population PvE server. Mostly English speaking, though not dominated by any one nationality. Alliance players significantly outnumber those on the Horde side (Approximately 3:1 A:H ratio).

For current statistics please visite the Warcraft Census site for information about server population. Terenas Server Status

Server Progression

I am currently working on a WotLK progression table, bear with me!


Vanilla WoW and TBC server progression have been moved to a subdirectory, go here for Vanilla WoW, and here for TBC. These can still be updated if your guild decides to do some old content!

Notable Incidents


Since the release of Wrath of the Lich King several players on the server have announced the hacking of their accounts or their suspicion that their accounts have been compromised. These incidents involve players on both factions and range from minor changes in account information to the complete seizure of a player's gear or the account itself. The majority of hacking incidents can be attributed to Trojan Horse viruses or keyloggers. However, Terenas has seen an increase in gold selling advertisents for their associated web sites with the release of the expansion pack. These web sites are frequently suspected as the source of harmful third party software and viruses.

Terenas Tavern

The Terenas Tavern is an unofficial forum for the server that is independent from the server forums on World of Warcraft's community web site. The forum is generally viewed as a place were players of both factions can voice their opinions on the game without the rules imposed on them by the official forum's admins. Discussions on the tavern include general chat, speculation on new developments and guild promotion and recruitment. The forum also has sections that allow players to highlight notable behaviour by other players they encounter in game. The sections are labeled Good Conduct and Bad Conduct.

Since the forum's launch shortly after the original game's release, the Bad Conduct section has been a continuing source of friction among the players of Terenas. While the section notifies players of more serious issues like potential ninja looters, the most of the reported incidents are trivial and could easily have been resolved within the game instead of a player ending up blacklisted. These incidents include fighting over mobs, resources or simple misunderstandings. New players to the server and the forum itself are at increased risk from blacklisting as the majority of players who frequent the forum know each other either in real life or in game. So, they are likely to defend each other when they get bad conducted which often leaves new players feeling ostracized.